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A Taxing Situation

Lawsuit Planned After Protesters Put On Terror List “[Pennsylvania] state Homeland Security officials included information about protesters on what was supposed to be a list of possible terrorist threats.” Of course they’re a threat–to the purse snatchers that infest government…

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Ask Any Imam: Checkmate

Q:  Is playing chess/checkers haram (forbidden)? If yes, why? A:  Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) said, ‘Whosoever plays chess, it is as though he soiled his hands in the blood of swine.’ (Nasbur-Raayah Vol.4 Pg.274).  The prohibition is general. However, chess … Continue reading

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Hot Tea

One Nation Under Revolt Will National GOP Help Delaware’s O’Donnell? This Changes Everything Paladino Rout of Lazio Jolts New York Republicans A big night for the Tea Party, and Establishment hacks from both parties are bleating like sheep that smell … Continue reading

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Ask Any Imam: She’s Got No Ticket To Ride

Q: Can a male taxi driver pick up female passengers? A: If this is the only means of income, he should start seeking another suitable job. Once he has found a suitable job, he should quit this one. He should … Continue reading

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