NPR: Stop Me Before I Slander Again…

NPR Compares Palin, Gingrich to Historic Anti-Semites, Sympathizes with Former CAIR Publicist |

“Whatever the Muslim community has been doing in the past 10 years, it’s been a good effort, but for some reason, it’s not achieving its goal.”

–Rabiah Ahmed, Muslim Community Leader & Former CAIR Publicist

Is this maybe a reason? (Iran)

Or this? (Bosnia)

Or this? (Egypt)

I certainly don’t believe that all Muslims approve of the above abominations, but before they start denigrating Americans for a supposed lack of tolerance, I strongly suggest they clean their own damn gutters first.

Some folks, however, don’t really believe there is any such thing as a moderate Muslim:

“Most recently, the ongoing Ground Zero Mosque controversy again highlights the failure of government, academia and the establishment media to distinguish between a ‘moderate Muslim’ and a ‘radical Muslim.’

Why the misjudgment?

Almost certainly, the vast majority of these people don’t understand the role ‘taqiyya’ plays in the advance of radical Islam. ‘Taqiyya‘ is sharia-sanctioned deception, patterned after Mohammed’s use of it to advance Islam against his enemies.  Today radicals, under that same sanction, lie to advance their real agenda. As a result, many in government, academia and the media fail to do their due diligence to ascertain what these supposedly ‘moderate’ Muslims really believe and what their true intentions are.”

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

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