Her Name Was Adra Sauceda And She Was 16 Years Old…

…this girl from San Antonio who, in 1994, was brutally raped with a 16-inch long, screw-topped chunk of lumber, then strangled before her head was finally crushed with a 35 pound rock.  The individual convicted of and sentenced to die for this atrocity is a Mexican national named Humberto Leal Garcia, in this country illegally.  This is the murderer whose well deserved and long postponed date with the executioner the President of the United States is attempting to forestall under the rubric of ‘international law’.  Barack Obama, who recently informed Americans that we have a responsibility to protect certain folks by bombing the bejesus out of others, apparently feels an equal responsibility to protect those found guilty of capital crimes in the United States, as long as the criminals in question happen to be ‘undocumented immigrants’.  There is, after all, an election on the horizon, and the way things are going, Democrats are going to need all the undocumented votes they can get their hands on. Obama, through his Number One barrister, U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, has told the Supreme Court that

“This case implicates United States foreign policy interests of the highest order. The imminent execution of petitioner would place the United States in irreparable breach of its international law obligation.”

Foreign policy interests?  The interest appears to be mainly in ensuring the abrogation of the U.S. Constitution, never one of Obama’s favorite documents, in favor of obeisance to so-called ‘international law’:

[…] In 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that the US authorities had failed to meet its legal obligations to 51 Mexicans awaiting execution in American prisons when they were not informed of their right to contact their consulates.

The then president, George W Bush, a former Texas governor who backs the death penalty, said the US would adhere to the ICJ ruling which, in effect, meant the death sentences would be reviewed or commuted. But in 2008 the Supreme Court ruled that while the US government was obliged to comply with the ICJ ruling it did not have the power to force individual American states to do so. Only Congress could require adherence by passing a law.

The Obama administration has told the supreme court that a bill has recently been introduced in to the Senate to do just that but it is unlikely to win the approval of both houses of Congress before next year. The White House wants Leal’s execution put on hold until the law is passed but two courts have already ruled that pending legislation has no effect on the legal process.

Pending the outcome of the proposed legislation, Obama, utilizing the kind of tyrannical tactics to which he invariably resorts when his left-wing schemes are in danger of being thwarted, has threatened, probably unconstitutionally, to withhold federal funding from states that refuse to obey the diktats of the internationalists. But that’s what happens once you become  dependent upon money from the Mob. Thus far, Governor Perry of Texas has not backed down:

“If you commit the most heinous of crimes in Texas, you can expect to face the ultimate penalty under our laws, as in this case, where [murderer Humberto] Leal was convicted of raping and bludgeoning a 16-year-old girl to death,” Perry’s press secretary Katherine Cesinger told The DC. [Daily Caller]

Of course, if Obama and the rest of the ‘progressive’ rabble get their way, perhaps the 51 murdering Mexicans on Death Row will be invited to the capitol like the other illegals recently introduced to Congress and the Secretary of Homeland Security by Dick Durbin, a senator whose oath of office was evidently written in disappearing ink:

U.S. Senator Calls Illegal Aliens “Dreamers”, Introduces Them To Congress

Just who, it may be fairly asked, do politicians like Dick Durbin and Barack Obama represent?  Certainly not the people of America–at least not the ones here legally.

Related story: Who Speaks for Adra Sauceda? Not Obama, Not the UN, Not Women’s Activists, Not the International Community (Save R Nation)

Disappearing Adria Sauceda: The Nun, The SNAP, The Law Professor, The President, His Newspaper and the U.N. Defend Torture-Killer Humberto Leal (Crime Victims Media Report)

UPDATE #3 – TEXAS 1, OBAMA 0…Killer’s Last Words: “Viva Mexico!”

UPDATE #2 – Obama Pal and Terrorist Dohrn Linked to Mexican Killer Case   (Rightside News)

Crime reporter and blogger Tina Trent says that President Obama’s intervention on behalf of an illegal alien killer can be traced back to a 2003 conference that featured Bernardine Dohrn, Van Jones, and representatives of the Soros-funded Open Society Institute. “The purpose of the conference was to find ways to insinuate international (read: United Nations) laws and resolutions in American legal arenas, as Sandra Babcock is attempting to do to free her client, Humberto Leal,” Trent reports on her blog.

Trent reports, “Humberto Leal’s defense attorney, Sandra L. Babcock, of the terrorist-sheltering law school at Northwestern University, has an interesting vitae. Ms. Babcock’s research interest is imposing international law on the American justice system, a hobby she practices with her colleague, terrorist-cum-law-professor Bernardine Dohrn.”

“If President Obama, his friend Bernardine Dohrn, and Jimmy Carter get their way, the police are going to find their hands tied in ten different ways, and our criminal justice system will soon be utterly subservient to whatever the hell they dream up at the U.N.,” Trent says of the Obama Administration’s intervention in the case.

In intervening on behalf of Leal, Obama is acting on behalf of the government of Mexico.

 Indeed, Babcock’s work has been funded by the government of Mexico. According to Babcock’s biography, “From 2000-2006 she served as director of the Mexican Capital Legal Assistance Program, a program funded by the Mexican Foreign Ministry to assist Mexican nationals facing capital punishment in the United States. For her work, she was awarded the Aguila Azteca, the highest honor bestowed by the government of Mexico upon citizens of foreign countries, in 2003.”

 Dohrn is the former leader of the communist terrorist Weather Underground who, with her husband and fellow terrorist Bill Ayers, hosted a fundraiser for Barack Obama when he ran for the state Senate in Illinois.

UPDATE: SUPPORT H.R.973: To amend title 28, U.S. Code, to prevent the misuse of foreign law in federal courts

Amends the federal judicial code to prohibit federal courts from deciding any issue on the authority of foreign law, except to the extent that the Constitution or an Act of Congress requires such consideration.

About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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37 Responses to Her Name Was Adra Sauceda And She Was 16 Years Old…

  1. wdednh says:

    I am a Voter and dislike all of them 🙂

  2. Pingback: Her Name Was Adra Sauceda And She Was 16 Years Old… (via Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead) | YOU DECIDE

  3. damn, you got me shaking my head this morning, these folks will stoop to any level

    • Bob Mack says:

      SARGE, ain’t it amazing how many of these worms always crawl out to save the skins of lowlifes who shouldn’t have been born in the first place. But with a leftist, the issue is never really the issue; the issue is always the socialist agenda.

  4. If anyone deserves execution, it is the murderer of Adra Sauceda.

  5. Bunkerville says:

    One terrific post. First time there is a focus on the victim. He drops bombs here, there and everywhere killing civilians… children… and he is worried about this piece of you know what?

  6. roxannadanna says:

    LOL I find it funny that anyone thinks they can intimidate Gov. Perry into commuting this sentence. The outrage of the “international” community doesn’t mean a damned thing to Perry – or to most of us. When they (the UN) put nations like N.Korea in charge of disarmament talks or Libya on the Human rights council, no one with a brain will ever take the UN seriously.

    This monster/killer should and must die. He will die and no one – not Obama or the UN or an international court will stop it from happening.

    • Bob Mack says:

      Hi, ROXY. The ‘international community’ wants to replace the National Anthem with the “Internationale”. The hell with them.

    • frijolero says:

      [Ed. Note: For purposes of full disclosure, the below comment comes from Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico. BTW, FRIJO, ‘ridiculized’ is not a word.]

      that’s why u.s. people are so ridiculized internationally, because you can’t connect your mouth with your brain…. be objective, don’t spit your opinion before checking it…

      • roxannadanna says:

        Yea buddy, we Americans so “ridiculized” that your people are digging friggin’ tunnels to get in here!

        What a chump.

  7. There has never been a more un-American President. Let justice prevail for Adra and her family.

    • Bob Mack says:

      “Justice delayed is justice denied.” If there was any justice, Obama would still be a third-rate lawyer in a third-rate Chicago law firm instead of a third-rate president intent on turning America into a third-world nation.

  8. Bob Mack says:

    From Human Events (Senate DREAMs On):

    The same pro-amnesty senators are again pushing the same amnesty bill, the so-called DREAM Act.
    Proponents love this legislation, which stands for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors, because its beneficiaries are the most sympathetic subset of illegal aliens—giving advocates their best shot at achieving amnesty.
    Sen. Dick Durbin (D.-Ill.) and 34 Democratic co-sponsors (including Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) back S 952.
    Illegal alien “children” up to age 35 could claim, under the DREAM Act, to have been brought here before they were 15. The bill has loose standards for proving one’s young age at illegal entry. Essentially, illegals sign an affidavit claiming the timing and age.
    The legislation also repeals the law that bars in-state tuition for illegals.
    […] Calling for legalization of certain illegal aliens were the Obama administration’s cabinet secretaries for education and homeland security and a Defense Department underling.
    A room packed with illegal aliens observed the committee’s meeting to promote the DREAM Act.
    Education Secretary Arne Duncan advocated the DREAM amnesty by denying the bill is an amnesty (he admitted it changes illegals’ immigration status). He claimed that these “kids can’t fulfill their potential.”
    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano asserted, “Our [Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS)] priorities are strengthened by DREAM, allowing us to focus on real security threats.” She argued that because DHS lacks enough funds to remove all 11 million illegals, DREAM’s legalization scheme should be passed.
    Not that the hundred or so illegals attending the hearing seemed worried, but Napolitano assured them that no enforcement would happen that day.

    Or apparently any other day.

    DREAMERs…also gain full rights and privileges to sponsor others for immigration visas—something reserved for citizens and legal immigrants.

    Again, I pose the question: Just who the hell are these Democrats representing? The answer is clear. It’s not a ‘who’ but a ‘what’–and that is the transformation of the United States into a socialist nation.

    • Bunkerville says:

      When I saw those aliens at the Congressional hearing….and aliens are what they are, and illegal… it was by far one of the most disgusting acts I have seen. We have gone far past any rule of law.

      • Bob Mack says:

        BUNKER, it reminded me of another wretched scene when the Dems lined up in the Rose Garden behind the perjurer Clinton following his impeachment. Most Republicans are too weak-kneed for me, but I don’t recall them lining up to support Richard Nixon after Watergate. No citizen who still retains a modicum of sanity could possibly vote for any of these usurpers. Durbin is a disgrace as is Butch Napolitano.

  9. TexasFred says:

    I have to wonder, at WHAT point do we finally close the border and deport the bastards?

  10. Will says:

    Honestly this just pisses me off to no end. I have been a little more tolerant of the crap going on lately but at what point will this stop? We have been feeding and housing this murderer for this long and we still can resolve this the way it should be. I just sit here and wonder…what can we do about this…

    • Bob Mack says:

      How ya doin’, WILL. I guess it boils down to this: elect only those who will protect & defend the Constitution and retire those that don’t. These days, I guess that would mean cleaning out 50% of the Judicial Branch, 80% of the Legislative, and 100% of the Executive. And maybe we need to revise the Appeals procedure so these killers don’t stay on Death Row manipulating the system for 20 years while waiting for some lib somewhere to grant ’em a new trial. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. musingsofjustjon says:

    Reverse the situation – this crime occurs in Mexico by an American illegally in the country. Does anyone want to bet that the outcome would be the same? Hell no, the American would have been dragged from the jail and beaten to death without any deference to the law.

    This delay in his execution is, in my opinion, a criminal act – but the DREAM Act out to be titled properly as the Increasing the Number of Democratic Voters act.

    I have absolutely no problem with immigrants coming to this country, taking up residency and gaining the benefits of being an American citizen. After all, we are all immigrants to some extent – my family immigrated from England. Granted, it was in 1629, but we are still immigrants.

    But simply, the idea of illegal immigrants being given any form of special treatment is revolting to me. They are here ILLEGALLY. They should be arrested and deported, not rewarded for their their illegal actions.


    • Bob Mack says:

      I’m with you, JON. People like Durbin and Napolitano & all the rest of the enablers need to obey the oaths they took or get out. But it’s been going on for a long time. I once caught an illegal applying for federal benefits with a faked i.d. I called INS, and their response was–and I quote–“Well, what do you want us to do about it?”

  12. Matt says:

    How many others are there, rotting in our prisons, that have killed Americans, or otherwise legal residents? All of these crimes are preventable.

    • Bob Mack says:

      Hey, MATT. Well, we know there’s at least 51 Mexican murderers. As far as the others, according to Newsmax:

      As Investors Business Daily reported in March 2005:
      “The U.S. Justice Department estimated that 270,000 illegal immigrants served jail time nationally in 2003. Of those, 108,000 were in California. Some estimates show illegals now make up half of California’s prison population, creating a massive criminal subculture that strains state budgets and creates a nightmare for local police forces.”

  13. girlymctx says:

    Can’t we just send all the illegals & the socialist Democrats who are backing them BACK TO THEIR COUNTRIES? Why don’t these illegals back the citizenship for our Democrats to move to their countries? Oh life would be grand! Eh?

  14. girlymctx says:

    Lets just send all of OUR MURDERERS INTO SOCIALISTIC COUNTRIES? They have a special place in their hearts for killers,lets just send all 51+ ours into the international community?

  15. TexasFred says:

    Humberto Leal is D.E.A.D. DEAD… 😈

  16. Bob Mack says:

    From Stand With Arizona:

    As with his lawsuit against Arizona over its mere upholding of Federal laws with SB1070, his unilateral approval for access for Mexican drivers in the U.S., and his virtual amnesty for “Dreamer” illegal aliens, Obama once again chose Mexico over the American people. This last disgraceful act by Obama was a slap in the face to the Sauceda Family – who had waited far too long for justice, as well as the People of Texas, whose sovereignty clearly means nothing to him.
    After the Supreme Court ruled against Obama and Leal, the Texas Gov. Rick Perry also refused to stop the execution – thus sealing this savage’s fate. In his last minutes, Humberto Leal said he was sorry and accepted responsibility.

    ”I have hurt a lot of people. … I take full blame for everything. I am sorry for what I did,” he said in the death chamber.

    “One more thing,” he said as the drugs began taking effect. Then he shouted twice, “Viva Mexico!”

    Let’s all remember his final cry, as we behold that the President himself stands with Mexico over Americans…Let us remember this last shout of a vicious murderer – who spent nearly his entire life in America, as a rallying cry of our own to never surrender – until we restore the rule of law on immigration across this nation. Stand With Arizona and our 340,000 supporters will never, ever give up the fight.

  17. Louie says:

    After finding out about this whole death thing from CNN. Thank god he was put down. I’m hispanic and people like that make other hispanic look bad. I believe that if you hurt a child or woman that you should be dealt with. I can’t believe what he did to that pour girl. What piss me off the most is hearing his family say he was a good guy. They don’t see nothing wrong that the girl was killed or rapped bad. One of the post on here was right if an american would of done that in mexico they would of beaten him down. I can’t believe the obama would ask for a delay for his death. How would he feel if it happen to his daughter would he give then other chance?

    Thank god this man is gone!

  18. musingsofjustjon says:

    He finally got what he deserved. Kudos to Gov. Perry for his willingness to buck the Obama administration and bring this rapist and murderer to justice.

    Rest in Peace Adra Sauceda.


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