Sea Gulled

“…without a Respectable Navy, Alas America!” —Captain John Paul Jones, 17 October 1776

That old salt Popeye the Sailor saw things more clearly out of one eye than Ray Mabus—current Secretary of the Navy, former yuppie governor of Mississippi, ambassador to the Sauds, and the only Democrat whose name was ever mentioned by the 16th Century French soothsayer Nostradamus (Century II, Quatrain 62)—ever saw out of two. Of course, when it comes to national security, the Secretary’s peepers, like those belonging to his boss, are as short-sighted as they come.  The myopic Mabus and his Commander-In-Chief have sunk more American ships than Admiral Yamamoto and the Imperial Japanese Navy.  This pair of mock mariners would like us to believe that fighter jets fueled by the modern equivalent of corn whiskey are the future of naval aviation, that co-ed submarines—now known as Love Boats—are just the ticket for the once “Silent Service,” and that our surface warships should be named after such illustrious sea dogs as John Murtha, Cesar Chavez, and Gabrielle Giffords. Well, blow me down. If these ‘Progressive’ pirates aren’t scuttled soon, they’ll be sending the United States along with all hands aboard to a watery grave:

Is America’s New Liberal Navy Secretary the Beginning of the US Navy’s Decline as a Seapower?

With the election of Barack Obama to the American presidency…liberals have stumbled upon the most effective way of forcing the military to lean toward the left. You simply remake the armed forces into a trendy, liberal environment from within. As commander in chief, the president issues orders down through the chain of command, a perfect top-down structure for ensuring obedience. Everyone is scared about ruined careers, passed-over promotions, and expectant families back home.

It’s not just open homosexuality and women in combat that are now being promoted, but liberal causes of every stripe, including multiculturalism. Look on any military website to see what’s being emphasized. You won’t find the fighting spirit that World War 2 citizens came to expect. Hello instead goodwill ambassadors and humanitarians.

Fighting spirit—in Barack Obama’s military? Perish the thought, unless you stumble upon it by sheerest accident among a remote battalion or two as yet unreached by his social engineers.  What you will find, however, are plenty of G.I. Joe’s strapping on their ’empathy bellies’ and ersatz bosoms in order to educate themselves to the woes of their impregnated distaff counterparts  (see Army Daze).  But let’s return to the Secretary as he contemplates his Naval.  From The American Spectator:

Tar and Feathers for Ray Mabus

Under Mabus and Obama, our Navy has shrunk to World War I levels, women are serving on submarines and we are spending untold millions or billions on “greening” the navy. The Marine Corps is about to be cut massively and the navy’s shipbuilding program is being delayed, resulting in a force that may be over-stressed or even incapable of doing its job in the next crisis. Right now we have more admirals than ships.

Mabus has also done his best to convert the Navy to “green energy.” He has pledged that 50 percent of all the energy the Navy uses will come from “green” energy by 2020. He has pledged to use public-private partnerships to purchase a gigawatt of “green” energy, which he said was enough to power the city of Orlando, Florida. Obama took pains to praise him in this year’s State of the Union address.

The latest Mabus-created controversy resulted from his changing the Navy’s process for naming ships. In the past, ships were named for presidents, our greatest allies (e.g. Winston Churchill), states, cities, and heroes. Last year, Mabus named a ship for Caesar Chavez. For those who don’t remember, Chavez was a political activist for illegal farm workers who played a major role in pushing through the 1986 immigration amnesty.

What swab worth his salt wouldn’t be damned proud to serve aboard a vessel named for a left-wing union organizer?  Especially one that’s being powered by seaweed:

Obama’s Great Green Fleet: The president forces the Navy to purchase expensive and dubiously green biofuel

The administration’s latest boondoggle involves the use of executive authority to essentially force the U.S. Navy to buy 450,000 gallons of “alternative” biofuel, at the bargain-counter rate of just $15 per gallon.

…The fuel, a mixture of petroleum and processed algae oil, will be used to power the “Great Green Fleet Carrier Strike Force” (not a parody) during the Navy’s summer 2012 exercises in the Pacific Rim.


Obama’s Navy—Strong to the finish, ’cause it’s runnin’ on spinach.

See also: Who Wants an Algae Powered Navy? via


About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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16 Responses to Sea Gulled

  1. AFVET says:

    Carter did this to the Navy and Reagan fixed it.
    Carter eliminated the B1 bomber and Reagan resurrected the program and we still use them today.
    Same ol’ same ol’.
    NO NUKES !!!
    Everything the Obama administration is doing was scripted by the Carter administration.
    Hopefully, we will elect somebody that will be willing to mount a strong defense against the enemies that would take the Country away from the principles that we have fought for and have maintained through 230 years of determined effort to adhere to the Constitution.

    No more compliance to the radical muslims.
    No more compliance to the radicals that exist within our society.
    OWS is going to be an Obama tool this year, along with whatever ACORN is called now.
    Just watch and see.

    • Bob Mack says:

      I don’t think even Peanut Jim would’ve fueled the fleet with seaweed extract, AFVET—or named ships after socialist union organizers and Democratic congressmen under investigation on corruption charges–but I could be mistaken.

  2. Sherry says:

    Here ya go~
    Egyptian Official: War with Israel, US in Three Months

    Bring ’em on! We’re ready for ’em!
    Huh? No, no we’re not? ..uh-oh…

  3. If Obama gets a second term, we’ll have Code Pink running the Pentagon.

  4. As a resident of the state of MS, I lived under Mabus and know for a fact he is just as stupid as he seems!! MS did NOT prosper under his leadership AT ALL. Somehow or another I have missed hearing or even reading that this idiot is the Secretary of the Navy. This information explains SO much of why our once proud Navy is in such a mess!! I’m beginning to wonder since there are so many imbeciles running this country, IF we’re even gonna make it as a nation til the Nov elections!! GOD HELP US!!

    • Bob Mack says:

      Saw this at WND:

      A federal Freedom of Information Act lawsuit has been filed against the U.S. Navy over the manipulation of “gay” data used to convince Congress to overturn the centuries-old ban in the U.S. military on open homosexuality.

      The manipulation of the data was confirmed by the government itself, which in an inspector general’s report marked “For Official Use Only” said numbers were combined to present the image that members of the military approved of Barack Obama’s plan for open homosexuality.

  5. From what I know about Russian foreign policy, the Obama administration is the former KGB’s wet dream. Active measures like unilateral nuclear disarmament, feminizing the military spreading the homosexual agenda, diminishing the population replacement rate through contraception and abortion, etc. are all part of a strategy of weakening America from within in order to soften it up for a military invasion at some point. Presumably this would be after internal strife has been ramped up to the point of secessionary conditions, fracturing it into regions ripe for the plucking. Obama didn’t cut our nuclear fores by 80%, to levels currently lower than the Red Chinese for nothing. I don’t believe that so many coincidences, including the ABM defense debacle in Europe, letting Russia violate the CFE treaty, the Alaskan islands debacle, etc., etc., when matched with Obama’s commie-rich background, adds up to anything other than subversion and treason. But that’s me. I could be wrong.

    • Bob Mack says:

      People who are thinking of voting for Obama again should just take poison—it’s a lot quicker, & has the advantage of leaving others free to clean up the mess.

  6. cmblake6 says:

    And, rogueoperator, seconded.

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  8. Bob Mack says:

    Debasing Our Military, One Politically Correct Moment After Another

    For many years, the military was the last bastion of resistance against the bankruptcy of progressive thinking. No longer. Three vivid illustrations of what those who volunteer to defend this nation must now endure, stand as a beacon to the corruption that political correctness brings wherever it is unleashed. I could not be sadder for those who put themselves in harm’s way. They deserve far better….

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