Open Season

It didn’t take long.

On September 20th, the very day that homosexuals can serve openly in the military forces of the United States, a magazine catering to their specialized minority tastes will go on sale at Army and Air Force post exchanges, presumably next to editions of the venerable old Stars and Stripes.  FOX News reports that

OutServe Magazine is a publication that “highlights the contributions that actively serving LGBTs are making to the United States military, discusses and educates readers about DADT repeal policies, and advocates for the continued fight for equality for all Americans.”

“Our first objective with the magazine is to let all the gay, lesbian, bi, and trans members currently serving know that they are not alone,” OutServe’s co-director, an active-duty officer who goes by the pseudonym JD Smith said in a written release. “And we also want to communicate to all troops that there are capable gay military members serving honorably, and that accepting that and moving on will make our military stronger.”

One of the features in the magazine is Ask Sarge—Answers To LGBT Military Issues, to which the following query was addressed:

I am a 26 year-old guy who recently entered the military. I arrived to my first duty station a few months ago and have noticed that I have become more agitated on a daily basis, and I’m not sure why that is. My supervisor is 4 years younger than I am and I live in the dorms. I just don’t understand why my life experience is pushed aside — I feel like I am treated like a toddler. What can I do? — UNDER-APPRECIATED DORM DWELLER

“Dorms”?? “Supervisors”?? An advice column for lovelorn homos in uniform?? Good God, what hath progressivism wrought?  In my day, you slept in a drafty barracks or in a tent or in the cold, hard arms of Mother Earth. You didn’t have “supervisors”, you had sergeants, grizzled non-coms who didn’t give a tinker’s dam about your “agitation”, and were more than willing to kick “under-appreciated” glutei maximi–that’s ‘asses’ to you effete new “dorm dwellers”every hour on the hour if that’s what was needed to ensure that precious “life experience” was extinguished by the coarsening and toughening process absolutely essential in order to begin turning undisciplined civilians into smoothly functioning cogs in a vast killing machine; cogs ready, willing, and able to defend the United States of America by ruthlessly destroying its enemies on the battlefield.  Armed forces, you see, are not gentle social laboratories where newly recruited gender-benders and sodomites can sip mineral water and whine about their mistreatment by society.  Tough words? Maybe. But war’s a tough business, and there are no do-overs. Lose once, and you don’t get a second chance to make it right.  The open homosexuality mandated by Barack Obama and the Democrats in the U.S. Congress will inevitably be inimical to unit cohesiveness and effective military operations.  It cannot be otherwise, despite the blithe reassurances bandied about by irresponsible liberals who have never served and opportunistic trucklers in the Pentagon.  For God’s sake, people, the survival of the very country is at stake here. Barring an unlikely reversal of policy or a more stringent set of regulations than are currently in place, I suggest we all start learning to speak Chinese.

See As Those Caissons Go Mincing Along — “Liberals, once again confusing liberty with license, are celebrating the repeal of DADT as a victory for civil rights. It is not. It is advancing the questionable agenda of a vocal minority to the possible detriment of the nation.

About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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16 Responses to Open Season

  1. Dear UNDER-APPRECIATED DORM DWELLER — It’s not a dorm, it’s barracks — He’s not a *supervisor*, he’s a platoon leader and likely an NCO, deal with it — He’s younger than you? Why are you going in the military at the age of 26?? More opportunity to troll for *man meat*? You are agitated? How do you tinker NORMAL people felt when it was determined that we had to accept you little twinkle-toed co*k suckers?

    Deal with it you faggot…

    Signed, An Oathkeeper that KNOWS you’re not…

  2. delynn sunn says:


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  4. It’s in your face my friend, how about a gay pride parade on base……..

  5. “Armed forces, you see, are not gentle social laboratories where newly recruited gender-benders and sodomites can sip mineral water and whine about their mistreatment by society.”

    We are in deep shit! How can we continue to be the greatest military force on earth? Oh, that’s not the objective, is it?

  6. samiam60 says:

    Well done Bob Mack and I am sure we are just seeing the tip of the Ice Berg. How much of actual combat problems related to this Faggot Fest will go unreported by the Lame Stream Media? I include Fox News in with them now.

  7. Comrades, all your comments are in the 10-ring…. and this IS just the beginning.
    The real danger in this will be legally…. now there is a big wide open door for
    • transsexuals,
    • 210-pound body builders demanding to dress in women’s uniforms because of their gender-identity issues,
    • military paying for sex change operations, and
    • combine all this with the “married” couples soon demanding base housing, full family benefits, dependent pay, “parenting” class, OBGYN for both lesbians… and of course this could occur simultaneously, so both service members could be sidelined for months at the same time… and let’s not forget the family leave act.
    And none of this will affect the mission of greatest military force in history?
    If we weren’t before… we are well on our way to taking Sodom and Gomorra off the hook.

  8. AFVET says:

    I can hear the mass exodus of the straights exiting stage right.
    Problem is, they would be exiting into the weakest job market in recent history.
    Dorm Dweller my ass, I lived in a barracks.
    The next thing you know, they will demand tofu and sushi in mess.
    The liberal influence on this military is detestable.
    Here is yet another example of the left ramming the policies of the minority down the throats of the majority.
    The troops that have volunteered to serve this Country should not be subjected to this form of harassment.

    Great Post Bob !

  9. Bunni says:

    These psycho’s are determined to destroy America from within! What’s next, weenie roasts, making smores? Braiding eachother’s butt hair? God help us all, we are NOW even more of a laughing stock. A bunch of cub scouts would do better than some of these new recruits.

  10. roblorinov says:

    Good post Bob 🙂 And as always well written. I’ve been thinking about the repeal of DADT and honestly I think it is going to lead to a mass exodus of straights in the military. What then? How do we protect our nation and our interests? Mercenary army? Don’t count on it. And I’ve also been wondering just what the repeal of DADT is exactly going to turn into. A beef market in uniform? WTH? The military is not the place to “hook up” IMO and if that is the reason someone has gone into the military then it is the wrong reason! I take it the whiner you quoted above is one of those who joined for all the wrong reasons. 🙂

    Sorry but I don’t know what it is like to serve in a “dorm” or to have a “supervisor” in the military. I do know all about sleeping in the “cold arms of Mother Earth” in the cold of the night. And I do know all about having a platoon sgt screaming in your face, slapping you around, and calling you the most filthy names he can think of. I further also know how it feels to have one’s socks and underwear taken via physical violence from you by your superiors so they can have them and you are left with none. I also know well about marching long distances in the butt crack of the earth and never even thinking of uttering a word of complaint out of fear that my “supervisor” might shoot me in the head…as in dead. No matter what military you are in it is tough! It’s no party! It is harsh and demanding. It is also very dangerous in wartime such as we are in right now. Not only is your own life at risk but so are the lives of your comrades serving with you on the same battlefield. When one is upon the battlefield one’s thoughts and sight must be on the enemy and the fight. Not on a buddies crotch or rear end. Such wondering distracts one’s attention and makes the danger even greater.

    Since the dawn of the human military there have been bi and gay men serve in the world militaries over the aeons of time. That’s not the problem IMO. Most have kept quiet volutarily because they think their gender preference is no one’s business. Many of these men have served well and honorably and few have ever known they were bi or gay. Their sexuality just was NOT the big issue or even an issue at all. So what I’m not understanding about this DADT stuff is this:

    Why do gays in the US military feel the need to let every one know they are gay?

    I don’t get it. Does everyone have to know they are gay? Are they wanting special privileges or something? Special treatment? What is it? Why can’t they just serve and keep their bedroom preferences to themselves? Why tell the whole world? Why not serve honorably as a soldier, serve, and live life? Also what happens when a gay man makes a pass at a straight man and both are soldiers serving in the same “dorm”? Or what happens when a mostly straight company finds out one is gay among them? You don’t really think they are going to follow official protocol do you? I see a lot of ass beating coming out of this frankly. And unit cohesion? Kiss that goodbye. Not good.

    I think “Conservative on Fire” hit the nail on the head by saying, “We are in deep shit! How can we continue to be the greatest military force on earth? Oh, that’s not the objective, is it?”

    Yes I strongly suspect that IS the objective. It’s all designed to take down America on every level. Obama is presently taking America down economically, internationally, and militarily. It’s all about destroying our Republic in as short of a time as possible. Let us NOT forget this is the president who sat in the church of Rev Wright for 20-something years listening to all of the hate America sermons and never uttered one word in protest. Nor did he and his wife ever stand and walk out even once! I think it’s pretty clear. Obama and his cronies are on a mission to disempower the greatest nation on earth by ANY means and on every level. That’s what it is all about bottomline I suspect.

    Sodom and Gomorrah? Gary Alexander mentioned that in the comments above. Frankly I believe that we have already taken Sodom and Gomorrah off the hook. Our immorality knows know bounds in this society. We are so materialistic and spiritually ignorant it’s amazing. We have become a society in which anything goes and I mean ANYTHING no matter how disturbing it might be. And common sense? Very little left in our society today. It’s all about feeling and feel good and the demonic prospoerity…God wants you to be rich….false doctine!

    Yes our nation, our Republic is in ruin. The American Rome is burning while Nero fiddles. Our government is corrupt beyond belief and it is infested with commies and the like who really DO hate this nation and everything it stands for. But, frankly, I see all that as a symptom. The CAUSE is to be found in American society. It’s been coming about for decades now. We’ve cast aside all logic, all common sense, all morals, and all values and now anything goes….just do it!….do your own thing. You know how the line goes 🙂

    Our nation and our society are in GREAT DANGER! The day will come when we will all pay the piper for this. God has often used both people and foreign nations to punish a rebellious people. Is this the reason for the rise of radical Islam? Are they to turn out to be our punishers? Time will tell I assure you. And here’s something else. Every time man has made war against God, man has LOST! What the hell makes us think it is going to be any different now? Because we are America? Think again!

    We live in very, very sad times. We are witnessing the destruction of one of the greatest nations on earth and in human history. Much of it is overwhelming to say the least. Much of it is horrific! All of it is utterly unbelievable!! Yes, as someone above said, America is being destroyed from the inside out. The enemy within! That is a brilliant and very very old military strategy. Any good military commander knows that if you can get the enemy to destroy himself from within they you have WON! And that is exactly what is happening in this country today on all sides, along all avenues, and on every level. Question is how much longer will America survive? Where is the turning point? Is there one? Since when does the minority voice outweigh the majority voice? Democracy is based on the rule of the MAJORITY not the minority. We’ve got it upside down I’m afraid and all the way around. There is, I suspect, a heavy price our nation and our people will pay some day in the not to distant future. In that case God help us all because we are going to need it.

    As for being the laughing stock of the planet I’ve said that over and over on my blog as you well know Bob. We are and we are becoming more so with each passing day. No longer are we feared nor respected. Now we and shamed and mocked. No longer is American the hope of the world but we are the insane comedy show of the world. Our enemies know everything and exactly what is going on in this nation and they laugh at us constantly. They no longer fear us because they see us as weak, indecisive, shameful, and ignorant. Are we? Is that what we have become? Do our enemies know the truth that we deny?

    This is just one more fallen domino in America. We are living in the last days alright…..America’s last days and this will become even MORE apparent if the Marxist we have in the WH is reelected in 2012. He and his cronies will finish us off and none of us will have to worry about any election thereafter I assure you.

    Sad Bob. Very sad indeed. 😦

  11. Trestin says:

    Three months and I’m out.

  12. Bob there was a military before Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Most of us here served in it. People in a barracks— errr dorms, excuse me, have always found ways to deal with “problem individuals”. I think you’ll find a number of the new recruits decide fairly fast that wearing a uniform isn’t what they expected..

    If the law stands it’s headed for head on with the Defense of Marriage Act, the way the DADT Repeal was worded DOMA is still supposed to be enforced, that will challenged within months on the grounds that People” who are legally married are not receiving the same benefits as the wife (generally) in a real marriage gets. I suspect a judge will overturn DOMA.. That could be when the stuff really hits the fan.

    To some extent the Military can force members to accept this– like it or not. I still believe what I said back at the start.. Military wives are a different issue, the Pentagon can’t just shut them up… I want to see how the wives react when Mrs Sgt Jones, who just moved into base housing, turns out to be named Tom. I’ve got a hunch Tom won’t be well received.

  13. Freedom, by the way says:

    My whole beef with the gay, lgbt (whatever) movement is–why do you think anyone cares to know or hear about your sexual preferences? I don’t go around talking about my sex life and I certainly don’t define myself by it. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL SO STOP DEMANDING SPECIAL ATTENTION. WE DON’T CARE. DO YOUR JOB AND SHUT UP. YOU WILL BE GIVEN NO ALLOWANCES BECAUSE OF YOUR SEXUAL ORIENTATION, THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN, YOUR SEX, YOUR AGE OR YOUR ALLERGIES.

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