It’s A Mad, Mad World

“People used to explore the dimensions of reality by taking LSD to make the world look weird.  Now the world is weird and they take Prozac to make it look normal.”


A communique from homegrown Left Coaster turned traitor Adam Gadahn, the Michael Moore of radical Islam:

New Al Qaeda Video: Buy Automatic Weapons and Start Shooting Americans

American-born al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn calls on Muslims living in America to carry out deadly one-man terrorist acts using fully automatic weapons purchased at gun shows, and to target major institutions and public figures.

“What are you waiting for?” asks Gadahn in English, and then adds that jihadis shouldn’t worry about getting caught, since so many have been released. “Over these past few years, I’ve seen the release of many, many Mujahideen whom I had never even dreamed would regain their freedom.”

Gadahn’s incitement to murder immediately inspired this liberal idiocy on Twitter (I.D. removed to protect the moronic):


This isn’t foreign policy; it’s dementia:

U.S. Offers Foreign Aid to Countries Holding Billions in Treasury Securities

The United States is providing hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign aid to countries that it borrows billions from, according to a report by Congress’s research arm.


Half the country now believes in stealing from the other half:

Americans Divided on Taxing the Rich to Redistribute Wealth.


In a prize fight, when a boxer gets clipped by a low blow, the referee, if he’s at all competent, will step in to ensure that both combatants follow the rules of boxing as laid down by the Marquis of Queensbury.  Since early 2009, Americans have been hammered in the metaphorical gonads nearly every day by Chairman Obama or one of his arrogant commissars, and the ref–the United States Supreme Court–has yet to call “Foul!” In fact, far from being contrite, Obama’s corner is claiming the right to clobber us in the cojones at will:

Obamacare’s Unlimited Power

The White House defense of Obamacare hinges on the claim that Congress essentially has unlimited power to force Americans to spend their personal money on a cause of the government’s choosing. Oral arguments before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday made this all the more clear.

Administration lawyers argued that uninsured individuals can be compelled to buy health care coverage under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. If that’s so, what else could Congress compel people to do? As Judge James L. Graham asked acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal, “Where ultimately is the limit on congressional power?”

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About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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23 Responses to It’s A Mad, Mad World

  1. Claudia says:

    As if some of them needed any incitement, with the “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” that had already affected some of them…
    I’m linking you this post.

  2. From the last linked article in this post:

    In our earliest days, Chief Justice John Marshall warned that if Congress can exercise powers that are in practice unlimited, then “written constitutions are absurd attempts, on the part of the people, to limit a power in its own nature illimitable.”

    Can the warning be any stronger than that?

    And here we are in the 21st Century watching the destruction of our Constitution at the hands of the Obama administration.

  3. loopyloo305 says:

    The only way it makes sense is if the intent is the destruction of the United States, and that is probably exactly what their intent is!

  4. So why isn’t this bung hole of humanity under arrest? Where are Napolitano’s troops? Oh, I forgot. Islam is the religion of peace. It scares the hell out of me but if we don’t make all the necessary changes in 2012, we are headed for civil war. Not a pleasant thought.

  5. Freedom, by the way says:

    Madness, indeed. And I’m pretty sure you can’t buy fully automatic weapons at gun shows in the US–since they ILLEGAL.

    • Bob Mack says:

      Of course not, FREE. Facts, of course, don’t matter to progressives. They’d much rather strip law abiding citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights.

  6. Winstroll says:

    I love, bookmarked for future reference.

  7. TexasFred says:

    Warnings have been issued, time and again, many by folks commenting on this thread, but you know, as a whole, I don’t believe Americans give a DAMN any more…

    As long as they have *reality* TV, better known as “A Night in the Trailer Park”, as long as they have something to eat, as long as they have a few bucks to spend to go see the latest BS from Hollyweird, it’s all good…

    God help us ALL!

  8. roblorinov says:

    Adam Gadahn–hunt him down like the TRAITOR DOG he is and make him an example to all other traitors and would-be-traitors against our nation!! And while we are at it we can get Jane Fonda and bring her up on those treason charges she racked up during the Vietnam War that were never pursued!!

    • Bob Mack says:

      Hanoi Jane….I’d happily drop the trap under her. From

      Americans must realize that there are agents* operating in this Country attempting to undermine our Country and it’s leadership through our democratic principles in an effort to achieve a foreign country’s goal. A prime example of such a person during the Vietnam War was Jane Fonda, an admitted Socialist, who blatantly supported North Vietnam. * Agent – Any person who works to obtain the goals of another nation either for money or for their own political beliefs.

      A valuable lesson was taught by North Vietnam to other nations on how the United States may be defeated by fighting a two front war – the battlefield and the American home front. We must be aware of this vulnerability.

      In 1975, after the fall of the South Vietnam Government, Jane Fonda returned to Hanoi with her newborn son Troy for a celebration in her honor for the work she had done for North Vietnam. During the celebration, her son was christened after a Viet Cong hero, Nguyen Van Troi. Troi had attempted to assassinate Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara while on his visit to South Vietnam in 1963. The South Vietnam Government executed Troi for this attempted assassination.

      I have heard and read that some people believe that Jane Fonda was simply young and impressionable. Jane Fonda was born on December 21, 1937. She was 34 years old when she made her infamous trip to North Vietnam and was in her 30’s when she participated in anti-war demonstrations and rallies. During this same time period a large number of young American soldiers, who had not yet reached their 21st birthday, were fighting the war in Vietnam and were held accountable for all of their actions. These same young soldiers were, upon their return to the United States, still not of legal age to vote or buy alcoholic beverages. Jane Fonda was an adult when she made these conscious decisions and actions, and as such, she is responsible and should be held accountable. The Vietnam Memorial Wall contains the names of 25,493 American soldiers who served their Country and paid the ultimate price for freedom who were under the age of 21 ( Casualty Statistics).

      I was 20 when I returned home in 1968 after 16 months in Vietnam.

  9. Angel says:

    what a horror would not believe what NY looks like these days.. jeehadis God awful is this mess we are in!!! Bless you~

    • Bob Mack says:

      Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy’s legacy, ANGEL. I hope he and his spotted liver are finally in some eternal, infernal pit where they justly belong.

  10. anatheimp says:

    Bob, your country and my country are both a little like ancient Troy. The Wooden Horse is already inside the gates.

  11. Bob Mack says:

    Hi ANA. But these “Greeks” came bearing no gifts.

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  13. We have allowed this kind of redistributionist thought to seep through our heads. A lot of it comes from churches who see it as fair, and a lot of it comes from egalitarian sentimentalities. We need to nip this in the bud and characterize taxation for what it really is: theft. If we again connotate taxation with theft and not the price we pay for government, then this kind of thinking will recede into nothingness where it belongs. Voluntarism is the way to go, we need to knock this kind of big government thinking out of people’s heads.

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