We’re All Mad Here

‘But I don’t want to go among mad people,’ said Alice. ‘Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the cat. ‘We’re all mad here.’ — Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland


The old white rabbit is at it again, proving that he’s not yet cured of the chronic hoof-in-mouth disease he displayed when he was merely a RINO…I mean ‘maverick’:

McCain: Tea Partiers Have Bad ‘Hobbit’ Of Not Supporting A Raise In Debt Ceiling

Both McCain and the Wall Street Journal are right about one thing, though–with the Senate still in the hands of Harry Reid the Desert Rat, and with the Executive Branch held by the Obamunists, there’s no way any substantial spending cuts are going to be enacted:

“The reality is that the debt limit will be raised one way or another and the only issue now is with how much fiscal reform and what political fallout. If the Boehner plan fails in the House the advantage shifts to Mr. Reid’s Senate plan, which would raise the debt ceiling by 2.4 trillion in one swoop through 2012 that would come without a tax increase, but also 2.7 trillion in mostly fake spending cuts.”


Via Ann Coulter in Human Events, this is the headline that our always ‘fair and balanced’ mainstream media could have used in reporting the recent slaughter in Scandinavia.  As Ann points out, when the murderous Muslim Major Nidal Hasan went on his jihadi-inspired shooting rampage at Ft. Hood in 2009, only one in seven N.Y. Times articles even found it necessary to mention the somewhat relevant if inconvenient (to liberals) fact of his religion:

“New York Times Reader Kills Dozens in Norway”



White House Tampering with Rating Agencies

“Sources close to the rating agencies are saying that the White House is trying to get the rating agencies to endorse a certain plan. The White House is trying to prod the agencies to accept the Reid plan, which gives them political cover. They’re trying to say Boehner’s plan creates political uncertainty in the market because it’s two increases.”

 And proof positive that Obama and the Democrats are absolutely deranged in their determination to keep spending other people’s money (and in their demented frenzy to convince Americans that profligacy is good for them):

GOP Aims To Gut Christmas, White House Alleges

House Speaker and national grinch John Boehner is planning to spoil Christmas, White House officials are claiming, as they try to head off passage of Boehner’s two-stage debt ceiling bill.

“Happy Holidays America: Boehner plan would have the debt ceiling all over again during the holiday season, which is critical for the economy,” White House deputy spokesman Dan Pfeiffer declared today at 9.50 a.m.

White House political adviser David Plouffe made the same claim about Christmas almost one hour earlier when MSNBC’s Chuck Todd quizzed him about the White House’s opposition to Boehner’s two-stage debt ceiling proposal.

UPDATE #2: These People Are Truly Friggin’ Demented

Nancy Pelosi on today’s vote: “What we’re trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget. We’re trying to save life on this planet as we know it today.”

Whaaaat??? And this moron is one of the leaders of their pathetic party!  Even in the midst of one of the more asinine of her periodic rants, the pitiful Pelosi sings the Internationale.  Save the world, indeed.  You want to save life on Spaceship Earth, Nan?  Drink hemlock.


Clyburn Likens Executive Order To Raise Debt Ceiling To Emancipation Proclamation

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC): “I’ve said time and time again, if the President gets up to August 2nd, without a piece of legislation, he should not allow this country to go into default. He should sign an Executive Order invoking the 14th Amendment and send that to all the governmental agencies for us to continue to pay our bills. He could do that with a stroke of a pen.

“We’ve seen many big things done in history that way. I’ve joked with my staff the other day, ‘tell me what was the bill number of the Emancipation Proclamation.’ It was an Executive Order. We integrated the armed services by Executive Order. We integrated public schools by Executive Order. Sometimes executives must order that things get done.”

About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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20 Responses to We’re All Mad Here

  1. AFVET says:

    As Rush mentioned yesterday, the ‘cuts’ their talking about are mostly cuts in the INCREASE in spending projected for next year.
    And people wonder how we got to this point.
    We need to FREEZE spending and cut back drastically on the bloated bureaucracies that continue to drain America’s economy.

  2. “…only one in seven N.Y. Times articles even found it necessary to mention the somewhat relevant if inconvenient (to liberals) fact of his religion:”
    And, according to Coulter, was a year after the killings.

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  4. roblorinov says:

    I’m so sick of John McShame but I love his new pic you’ve posted here Bob 🙂 I thought maybe he bowed out after his handing the WH to Obamavich in 2008 but I guess not. Now he’s flapping his jaws again and as usual saying nothing of any significance. Maverick LOL? And I’m Marshal Dillon.

  5. TexasFred says:

    Oh dear GAWD in Hebben, thank yew and Baby Jebbus fer sendin Nasty Pelosi to save all of us poor ignernt rednecks from a fate worser than death, or sumfin like dat…

    Put THAT in your Spell Check and have a laugh… 😛

    • Bob Mack says:

      San Fran Nan also said this: “I view my work in politics as an extension of my role as a mom. There are things we want to do for our children that are simply beyond us.” … No wonder everybody wants to run away from home.

  6. The things I’m hearing these LEADERS of our nation say … They musta knocked their heads on the way down the rabbit hole@

    I still say we just have to stop the HATE-talk … If the conservatives have any hope for taking the senate and the WH asap, we must stand together!

    Thanks for keeping up with all this, Bob!

  7. roblorinov says:

    LOL I knew this was coming. I could see it building up. Insanity on full display!! And who was first to display this insanity? Why Pelosi herself the PSYCHOTIC queen 🙂 Perhaps we should send the men in the white jackets to Dung Hill uhm???

  8. I posted about unhinged Pelosi today. Her comment is so ludicrous!

    I hadn’t heard this story, however:

    House Speaker and national grinch John Boehner is planning to spoil Christmas, White House officials are claiming, as they try to head off passage of Boehner’s two-stage debt ceiling bill.

    And it’s not even a full moon.

    BTW, I linked to your post. Excellent roundup!

  9. bunkerville says:

    So McCain came back to life…..just in time to remind us why we lost the last election. Super great post! Lots of grins and much needed.

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