Fingers Of The Rich And Famous

Another brouhaha about another over-hyped Super Bowl half-time show, during the course of which the rap ‘artist’ Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam from the U.K., better known as M.I.A. (named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2009), offered what the ancient Romans called the digitus impudicus to millions of viewers—at least, to those millions not using the break for more productive purposes, like leisurely visits to their lavatories.  M.I.A.’s enablers, NBC and the NFL, each rushed to point the finger, so to speak, at the other, but it’s not as if they didn’t know what they might be getting:

Rap singer M.I.A., who gave “the finger” to America and the world during Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show, has offended before – putting out a graphic, obscene, anti-American music video that was banned by YouTube.

The video, “Born Free,” which depicts U.S. soldiers rounding up, beating, and killing red-headed civilians and children, also works in some frontal nudity and crack-pipe smoking for good measure…

Use of the venerable “impudent finger” is, of course, not limited to disaffected musicians, New York City cab drivers, or the U.S. government (who gives it to the taxpayer every day):

When it comes to waving the digitus impudicus, no one is more arrogant these days than our own Uncle Sam:

According To The FBI, Internet Privacy Is Now Considered To Be Suspicious Activity.

When you use the Internet in a public place, do you prefer to have as much privacy as possible? Well, that makes you a potential terrorist. According to the FBI, Internet privacy is now considered to be suspicious activity.  If you are out in public and you attempt to keep snoopers from peeking at your computer screen, then according to the FBI they should gather as much information about you as they can and they should report you to the authorities immediately.

Homeland Security: You’re All ‘Militia Extremists’ Now

[…] what drives militia extremism according to DHS now is “belief that the government deliberately is stripping Americans of their freedoms.” It is demonstrated by opposing “many federal and state authorities’ laws and regulations, (particularly those related to firearms ownership).” … if you oppose federal regulations and support the Second Amendment to the Constitution, and though you don’t actually belong to a militia, you can still be branded a “militia extremist” by your own government, and presumably be targeted by law enforcement agencies.

…for those who would … claim that DHS would never target anyone who wasn’t knowingly and willingly involved in “facilitating and engaging in acts of violence,” the DHS lexicon adds another category, “unwitting co-optees”:

“Groups or individuals who provide support to terrorism without knowing that their actions are contributing to terrorism…”

All things considered, I’d rather get the finger from M.I.A.


About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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12 Responses to Fingers Of The Rich And Famous

  1. That government finger keeps getting bigger and more intrusive. None of us are virgins, are we?

  2. When she came onto stage everyone in the room I was in said, “Who is she?” and I responded, “She’s there for symmetry.” I had no clue who she was until this middle finger deal, and my guess is that was why she did it.

    • Bob Mack says:

      Yeah, BILL … I didn’t either. I was surprised to find, when I looked her up, that she was a Brit of Sri Lankan descent, named by Time & Esquire as one of the “most influential people in the world” (sure–she’s a left-leaning activist. When’s the last time they ever named a conservative? Goes to show you why both mags are going broke). No one I spoke to had ever heard of her. So much for influence.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. wdednh says:

    Reblogged this on YOU DECIDE and commented:
    LOL, good one Bob 🙂

  4. Kate says:

    Totally O/T: According to the rules of this silly ‘award’, I’m suppose to let you know….you ‘won’. LOL Don’t ask, I have NO idea. But a good guy started it, and I can’t tell him no, now could I? 😀

  5. Angel says:

    a return to some decency would be quite welcome my friend but point well taken~! fingers pointing that is..heh 😉

  6. Matt says:

    Did anyone actually watch the halftime show in order to be offended? I turn off those as a matter of course.

    Isn’t it ironic that the Tea Parties were dangerous terrorists, yet OWS, who ARE violent and openly calling for revolution, are somehow immune from that designation?

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