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Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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29 Responses to BIN LADEN DEAD

  1. anatheimp says:

    Bob, I’m just out of bed, just checking my mail and I saw this. I heard it first from you! Is it really, really true? There’s no doubt, is there? Do they have a body? I’m so glad if it’s true. I was tempted to refer to this creature as a rat on two legs, though, on reflection, I thought that unfair to rats.

    • Bob Mack says:

      ANA, U.S. forces have identified him through DNA, & have possession of the body. From the Army Times:

      Osama bin Laden was killed in a helicopter raid on a mansion in an area north of the Pakistani capital, U.S. and Pakistani officials said Monday.

      Four helicopters launched the attack in the Bilal area of Abbottabad, about 62 miles north of Islamabad, said a Pakistani intelligence official. One of the helicopters crashed after it apparently was hit by fire from the ground, the official said. He gave no word on casualties.

      He said the helicopters took off from a Pakistani air base in the north of the country.

      Women and children were taken into custody during the raid, he said. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information.

      A U.S. official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that the raid was on a mansion close to Islamabad.

      CNN says a senior defense official said U.S. Navy SEALs were involved.

      From MSNBC:

      US tracked couriers to an elaborate bin Laden compound’ He died in firefight along with his son, two couriers, US officials say; Pakistan was not told in advance

      It started with a courier’s name.

      Senior White House officials said early Monday that the trail that led to Osama bin Laden began before 9/11, before the terror attacks
      that brought bin Laden to prominence. The trail warmed up last fall, when it discovered an elaborate compound in Pakistan.

      “From the time that we first recognized bin Laden as a threat, the U.S. gathered information on people in bin Laden’s circle,
      including his personal couriers,” a senior official in the Obama administration said in a background briefing from the White House.
      After the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, “detainees gave us information on couriers. One courier in particular had our constant
      attention. Detainees gave us his nom de guerre, his pseudonym, and also identified this man as one of the few couriers trusted by bin

      In 2007, the U.S. learned the man’s name. In 2009, “we identified areas in Pakistan where the courier and his brother operated. They
      were very careful, reinforcing belief we were on the right track.” In August 2010, “we found their home in Abbottabad,” in an isolated area.
      “When we saw the compound, we were shocked by what we saw: an extraordinarily unique compound.”

      The plot of land was roughly eight times larger than the other homes in the area. It was built in 2005 on the outskirts of town, but now
      some other homes are nearby. “Physical security is extraordinary: 12 to 16 foot walls, walled areas, restricted access by two security gates.” The residents burn their trash, unlike their neighbors. There are no windows facing the road. One part of the compound has its own seven-foot privacy
      wall. And unusual for a multi-million-dollar home: It has no telephone or Internet service. This home, U.S. intelligence analysts
      concluded, was “custom built to hide someone of significance.”

      Besides the two brothers, the U.S. “soon learned that a third family lived there, whose size and makeup of family we believed to
      match those we believed would be with bin Laden. Our best information was that bin Laden was there with his youngest wife.”
      There was no proof, but everything seemed to fit: the security, the background of the couriers, the design of the compound.
      “Our analysts looked at this from every angle. No other candidate fit the bill as well as bin Laden did,” an official said.
      “The bottom line of our collection and analysis was that we had high confidence that the compound held a high-value terrorist target.
      There was a strong probability that it was bin Laden.” This information was shared “with no other country,” an official said. “Only a very small
      group of people inside our own government knew of this operation in advance.”
      The operation went smoothly except for a mechanical problem with a U.S. helicopter, which was lost, the senior officials said. No U.S. personnel died. All were able to leave on other helicopters. the officials would not name the type of helicopter or say how many U.S.
      personnel were involved. “This operation was a surgical raid by a small team designed to minimize collateral damage. Our team was on the compound for under 40 minutes and did not encounter any local authorities.” Bin Laden himself participated in the firefight, the officials suggested.
      “Bin laden was killed in a firefight as our operators came onto the compound,” an official said. Did he fire, a reporter asked.
      “He did resist the assault force, and he was killed in a firefight,” an official said. Four adult males were killed: bin Laden, his
      son, and the two couriers. “One woman killed when used as a shield,” and other women were injured, the officials said. The women’s names were not given; it’s not clear whether bin Laden’s wife was among them.

  2. Grumpyelder says:

    This might have been the only speech Obama ever has or will make I was glad to hear.. Hope that SEAL Team is someplace not uder Islamic Control…. they’ve earned a bunch of drinks

  3. samiam60 says:

    A Victory for America and our Military

    • Bob Mack says:

      A victory which BHO immediately tried to co-opt. Listening to the first part of his speech last night, I almost thought he’d planned and conducted the raid himself.

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  5. I’m sure I slept with a smile on my face last night. You have to wonder about the complicity of the Pakistan government. How could they have not known about bin Laden’s whereabouts?

  6. boudicabpi says:

    Bin Laden dead…

    …but the enemy remains. The end goal of Islam is the destruction of Israel and then the U. S. Don’t let rhetoric lull you into a false belief that Islam is good. It is not.

    Bob A.

    • Bob Mack says:

      But, BOB, didn’t Obama the Good, Obama the Wise, Obama the Avenger emphasize (while extolling his courage in ordering other people to conduct a raid 10,000 miles away) that we were not, and never will be, at war with Islam?

  7. Thomassabo says:

    It’s true? that not means the attacks terrorist stop

  8. AFVET says:

    I’m still skeptical.
    DNA notwithstanding, Obama is always first to take credit.
    Too many loose ends to convince me at this point.

  9. Bob Mack says:

    As Michelle Malkin points out in Then and Now:

    2009: Obama signed executive orders Thursday ending the Central Intelligence Agency’s secret overseas prisons, banning coercive interrogation methods and closing the Guantánamo Bay detention camp within a year.

    2011: Officials say CIA interrogators in secret overseas prisons developed the first strands of information that ultimately led to the killing of Osama bin Laden.

    • AFVET says:

      Many questions still to be answered in my mind.
      The elimination of Osama is great.
      I hope all of his 72 virgins look just like Helen Thomas.
      The control over the evidence of his death will be the issue.

  10. TexasFred says:

    Call me suspicious, call me HIGHLY skeptical, call me anything you like, but I do NOT trust Barack Hussein Obama and his EVIL administration, not in ANY way, and if the above is true, if Bin Laden’s body has been buried at sea, I am even MORE skeptical and in disbelief at this whole thing.

    Think about it for a minute, Barack Hussein Obama’s poll numbers are in the tank, he is rapidly going down in history as the WORST President EVER, and all of a sudden there’s a supposedly REAL birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama, and then, Osama bin Laden dead? All in one week?

    Really? What’s next? Magic Fairy Dust, Unicorn farts and the Lucky Charms Leprechaun are going to fix the economy?

    Americans were joyous last night. There was an impromptu gathering around the gates of the White House, people singing *God Bless America*, chanting USA, USA, USA. There were more impromptu gatherings at Ground Zero and in Times Square.

    The joy is easily understandable, I was happy to hear the news too, and then reality hit me like a sack of cement.

    • Bob Mack says:

      FRED, nobody (except you & possibly AFVET above) distrusts Obama the Boldless more than yours truly, but I just can’t see how he could get our military & intelligence assets–people generally much more honorable than anyone in BHO’s left-wing cabal–to go along with a monumental fraud like the termination of bin Laden. On the other hand, the authorities apparently held the news for a week or so, either to confirm bin Laden’s identity through DNA tests, or to coincide with the release of the Toxic Avenger’s B/C.

      • AFVET says:

        If all of this proves to be true, all OB did was flip the switch.
        That’s what he wants us to believe.
        That mission did not happen overnight.
        I heard it was delayed 24hrs. due to weather.
        OK, I’ll give them that.
        Osama ain’t goin’ anywhere.
        I think this mission was in place for months.
        Can’t trust OB.
        Lost a chopper, yeah that happens, which one ?
        Pictures please.

        • Bob Mack says:

          Check this out – Osama bin Laden dead: Yes, SEALs were in on the raid, but aides hail Obama’s office bravery

          According to another one of those White House briefings of reporters designed to suck up all available credit for good news, President Obama’s homeland security advisor reveals that it was a really tense time in the air-conditioned White House as unidentified U.S. Navy SEALs closed in on the world’s most wanted man after midnight a half a world away.

          “Minutes passed like days,” says John Brennan, who bravely stood with press secretary Jay Carney before reporters and TV cameras today chronicling his boss’ weekend heroics.
          In fact, this weekend was such a tense time in the White House that Obama only got in nine holes of golf. But he still managed to deliver his joke script to the White House Correspondents Assn. dinner Saturday evening.

          Sunday was, Brennan revealed to his eager audience, “probably one of the most anxiety-filled periods of times in the lives of the people assembled here.” Poor poor bureaucrats. Extra Tums all around. Did someone order dinner? […] During his 49 minute presentation Brennan did squeeze in one reference to the mission’s “very brave personnel.” But the emphasis, with 2012 just around the calendrical corner, was on the boss’ valor.

          Here’s something else that didn’t get much recognition in all the street celebrations or all-hail-Obama briefings: The trail to Monday morning’s assault on Osama’s Pakistan compound began during someone else’s presidency. That previous president authorized enhanced interrogation techniques which convinced folks like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed to give up, among many other things, the name of their top-secret courier, now deceased. His travels ultimately led the CIA back to Osama’s six-year-old suburban home.

    • AFVET says:

      What you said Fred.
      I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.
      Given Obamas’ past I still don’t trust him or the regime.
      America is in treacherous times.

  11. samhenry says:

    This should have been done under the Clinton administration before 9/11. He knew who was behind the 2 attacks on the World Trade Center and the USS Cole. And there was chatter just before G. Baby Bush took over about the Towers. Obama is late to the party. To take Obama out at this point is to make a martyr of him. Al Qaeda has now grown beyond our or anyone else’s ability to do it in. In my mind this is the last leg of the American table to saw off – the economy, our allies, expanded wars and now this. Our men were absolutely brave but too late to save us. Yes the Arabs admire power but we have always had it and this “I directed” crapola from Obama is too much to bear.

    • Bob Mack says:

      SH, apparently our ‘enhanced interrogation’ methods were what produced the initial leads, the very methods that Obama railed against before & during his campaign. No, the credit for this one goes to our intelligence operatives & analysts, and to the strike team that hit the compound. Obama’s “I directed” narcissism is smoke on the water. What was he gonna do once the National Security people put the info on the table, say no? He’d a had a mutiny on his hands.

    • AFVET says:

      SH,… Obama will always be the first in line to take credit for anything that makes him look good.
      Everybody else hauls the load and he takes the credit.
      That’s his definition of ‘transparency’.

      • samhenry says:

        Even free societies have to employ “enhanced interrogation” – is this kindergarten? I am glad that our intelligence operatives have learned how to move in the middle east. I always believed that the Israeli way of using special forces in the area rather than thousands of troops was the way to go in these kinds of operations. Geeze guys, I thought Obama did all the research himself. I am disappointed. Transparency? He can’t even spell it. He thinks it means transfer of a child from one parent to the other or an other – that’s more his experiential background.

  12. roblorinov says:

    Glad we got him and now we need to finish the job and take out Zarahwi and the rest of the fanatics.

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