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Reasons To Believe

From Godfather Politics comes the Top 12 Reasons to Vote for a Democrat.  Most of us could think of a few hundred others, but here’s a place to start: 1. I voted for a Democrat because I believe oil companies’ … Continue reading

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The Obama (Indoctrin-) Nation

One of the salient features of all recently installed Communist regimes is the establishment of so-called “re-education camps”, those grim facilities wherein citizens whose loyalty to the collective is considered to be somewhat tenuous are brow-beaten 20 hours a day … Continue reading

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Late Night With Barack Obama

I suppose we’ve got MTV and Slick Willie’s sax-blowing 1992 performance on the short-lived Arsenio Hall Show to blame for this now-permanent election year charade of Candidate as Hipster—God knows, it wasn’t Tricky Dick Nixon’s stiff-necked 1968 cameo (Sock-It-To-Me?) on … Continue reading

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Harry Reid and the Chamber of Horrors

You can’t take your eyes off these devious swine for a second: A new bill passed by the Democrat controlled Senate and now headed to the House would give the IRS broad new powers that watchdogs say include revoking gun … Continue reading

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Summer Socialists

“Do what we can, summer will have its flies.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson If Barack Obama and the grossly misnamed United Nations have their way, everybody will get their fair shares, all right—of nothing.  These pestiferous socialists plan to bolt their … Continue reading

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Free Range Communism

From the radicals in the communist “Occupy Wall Street” movement, who want to shut down America on May Day (that’s International Worker’s Day if you’re seeing Red), to the racist rants of the New Black Panthers and their demented fellow … Continue reading

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Fairness, Obama-Style

If Charlie Manson ever gets out of jail, he won’t have much trouble landing a job. Thanks to Barack Obama and his left-wing wackos at the EEOC, ol’ Chuck won’t even have to explain the swastika he carved into his … Continue reading

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Raiders Of The Lost Oink

Call it the My Lard Massacre.  It makes you wonder just which one is the real invading species in this sorry scenario: the unsuspecting Michigan swine population rendered into premature pork chops by way of government edict, or the ham … Continue reading

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Remembering The Duke

“Yup. The end of a way of life. Too bad. It’s a good way. Wagons forward! Yo!”  —John Wayne in Hondo *** They weren’t always weird in Tinseltown. At least, not all of ’em. After all, not many exemplified American … Continue reading

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Obama: Star Spangled Scammer

“I’m not the first President to call for this idea that everybody has got to do their fair share…That wild-eyed, socialist, tax-hiking class warrior was Ronald Reagan.” —Barack Obama, April 11, 2012 It’s the oldest play in Buck Boatwright’s Encyclopedia … Continue reading

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