Up To His Neck In Alligators

It ain’t easy posting on the nefarious daily doings of our first Marxist president and his unsavory accomplices–you run out of epithets too soon.  Take today, for example.  Obama was in Texas on a fund raising mission that was billed at the last minute as an ‘official’ duty.  Why, you may ask?  Well…

if the White House adds an “official” event to a “campaign” event, the campaign can split the significant cost of Air Force One with the taxpayer, increasing the financial profit for the campaign. All presidents do this, but only the Obama White House does it with such bravura — shamelessly adding an “unspecified” official event six days before the trip occurs.

Last Friday the White House announced that President Obama would give an immigration reform speech in El Paso.

No one is fooled. President Obama sees Texas as an ATM, not as a place where he should work with state officials to courageously address tough issues and engage the public in debate. (InvestmentWatch)

But is our President content with a mere ripoff of his theoretical employers, the American people?  No, no, no.  He must rub a few noses in the mess he’s left on the pavement–or in this case, on the southern border:

President Obama says Republicans will “never be satisfied” by the amount of border protection he has ordered.

“Even though we’ve answered these concerns, I’ve got to say I suspect there’s still some who are trying to move the goal posts on us one more time. You know, they said ‘we needed to triple the border patrol.’ Well, now they’re going to say we need to quadruple the border patrol, or they’ll want a higher fence. Maybe they’ll need a moat. Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat. They’ll never be satisfied. I understand. That’s politics. But the truth is the measures we put in place are getting results,” President Obama said in El Paso, Texas today. (Obama Mocks Border Enforcement: “They’ll Need A Moat” With AlligatorsReal Clear Politics)

Results?  According to the agents charged with patrolling our porous southern perimeter,

“Every night we’re getting beaten like a pinata at a birthday party by drug, alien smugglers.” (Mexican Gangs Maintain Permanent Lookout Bases in Hills of Arizona)

Meanwhile, in a White House increasingly spoliated by the company its current tenants keep inviting inside¹, Michelle Obama prepares to host what is being billed as a ‘poetry’ evening.  An example of the semi-literate entertainment that this woman considers appropriate for sponsorship by the First Lady of the United States:

[…] Use your mind and nine-power, get the government touch

Them boys chat-chat on how him pop gun

I got the black strap to make the cops run

They watching me, I’m watching them

Them dick boys got a lock of cock in them

My people on the block got a lot of pok in them

and when we roll together

we be rocking them to sleep

—Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., better known by his stage name ‘Common’

If this be poetry, then my jock strap is a tuxedo.  Prior to Michelle’s last so-called ‘Poetry Slam’ in 2009, her beaming husband said,

“We’re here to celebrate the power of words. Words help us appreciate beauty and also understand pain. They inspire us to action.”

Here’s a fine old English word I wish would inspire somebody:


Like I said, you just keep running out of epithets…

¹White House visitors list shows unsavory characters Obama denied knowing:

  • None other than domestic terrorist William Ayers has been a guest on at least 3 separate occasions.
  • Other regular guests include Reverend Jeremiah ‘G-D Amerikkka’ Wright, Black Muslim guru Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson.
  • But the most frequent visitor of all is Andy Stern, the Leftist extremist who runs the Union ‘SEIU’–which is known for thuggery and bullying.

About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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27 Responses to Up To His Neck In Alligators

  1. arlenearmy says:

    With this WH invite, the Obama’s give the wrong impression that black folks culture is gang banging rap. This is truly embarrassing.

    • Bob Mack says:

      Not only that, it’s not even good gang bangin’ rap. Not surprising, since Common is a phony anyway. He’s no homie from the hood. From Wikipedia:

      Lynn [Common] was born on Chicago’s South Side. He is the son of educator Dr. Mahila Ann Hines and former ABA basketball player turned youth counselor Lonnie Lynn. They divorced when he was six years old, resulting in his father moving to Denver, Colorado. This left him to be raised by his mother, but his father remained active in his life and even landed Lonnie Jr. a job with the Chicago Bulls during his teen years.

      Common attended Florida A&M University for two years under a scholarship and majored in business administration

      • bydesign001 says:

        Bob, I worked several years at a major entertainment law firm. Most of these guys were clients at this firm and I can honestly tell you that most of the rappers are living and rapping a lie. Their violent, vulgar and sexist videos are not representative of where most of them come from.

        Just like Obama is a myth, so are the rappers. They are selling something that does not exist in their world.

        Many are college grads or students from middle class homes, children of pastors. There are very few who are really from the dark, deadly streets of the ghetto.

        In other words, they are all LIARS.

    • bydesign001 says:

      Indeed Arlene. No doubt there are just as many Black Americans who take issue with this farce as their are those who find tonight’s thug event acceptable. I simply wish those who stand in opposition would come forward so that the world knows that not all of us are about hiphop and banging the police.

  2. Bob Mack says:

    This is what Obama calls enhanced border security??

    the Obama Administration halted the deportation of 34,448 illegal immigrants last year, according to Homeland Security figures obtained independently by a Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, a ranking member of the Judiciary Committee.

    After the Senate hearing, which took place last month in Washington D.C., Napolitano’s own staff corrected her atrocious lie, according to Senator Grassley’s press secretary, who provided Judicial Watch with the accurate number.

    According to Homeland Security figures provided to Senator Grassley’s staff, the combined deferred action and paroles of illegal aliens in 2010 amounted to 34,448, according to officials at Judicial Watch.

    This appears to be part of the administration’s secret amnesty plan in case Congress doesn’t pass legislation to legalize the nation’s 12 million illegal immigrants. Devised by political appointees at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the plan aims to enact “meaningful immigration reform absent legislative action.”

    This includes delaying deportation indefinitely (“deferred action”), granting green cards, allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. indefinitely while they seek legal status (known as “parole in place”) and expanding the definition of “extreme hardships” so any illegal alien could meet the criteria and remain in the country, according to Judicial Watch.

    From Canada Free Press

  3. anatheimp says:

    Bob, that ‘poem’ or whatever is truly terrible, or should I say truly fuckin’ terrible. 🙂

  4. loopyloo305 says:

    This administration is truly frightening in their mocking and threatening attitudes! You wonder if the media would let them get away with murder!

    • boudicabpi says:

      The media is. Every time an illegal alien or muslim murders an American Citizen the blood is now on the hands of Obama, Holder and Napolitano. Obama’s been in office long enough to stop blaming Bush.
      Bob A.

      • loopyloo305 says:

        YES, that is true. They are also letting them get away with the murder of the Border Agents and many others in the process of walking guns across the border. The meaness and mocking are starting to rub even some democrats the wrong way. I heard a story this morning on the radio about a teacher that attended Obamas speech in El Paso and came away disgusted. I wonder if the man understand the fear of living less that a block away from the killing? I wonder if he understands that it is not just Republicans who want security or that it is not just white people? Hispanics that live along both sides of the border are just as scared as the rest of the people. And many that lived on the southeren side in Juarez used to come to El Paso to go to Dr.s, shopping, College and to visit relatives. They risk their lives all the time now. If Obama doesn’t realize this, he is a fool. He won’t get credit for allowing illegal immigrants into the US if he is so stupid about the security of the very people that he is pandering to.

  5. Bob Mack says:

    Morning, LOOPY. Just saw this – NJ State Police “Outraged” Over Rapper Invite to White House:

    The invitation of rapper Common to the White House this week is drawing the ire of the union representing New Jersey state police.

    While even casual hip-hop fans wouldn’t characterize him as a controversial rapper, Common found himself under the microscope after First Lady Michelle Obama invited him to the White House for an arts event. In question: The lyrics to “A Song for Assata,” about convicted cop-killer and former Black Panther Assata Shakur.

    For New Jersey police, the outrage centers on “A Song for Assata,” which includes lyrics like “Your power and pride is beautiful. May God bless your soul.”

    Shakur, formerly known as Joanne Chesimard, who was convicted for the 1973 slaying of Trooper Werner Foerster on the New Jersey Turnpike. She escaped prison in 1979, and is living in asylum in Cuba.

    The White House appearance comes during the same week that lawmen from across the nation, including Jones, make their annual trek to Washington to honor their fallen comrades at the National Law Enforcement Memorial.

    Sure is curious how there’s always a communist connection somewhere near the Obamas.

  6. Angel says:

    I dont even know where to start Bob…was going to post on this too…so much insanity–so little time!

  7. I won’t be surprised if one day our Chi-town- Commissar doesn’t declare his intentions to annex Mexico. Just one big happy family, don’t you know.

    • loopyloo305 says:

      Jim, it is interesting that you should mention that. Read an article about that just the other day. Here is the link:http://bungalowbillscw.blogspot.com/2011/05/north-american-integration-wikileaks.html
      North American Integration: WikiLeaks Exposes Plan to Merge US, Mexican, and Candadian Currencies
      This has actually been around a while, I think that George W. Bush started it, but Obama is continuing it and here again, they are going around Congress and acting outside the law.

      • bydesign001 says:

        Loopy you are 100% correct. That news originally broke around 2000 to 2001 along with rumors of an agenda by GWB to collapse the dollar and move us towards one world currency.

        How did we get this far? Many of the people whom I forwarded the emails to called me a conspiracy theorist and said that it would never happen.

        Fast forward one decade and where are we?

        • Bob Mack says:

          D, the CFR doesn’t even try to hide their agenda anymore: Building A North American Community

          When the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the United States met in Texas recently they underscored the deep ties and shared principles of the three countries. The Council-sponsored Task Force applauds the announced “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America,” but proposes a more ambitious vision of a new community by 2010 and specific recommendations on how to achieve it.

  8. Freedom, by the way says:

    Good post, Bob. Obama can use the campaign/official business logic throughout his campaign. All he has to do is tack on a 15-minute speech at a rag tag college or a quick side visit to an area vet hospital and the entire trip on Air Force One is “official”. No character.

    • Bob Mack says:

      Thanks, FREE. And I see where Obama is now using the bin Laden operation as an advertisement for his re-election – White House: It’s “entirely appropriate” to mention bin Laden killing on campaign trail

      The president’s spokesman calls it “entirely appropriate” that at each of the two re-election fundraising speeches President Obama delivered yesterday, he trumpeted the U.S. mission that killed Osama bin Laden. But the issue raises the question of whether Mr. Obama should be trying to score political points from the bin Laden killing.

      “The answer is: his record is his record,” said spokesman Carney.

  9. I wonder if Mr. Lynn will debase himself by referring to it as “The White House”.

  10. bydesign001 says:

    This whole event is about pandering to the dummies in the ghetto who live the world of hiphop. Of course, it will fail because those people are pissed as heck with Obama. Many of them quit their jobs and went on welfare counting on Obama taking care of them.

    They now find themselves getting kicked off the government dole due to lack of funding and budget cuts. They are mad as hell and have said that they will not be coming out to vote ever again.

  11. TexasFred says:

    Impeach, convict, sentence, execute… How simple can it be? Aren’t traitor supposed to be executed?

  12. Your recent comment at my site is featured today as “Quote of the Day.”

    • Bob Mack says:

      Thanks, AOW. Back in the Paleolithic Era, during my high school days, I had teachers who would’ve bet money that the only person who would ever feature one of my quotes would be a prosecuting attorney.

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