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America: Going, Going, Gone?

From Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog (Bold type mine): Did You Love America? by Neo Noisy Room Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques Do you realize our country, the country many of us loved, and were willing to lay down our lives … Continue reading

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Obama Calls The Statue of Liberty Play

“Washington — both parties, both sides never, ever change.”—Rush Limbaugh Rush has looked into the dusty archives of the MSM & discovered that the Democrats have been successfully running their political version of the old Statue of Liberty play for … Continue reading

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The Idiot’s Guide To Highway Robbery

 “Mr. Obama might be a great communicator if he had anything great to communicate.” —Wes Pruden “Obama is part of the trend of world leaders who work at making serfs of their populations. The only reason Obama stands out is … Continue reading

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Sizing It Up

Well, it’s true–the Bedlamites really have taken over the asylum; or perhaps it’s the Sodomites who have captured the caduceus.  After all, who among the latter would choose to conduct research on such mundane killers as heart disease, cancer, and … Continue reading

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Extra Special Lines

“Did you happen to catch Obama’s recent budget speech where he advised the little man to step aside to allow the “experts”—that is, the professional politicians—to address the nation’s most serious problems? If you didn’t swoon after that miracle of … Continue reading

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Hanoi Jane Rides Again

You’ve gotta hand it to ’em–leftists are the most accomplished and prolific liars on the planet. Take Hanoi Jane Fonda, for example–and I wish you would.  Miffed by QVC’s cancellation of her appearance promoting her latest money-making venture, a tome … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Meets The Press (Again)

“Congress has run up the credit card, and we now have an obligation to pay our bills.” —-Barack Obama The creative engine was knocking critically, gasping for fuel.  It was the end of another week, and just when I’d thought … Continue reading

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Alice Walker: The Color Pink

Ana The Imp, old Sam Smith’s Tadcaster brews, and Keira Knightley  are currently my favorite imports from the U.K.  Ana pens this ode to an overrated icon of the literary left: Behold, Grandma Moses, the Useless Idiot Alice Walker, a … Continue reading

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Hostage Negotiations

“I cannot guarantee that those [Social Security] checks go out on Aug. 3 if we haven’t resolved this issue. There may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.” –Barack Obama H/T to Mike T. for the … Continue reading

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Faking It

Via Weasel Zippers: Women who cannot afford to get their hymens surgically re-attached in Canada prior to marriages in their cultural country of origin have a less expensive option: they can order one in the mail. Starting at just $29.95, … Continue reading

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