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Obama Math: 2 + 2 = Class Warfare

There has been a mind boggling scarcity of good news during the three year reign of Tyrannus Obamus, at least for those of us who believe that the Constitution of the United States means what it says, and that the … Continue reading

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The Vampire Barack

A recent bit of Web weirdness concerns this photograph, recently offered for sale on E-Bay, with a portion of the seller’s caption beneath: “Original c.1870 carte de visite showing a man who looks exactly like [actor] Nick Cage. Personally, I … Continue reading

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The Oval Office Outlaw

Chicago, in its 178 years of blustery existence, has produced its fair share of murderers, gangsters, spies, and assorted miscreants—H.H. Holmes, John Wayne Gacy, the Unabomber, Richard Speck, Jose Padilla, John Dillinger, Al Capone,  Robert Hanssen, the 1919 Black Sox; … Continue reading

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They’re Fixing A Hole…

Most of the actions of the federal government are enough to take anyone’s breath away, but this time they’re stealing it from folks who don’t really have any to spare—asthmatics.  The FDA, regulators of such lethal substances as walnuts, cherries, … Continue reading

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You’re Free To Do What We Want

“God is on your side? Is He a Conservative? The Devil’s on my side, he’s a good Communist.” “Life has improved, comrades. Life has become more joyous.” — Joseph Stalin U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told members of the National … Continue reading

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Tweety Birds

As protests go, the much-touted “Day of Rage”, aka #OccupyWallStreet, was a box office bust, the would-be army of occupation hardly large enough to fill vacancies at the Bates Motel, let alone to freeze the slowed but still thumping heart … Continue reading

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Out In The O-Zone

H/T to Tom & Dave “If you love me, you’ve got to help me pass this bill!” —Barack Obama He’s out there, all right…somewhere deep in the Obama-zone, beyond the sight and sound of normal folk, out where the air … Continue reading

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Congressmen Jim Moran, Hank Johnson, and Jerrold Nadler, the Curly, Larry, and Moe of House Democrats, have introduced legislation to eliminate the national debt ceiling. “The debt ceiling does not prevent the United States from incurring new debts,” said Nadler. … Continue reading

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Back in the days of my somewhat misspent youth, my reprobate cronies and I regularly concocted fake identification cards to obtain our weekend supply of lager beer.  When it came to subterfuge, however, we were rank amateurs. Barack Obama used … Continue reading

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“24” — With Al Gore

With the retirement of octogenarian slapstick comic Jerry Lewis, the September media marathoning business has taken a huge hit.  Stepping into the breech, however, is sexagenarian straight man Al Gore (Al Gore In 24-Hour Broadcast To Convert Climate Skeptics).  With … Continue reading

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