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Memorial Day, 2012.  Always Remember.


Talk about your jailhouse lawyers — this guy has generated enough legal paper to choke a process-server:

Bomber Turned Left Wing Activist, Brett Kimberlin, Tries to Silence Conservative Opposition

[…] Brett Kimberlin, subject of the book Citizen K, is the Speedway Bomber. If that is not familiar to you, you might remember him as the man who claimed he sold Vice President Dan Quayle drugs. Kimberlin is also, now, decades later, a left of center activist, former Independent Music Awards Industry Judge, involved in organizations getting Tides Foundation and Heinz Family Foundation grants, and is back in the media for harassing and bullying anyone who mentions his past.


Why no one reads the Times (and Newsweak and Time or watches CNN or MSNBC):

The Last Days of the Media

There is no news business anymore, just media trolls looking for a traffic handout, feeding off manufactured controversies that they create and then report on. Magazines and sites struggling to stay alive while preaching to a narrow audience which likes essays by leftist cranks and mocking pictures of conservatives. And they’re not alone; any magazine that still covers politics, covers it in the same exact way…

Newsweek might as well become a full-time Pakistani magazine because it isn’t an American magazine anymore…Its only signature feature is the transcontinental sneer and that’s the signature feature of the entire media class, which knows more about Indonesia than it does about Indiana, and believes that the problem with America is all the Americans…The only function of the media is to spin talking points into something more glamorous.


But all the liberal twaddle peddled by the lamestream media apparently just isn’t enough to turn Americans into the kind of docile little socialists that the federal government desires:

New Bill Targets Propaganda And “Psychological Operations” Directly At U.S. Citizens

Should it be legal for the U.S. government to spend billions of dollars on propaganda designed to change public opinion in the United States?

Should it be legal for the U.S. government to use television, radio, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and Internet forums to conduct “psychological operations” targeted at the American public?

An amendment that has been added to a new defense bill in Congress would make it legal to target propaganda and “psychological operations” directly at U.S. citizens.

The latest version of the National Defense Authorization Act would overturn the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987.  Those two laws essentially make it illegal for propaganda that is used to influence public opinion overseas to be targeted at U.S. citizens back here at home.  If those two laws are struck down, there will be essentially very few limits to what the U.S. government can do to shape our opinions.

The government would be able to bombard us with propaganda messages on television, on the radio, in our newspapers and on the Internet and there would not even be a requirement that those messages be true.  In fact, just as happens so often overseas, it would likely be inevitable that the government would purposely disseminate misinformation to the American public for the sake of “national security”.  That is why it is imperative that this bill not become law.

As an article posted on LegalInsurrection.com correctly noted, this bill has already been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives….


Even more alarming are the dark rumors floating about as to the intentions of the Big Red One and his cadre as Election Day approaches:

DHS Whistleblower: Obama Will Commit Reichstag Event To Trigger Martial Law

The anonymous whistleblower elaborated on how the Obama administration is using the Occupy movement, labor unions, and other assorted subversive groups to create massive chaos within the nation.

“Using untracked campaign funds, they are paying people to infiltrate the various movements to cause physical destruction of property and disrupt commerce. That began last year, but has increased ten-fold already this year,” the DHS source shared.

“Obama is using some high profile people as pawns to forment the revolution. I heard several times through very credible sources that [Louis] Farrakhan is on the CIA payroll. Other have been named as well, but I’m not prepared to identify them yet. Farrakhan is to coordinate the Blacks and the Muslims to prepare for riots this summer, using any means necessary.”

The recent revelations appeared to complement warnings given by other government insiders, who alleged that Jeremiah Wright, Van Jones, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson were all agent provocateurs whose mission was to inflame racial tensions and spark open conflict in the streets of America.

According to the DHS source, a global economic collapse is coming, which the Obama administration is well aware of. They wish to build a system of global governance from the ashes of the previous financial system. In order for this mission to be completed, the Obama administration needs more time at the helm of power. Their reasons for concern are justified; as recently as May 8, influential political prognosticator Dick Morris predicted a Romney landslide if the election were held today.

The planned re-election of Obama, revolutionary style

[…] Obama administration, including his czars and his closest Progressive supporters, are planning a manufactured insurgency against America, using the media to garner both sympathy and support for his unfinished goals

See also: Meet Soros-Funded Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Whose ‘Job’ Is Terrorizing Bloggers Into Silence

Brett Kimberlin Blog-Roll Roll-Call

Bloggers Beware – A Cautionary Tale

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  4. Freedom, by the way says:

    You got a pingback from Michelle Malkin’s blog–excellent, my friend.

    Many of us see the real potential for a man-made (make that administration-generated) catstrophe designed to sink the flame of freedom and make citizens fall to their knees begging for Uncle Sam to come to the rescue. We need to be prepared. Not just prepared with daily needs, but we must prepare our hearts and minds to not become sheep, dependent upon a government. Funny,growing up, and really until about 15 years ago, I always took our freedoms for granted. But as they are eroding, I understand how precious they are and it sickens me that so many Americans are not upset about what is happening. Our constitutional freedoms are not an (R) or (D) issue. Every elected official must answer for their votes that rip our freedoms away But every American should see that the Obama administration is working more rapidly than any previous administration to make our rights null and void.

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