Stormin’ Mormon

It’s all over.  Based on results from two states that hold 1.8% of the nation’s electoral votes, the gibbering prognosticators of the Mainstream Media have anointed Willard as the standard-bearer of the Pachyderms in 2012.  Even Fox News has jumped aboard the Romney express:

After a convincing victory in New Hampshire, South Carolina offers Mr. Romney the opportunity to become the presumptive Republican nominee and define the issues for the fall campaign.

Forgotten is the fact that Mitt’s win in Iowa was far less convincing.  After all, an 8-vote victory margin is not exactly a love song.  But the Stormin’ Mormon is polished and glib and moderate and he has the kind of hair that marks him as a serious contender—all qualities our liberal pundits find admirable in a Republican during primary season.  Afterwards, of course, they’ll suddenly discover that he was all along a dangerous right-wing Neanderthal Nazi, unfit to declaim from the same podium as the Democratic incumbent—but that lies in the future.  For now, their job is to ensure that the Republican nominee is someone unlikely to rock the Ship of State as it sails up Socialist Creek.

And Mitt is just the guy:

He is a believer in global warming and supports Cap and Trade if it is done globally as opposed to just nationally.

Mitt helped raise money for Planned Parenthood.

Romney changed his rhetoric on Gay Rights after having made overtures toward the Log Cabin Republicans in exchange for their endorsement.  They were none too pleased.

Proof that Romney is both a true politician and a bothersome oaf comes beautifully packaged in his succinct yet immature usage of the English language on Gun Control.  “Weapons of unusual lethality?” Really?

Romney picked more Democrats than Republicans when the time came to pick judicial nominees.  This will obviously be different when the time comes to pick Supreme Court Nominees, of course.

Sen. Scott Brown supports Romney’s defense of RomneyCare calling it “courageous.”

—via The Official RINO List

 This is not exactly the curriculum vitae of a rock-ribbed conservative.  Still, a vote for a President Romney would be a vote against President Obama—it’s the one sure thing Mitt has going for him.


About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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11 Responses to Stormin’ Mormon

  1. wdednh says:

    Hi Bob, Another great post.

  2. J. P. Morgan says:

    Quasimodo is my choice for the Republican nominee. Other than that, I’ll get behind who ever manages to make the cut. It is going to be tough to beat the Mountebank plus the MSM, so we should not forget that the Senate needs to be retaken. “Four on the floor” I call it–the new Senate model that needs four more Republican seats. Then, even if the Mountebank wins, he can start planning his library as Congress blocks his Socialist agenda.

    • Bob Mack says:

      I agree, J.P. I’ll hold my nose & pull the lever for whoever doesn’t have a (D) after his name. The trouble is that Emperor Barry is getting away with bypassing Congress on just about everything. I don’t see that changing. Somebody’s gotta stand up to this would-be dictator & rein him in.

  3. roblorinov says:

    Since the start of the campaign season the MSM has made it known Romney will be the GOP nominee and even Romney himself says he will be. It was all predetermined in some cold dark place over in the corner and in the dark. This is not democracy. This is corruption and hypocrisy! Iowa and NH with 1.8% of the vote determine who the nominee will be? What do the other 99% think or want or does it even matter anymore? I’d personally like to see people in 2012 vote for anybody but Romney or Obama. What a shock that would be to the MSM and their puppet masters! Such a vote would also send the message home that the American people still have a spin which I’m increasingly worried that we don’t have anymore.

  4. TurtleShroom says:


    A state primary’s delegacy is PROPORTIONATE. Unlike the Electoral College, the percentage of votes won bind an equal percentage of delegates!

    In Iowa, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum equally bound many delegates. As a more extreme example, in New Hampshire, Ron Paul bound twenty percent of their delegates compared to Romney’s thirty. There was no true sweep, and there are plenty of delegates to bind.

    -and what if candidates that succeed in binding delegates drop out and RELEASE them?
    What if they pull a shocker and turn to Gingrich or Paul? Mitt is nowhere close until the last fat lady votes!

    It’s a longshot, but it’s ANYONE’S game!!!

  5. You just wait until the mainstream media do “investigative” pieces on Mormonism. These portraits of Mormonism will proliferate once Romney gets the nomination and will intensify all the way up to Election Day.

    Look. I have Mormon friends and even Mormon family members. Fine people all! But some of the history of the Mormon Church is going to influence voters on Election Day.

    • J. P. Morgan says:

      Romney’s faith is the hidden gorilla in the room, and probably accounts for a lot of voter reluctance to endorse him fully. I live in Sandy, Utah, surrounded by members of the faith, and as you said, its hard to find a finer people (as individuals). But, as a group, they ride roughshod over the political system here in Utah. Witness the liquor control board, with 5 or 7 members, all Mormon except one. Perhaps this explains the recently passed “No Happy Hour in Utah” law. Right now, no one wants to bring up Romney’s faith overtly, since it would appear as bad as “racism” to bring up “religionism.” But you know the MSM and the DNC will find ways to install fear and loathing against Romney because of his faith. It will be subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, and it will be effective. If he is the nominee, I will support him for all I am worth, but being a realist, I will concentrate my efforts on regaining the Senate.

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