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GOP: The Fossil Record

Dinosaurs — prehistoric animals with brains the size of peas — became extinct through no particular fault of their own.  Congressional Republicans, on the other hand, possessors of presumably normal sized human cerebrums with a standard amount of functioning neurons, … Continue reading

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Free Radicals

“This administration appears to be something unique in American history. It continually flouts Constitutional limits, rewrites individual laws, defies American traditions, and undermines Judeo-Christian morals. We have never seen its likes before and it could well take a miracle for … Continue reading

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Bend Over, America, ObamaCare Is HERE!

“Do you really think the man who vandalized the World War II Memorial with barricades to make elderly veterans suffer will hesitate a microsecond to use your health care as leverage against you, the next time you defy his commands?” — John … Continue reading

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Twilight Of The Clods

It may pain us to admit it, but Barack Obama and the American Soviet — er, Democratic Party — are not the problem.  A certain perspicacious possum said it best: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”  At … Continue reading

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Obama’s Dream, America’s Nightmare

“How can we help President Obama?” – Fidel Castro Obama’s dream should be everyone’s nightmare … well, except for his comrades in the Socialist (formerly Democratic) Party, the strait-jacketed lunatics who bounce regularly off the rubber walls at MSNBC, and … Continue reading

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Flush Obama

As the Worst President In The History Of The Republic continues his wanton trampling over the laws and traditions of the American Way, strange rumblings are emanating from the lower 48.  Words not used in earnest political discourse since 1861 … Continue reading

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Mamas Don’t Let Yer Babies Grow Up To Be Commies …

“Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson.” — Barack Obama Fresh off his $100 million dollar African excursion, where he compared ailing communist Nelson Mandela to George … Continue reading

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“The System Works” — DHS Head Calls It Quits

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced today that she is resigning to become the next president of the University of California. (via White House Dossier) And so Janet The Homeland Security Guy, beloved former governor of the undocumented residents of … Continue reading

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Leno Zings Obama; Locks Up Top Late Night Rating

The latest Nielsen ratings are out, and Jay Leno’s still the king of Late Night.  Maybe because of observations like these: “Barack Obama’s daughters are very smart. They told him they will take the same responsibility for the dog that … Continue reading

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The American Idle

Why Obama keeps the press away – playing golf with Tiger Woods doesn’t look good with 12 million Americans out of work and a $16 trillion debt – Telegraph Obama’s latest mini-vacation follows in the wake of his lavish Christmas/ … Continue reading

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