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The “Leader” Distracted And A Letter From An Old Vet

Our Distracted Commander-in-Chief – HUMAN EVENTS. “But Obama sees his wartime duties as a threat to his domestic agenda. These wars are a distraction, unwanted interference with his true vocation — transforming America.” –Charles Krauthammer Harold Estes, a venerable and … Continue reading

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Soros/Obama/Democrat Connected “Veterans Group” Backs Ground Zero Mosque

New Zeal: Soros/Obama/Democrat Connected “Veterans Group” Backs “Ground Zero Mosque”. “As veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, we believe the construction of your community center isn’t ‘anti-America’ at all.  In fact, building your community center is about as pro-America as one … Continue reading

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The Queen Steps Out–Election Day Is Coming

A big wave is headed Nancy Pelosi’s way and few places to duck : SFGate: Politics Blog. Nancy Pelosi addressing the American Legion is like Ted Bundy addressing a conference of battered women.  Wearing her designer Khmer Rouge scarf, the … Continue reading

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The Desert Rat On Spin Cycle

Harry Reid’s False Spin on the Surge – Battle ’10 – National Review Online. To paraphrase the “Rat”: “I only said the war was lost in order to force Bush to win the war.” Right.  Ol’ Harry, a true patriot.  … Continue reading

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