Congressmen Jim Moran, Hank Johnson, and Jerrold Nadler, the Curly, Larry, and Moe of House Democrats, have introduced legislation to eliminate the national debt ceiling.

“The debt ceiling does not prevent the United States from incurring new debts,” said Nadler. “That occurs when Congress decides to authorize more spending than revenues. The debt ceiling prevents the president from borrowing money to pay those debts when they come due.

“Republicans in Congress have shown they are willing to hold the fate of our economy hostage by using the debt ceiling as a political weapon,” added Moran. “It’s a tactic that has far ranging effects, disrupting financial markets, damaging the peoples’ trust in government and delaying consideration of must-pass legislation to create jobs and get our economy back on track.”

“My fear is that the whole continent will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize,” worried Johnson, apparently confusing the U.S. with the territory of Guam, of which he once expressed similar fears.

Okay, Johnson didn’t really say that. Yet. Though what he did say was just as stupid: that mean-spirited Republicans  just don’t want to give poor Barack Obama credit for hauling the country back from the “Bush-Cheney depression,” as if a 9.1% unemployment rate and a national debt that has increased by $4 trillion—caused almost entirely by a Congress and Executive controlled by Democrats—was reason for celebration anywhere except in the inept ranks of the Jackass Party. Apparently our current astronomical financial obligations are just not astronomical enough for these airheads, and they’d like nothing better than to completely remove the governor from the spending accelerator.

Meanwhile, the balky, big-spending Dems continue to get their electoral hats handed to them, losing a New York seat that they’d held for the better part of a century by more than 8 points, and by 10 the seat in Nevada that Politico called “crucial to Harry Reid’s 2010 reelection, to Barack Obama’s 2008 election and to the countless governors, senators and presidents who have competed in the Silver State before them.”  This, after the loss of Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat and the debacle in the elections of 2010.  It’s a lesson liberals never seem to learn: money can’t buy you love. Especially from the people from whom you’ve stolen it.

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Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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14 Responses to Airheads

  1. Amber says:

    I definitely agree. Why should raising the debt by $4 trillion be something that you get praise for? They are just going to keep spending and borrowing until we cant anymore. At this point, we will hit the debt wall and everyone’s lives will be impacted.

  2. Eliminate the national debt ceiling? Are you kidding me? Economic oblivion is only a few trillion dollars away. Me thinks this is way to hasten the final fall of the dollar once and for all. “Curly, Larry & Moe”, as you call them, certainly aren’t working for America.

  3. The logic of this bill is a perfect ad in favor of a balanced budget amendment. Way to go Lary, Moe and Curly!

  4. The only way out is to CHANGE things now. Nothing has been done to impact this huge problem. The end of the dollar is nearer than most realize.

  5. Cheryl says:

    I dream of that U.S. Marshall car picture every day!! Soros’ plan for One World Currency gets closer every day. Then what? Can’t imagine. Great post, Bob!

  6. samiam60 says:

    What a great Graphic and who knows, we may just see that happen!

  7. Jim Moran represents the district where I live (Northern Virginia). Nobody likes him! Not even the liberals whom I personally know.

    I fail to understand why he keeps getting elected to office.

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