Liberals Are The People Our Parents Warned Us Against

Listening for the past few weeks to the absurd defenses of and misplaced sympathies for the lecherous former congressman Anthony Weiner by his left-leaning admirers and pinko mainstream pundits alike, a travesty leavened only by the stampede of anxious Democrats eager, in the wake of their Party’s trouncing at the polls last November, to quickly distance themselves from their salacious colleague, I was struck again by the realization that the average American liberal these days possesses pretty much the same character as a Norwegian sewer rat. And that assessment may be far too unkind to the rat.  These are people immune to logic and reason and common decency, and too unimaginative to foresee the calamitous consequences of the ideas they and their chosen representatives espouse.  They’re irredeemable.

Liberals have cheered the unconscionable acquittal of O.J. Simpson by a jury either woefully ignorant or willfully racist, on behalf of a man who faced more damning and incontrovertible evidence against him than any defendant in the history of jurisprudence; they have proffered blind and unyielding support to William Jefferson Clinton, a sexual predator, perjurer, and serial adulterer so utterly devoid of probity as to disgrace with his concupiscent conduct the office to which he had been elected by the American people; they have unrelentingly undermined the domestic rule of law and the founding principles of the United States by aiding the passage of Hussein Obama’s unconstitutional socialistic initiatives; they are invariably friends of America’s enemies and enemies of her friends.

They are the people our parents warned us against; they are the domestic enemies of which our Founders spoke.  And I’m done with ’em.  No longer will I debate, exhort, cajole, or reason with them.  Their opinions will not be tolerated; their comments will not be accepted.

The best way to stop a contagion is to quarantine its carriers and inoculate everybody else.  We have the vaccine.  The question is, do we have time to use it?

And now for a word from the inimitable Andrew Klavan:

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23 Responses to Liberals Are The People Our Parents Warned Us Against

  1. Matt says:

    That is pretty much my thinking as well. Trying to reason with someone that doesn’t bother with reality is time better spent those that do.

  2. righthook38 says:

    I was thinking about this situation today, and the excuse liberals use….at least Weiner isn’t a hypocrite. It made me think….on what do liberals base their beliefs? Conservatives beliefs are based on religion/faith, and our moral values come from our religious/faith based foundation. For example, our pro-life stance, stance on gay marriage, fidelity, etc… So, what do liberals base their beliefs on? I’m not saying all Republicans are religious and moral, and all Dems are not, but just stating a general premise.

    Conservatives express moral values, so when one stumbles, as all humans do, we’re called hypocrites. Liberals, on the other hand, are so quick to defend bad behavior, because they don’t claim to have moral values. So, they’re admitting they have no morals? I just wonder. It’s just whatever feels good, do it? No consequences??

    • Bob Mack says:

      I don’t think they have any core beliefs or principles. They operate from a central fount of non-discerning compassion which elevates the ‘rights’ of the humble snail darter over those of you or I. After all, who will speak for the communities of fire ants and cockroaches if not they?

  3. Hmmm! Take no prisoners. Sounds like a plan to me. They can’t hear us anyway with their heads stuck in those dark and smelly places.

  4. roblorinov says:

    The Left Libs have no morals and their thinking is if it feels good then do it. They also preach the garbage that if it feels right to you then it must be right. They expect that none of their behavior has consequences and are astounded when they discover otherwise as I’m sure Weiner is right now. These people cannot be reasoned with. Their minds are like those of spoiled and psychotic children. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder and it is also a moral disorder of the greatest magnitude.

    Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. That is exactly what the libs do! The leftists keep pushing Communism/Socialism and despite the obvious failure everywhere it has been employed they keep pushing it expecting different results. But the results of Communism/Socialism in America will yield the SAME results that have been seen elsewhere. You know, to sum it up, our nations problems basically come from this:

    Spurning God, doing whatever feels good, never growing up, being irresponsible, and our gross overuse of drugs legal and illegal. This is a society in decline and these are the reasons why. Reasons that none of us want to acknowledge, talk about, or do anything about. So goodbye America!

    Personally I don’t interact with most Libs as they are psychotic IMO and I refuse to deal with such a person because they are not rational nor realistic. They live in a self created fantasyland. Excellent post!!

    • Bob Mack says:

      Spurning God, doing whatever feels good, never growing up, being irresponsible, and our gross overuse of drugs legal and illegal.

      Liberals essentially stopped evolving in about the 10th or 11th grade.

  5. Freedom, by the way says:

    Enjoyed this post, Bob & I like your new fonts. Here’s the big problem–the real progressives are only a small minority, a large majority of folks who vote democrat are simply clueless and pay no attention to what’s really happening to their party and to America. Heck, even JFK is probably turning in his grave right now!
    Many of these sheep turn on the liberal taling heads in the morning on CBS, NBC, ABC and HL News, or read their major daily and think they’re well-informed. They repeat what they hear and read from those liberal news sources when at social gatherings to appear well-informed. They hear from those sources that Fox News and talk radio are fringe elements to be avoided so they do, because really, they are not that interested anyway. When their freedoms are stripped–when they have to submit to naked scans at the airport, when there child can’t bring chips in their lunch, they shrug and accept because the talking heads have told them how good the government is and how the government is worried about their safety. They watch American Idol or football or baseball or Biggest Loser and never turn on the news unless there’s a disaster somewhere. When it comes time to vote they walk in and pull the Dem leve like they always have. The Sheep are exactly where the Progressive Elites want them.
    The Sheep are out there, ripe for a new shephard. Forget the die-hard progressives. It’s the sheep we need to wake up. Maybe we should all make it our mission to adopt a sheep (or two) and turn them from the dark side before the election.
    Wow–sorry about the massive missive’! Got really carried away there–might borrow some of this for a post idea!

    • Bob Mack says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, FREE. I pretty much agree, except I’m not sure anything short of a nuclear attack will get the attention of our dumbed-down masses. I’m relying on the 80-20 rule myself:

      The Pareto principle (also known as the 80-20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

      If we can convince 20% of the people to return to Constitutional principle and a less degraded morality, they’ll drag the other 80% with ’em.

      • bydesign001 says:

        Excellent post Bob, I truly enjoyed it.

        They are the people our parents warned us against; they are the domestic enemies of which our Founders spoke. And I’m done with ‘em. No longer will I debate, exhort, cajole, or reason with them. Their opinions will not be tolerated; their comments will not be accepted.

        I avoid Liberals at all costs.

        Unfortunately, I am the only one in my family that is not a liberal. My cousin with whom I grew up and “was” very close with discovered this revelation the other day after a family affair at which point, the hairs on both of our backs stood on end.

        Sharon, sucking in her breath and her teeth said, “I always knew you were a Republican” as if that is something to be ashamed of. Then she said to me, “I can’t believe that you didn’t vote for my boy, Obama.” My response was, “Sharon, you know that I always walked to my own beat.” I informed her of “her boy, Obama’s” many Constitutional violations and war on Americans. Sharon, “He did that? Oh that’s not nice.” Clueless, Bob, truly clueless. Out of respect to the memory of the family elder that we had just laid to rest, the discussion was dropped.

        I expect the phone to start ringing late next week.

        Freedom is right; the real Progressives are a minority. Had a conversation with a neighbor several months ago. We talked values. Now this woman has voted Democrat most of her life, however, well into the the conversation she realized that her values were not those of a liberal but that of a Conservative. So why did she vote for Obama? Because he is black (in her eyes).

        Had the same conversation with a dozen other folks, all shared the values of a Conservative, all are Black. Only one concluded that their values are in line with Conservatives. Her response was too laugh nervously. (I love taking people out of their comfort zones, forcing them to think.) The others, though it was clear, refused to admit it. All voted for Obama. Why? Because he is Black.

        In other words, Bob, Liberals, all of them, follow the herd.

        • Bob Mack says:

          All voted for Obama. Why? Because he is Black.

          D, maybe then they’ll all vote for Allen West for the same reason–an idiotic reason to vote for anybody, I agree, but in West’s case, unlike that of Obama’s, the country will come out a winner.

        • Freedom, by the way says:

          Wow, bydesign. I imagine it is difficult to be surrounded by family and friends who all vote liberal. (Though it sounds like some really aren’t liberal, they just vote that way). I have one sister (out of 5 of us) who is a democrat. I sometimes have to try very hard not to get angry at her. She knows better and it doesn’t fit with the rest of her values, as far as I can tell. But she married a bleeding heart, pro-union guy and it’s rubbed off. I have much work to do on her. You have much MORE work to do. Good luck.

  6. anatheimp says:

    Bob, did you see my No Stomach to this Fight post? Liberals are so, well, gay. 🙂

  7. excellent post Bob.

  8. AFVET says:

    No bones about it Bob, in the next election We the People are facing a juggernaut.
    It’s US or them.

  9. Well said.

    Since Obama got elected, I’ve watched my liberal neighbor (usually a reasonable individual and tolerant of the views of others) become a foaming-at-the-mouth supporter of anything that Obama does or says. I can hardly believe this “transformation” of my neighbor, who used to be such a nice fellow to be around.

    There’s nothing more hideous that my 70-year-old neighbor these days — ideologically speaking, I mean. There is no reasoning with him! There is not STANDING his company these days.

    I don’t know how his wife, a conservative and married to him for some 40 years, is enduring what her husband has turned into. He’s become an insufferable, self-righteous utopian who shouts down any voices that don’t agree with him. And to think that he used to be such a pacifist, such a mild-mannered man.

    We’ll never convince the likes of my liberal neighbor to vote against Obama in 2012. **sigh**

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  11. Bob Mack says:

    Michelle Malkin calls it right:

    “There is life after Congress for Anthony Weiner,” New York Democrat Rep. Nita Lowey grimly assured reporters on Thursday before his resignation announcement. But Weiner’s life has been nothing but Congress. Nothing but government. Nothing but taxpayer-subsidized self-perpetuation. In other words: The life of a pathetic public leech.

    Amid vulgar heckling brought on by his own reckless behavior and smug jokes, Weiner told reporters at his three-ring press conference that there is “no higher honor in a democracy” than to be an elected representative. But like legions of entrenched swamp creatures, he’s lost sight of the simple proposition that serving in Congress should remain a temporary calling, not a lifelong career.

    Last year, the now-jobless Weiner joked on former roommate Jon Stewart’s cable comedy show that he didn’t “have a lot of marketable skills.” It’s one of Weiner’s rare truthful utterances over the past year. A protégé of fossilized New York Sen. Charles Schumer, Weiner has spent the last 20 years in politics – straight out of college to the present. Through seven consecutive congressional terms, he has stridently advocated job-killing policies in the name of the working class. About which this ruling-class elitist knows nothing.

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