Robbing Hood

Obama details opposition to extending tax cuts for the wealthy.

The Leader calls for a return to “the America I believe in…”, by which I assume he means Cuba, since his economic policies resemble Fidel’s more than Reagan’s.  At any event, this whole notion of “progressive taxation” was scooped directly from the Marxist’s slop pot–plank #2, in fact, of the Communist Manifesto.  Dr. Burton Folsom, senior fellow in economic education for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, writes:

“The principle behind the progressive income tax—which asserts that the more you earn, the larger the percentage of tax you must pay—is not what the nation’s Founders wanted. An attempt by Congress to impose one late in the nineteenth century was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. It took a constitutional amendment, ratified in 1913, for such a tax to be legal.”

The progressive income tax is discriminatory and immoral.  Beyond that, the power to tax should not be used except to fund the legitimate purposes of government.

What’s Wrong With The Progressive Income Tax?:

The Communist Manifesto & Its 10 Planks:

Dimwit MSM star Diane Sawyer: Not raising taxes is a tax cut:

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