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Happy Days Are Gone Again

There is a grave threat in the White House.  If he is not thrown out or otherwise constrained in the near future, national security will inevitably become a top priority for Americans, forced by tragedy, not just to give up … Continue reading

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Bush League

“Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love.” – Jeb Bush on illegal immigrants You could say the same thing about pedophiles.  And a lot of Democrats have. Republicans, however, usually side not … Continue reading

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The Name Game

  “Like Manchurian candidates, we have been made into Manchurian consumers, who subconsciously buy when we are triggered by our brand masters.” – Bryant H. McGill Name recognition.  It’s why corporations spend millions plastering their emblems on every stray sporting … Continue reading

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Obama: Legend Of The Least

“There is a word for men who surround themselves with czars, who expand their staffs, who fly their dogs out on separate planes, who amuse themselves at the expense of the people at lavish parties, concerts and vacations.  And it … Continue reading

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Leno Zings Obama; Locks Up Top Late Night Rating

The latest Nielsen ratings are out, and Jay Leno’s still the king of Late Night.  Maybe because of observations like these: “Barack Obama’s daughters are very smart. They told him they will take the same responsibility for the dog that … Continue reading

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Back To The Future

It’s nice to be back … I think. Following a two-month exile from cyberspace due to simultaneous systems failures (laptop & modem), a brush with a hurricane, and the trauma of election day (the unhappy results of which remain as … Continue reading

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Idiots, Useful And Otherwise

Useful Idiot: a pejorative term used in political jargon to describe people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they do not understand, who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause “All propaganda has to be popular … Continue reading

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Nothing Fair About Media’s Foul Play

The mainstream media, or more accurately Barack Obama’s Propaganda Corps, has abandoned all pretense to journalistic integrity in order to ensure the re-election of their skinny Marxist hero. Murders? Intelligence failures? Riots? Wars? Hah! The only news fit to print … Continue reading

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Explicit Obamunism

“… implicit bias does not mean that people are hiding their racial prejudices. They literally do not know they have them.”  If you’re against Obama, you’re not an anti-Communist or a Constitutionalist, or even  a mere Republican, says the chicane … Continue reading

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Barry’s Last Dance

The Big Red One’s acceptance speech can be fairly summed up by this anagram for President Barack Hussein Obama — “A Democrat Speaks Inane Rubbish.” These days, Barry’s on the Oldies tour.  His venues have been downsized, and he’s reduced … Continue reading

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