Courtesy of Tom & Dave, I’ve received an advance copy, perhaps the only advance copy, of this year’s Socialist Party … uh, Democrat Party … National Convention schedule, beaming into your living rooms this fall from downtown Charlotte via the Party’s media auxiliaries ABC (Always Bashing Conservatives), NBC (Never Bashing Communists), and CBS (Crowning Barry Sovereign):

4:00 PM   Opening Flag Burning Ceremony
4:05 PM   Singing of “God Damn America” led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright
4:10 PM   Pledge of Allegiance to Obama
4:15 PM   Ceremonial ‘I Hate America’ led by Michelle Obama
4:30 PM   Tips on Dodging Sniper Fire, Hillary Clinton
4:45 PM   Al Sharpton Leads Castrati Choir in Singing, “Great Balls of Fire”
5:00 PM   UFO Abduction Survival, Joe Biden
5:30 PM   Eliot Spitzer Speaks on “Family Values” via Satellite
5:45 PM   Tribute to All 57 States
6:00 PM   Joe Biden Delivers 100,000-Word Speech Featuring 23-Minute
Question and 2-Hour Answer
8:30 PM   Airing of Grievances by the Clintons
9:00 PM   Bill Clinton Delivers Rousing Endorsement of Obama Girl
9:15 PM    Tribute Film to Freedom Fighters at Gitmo, Michael Moore
9:45 PM    Personal Finance Seminar, Charlie Rangel
10:00 PM  Denunciation of Bitter Gun Owners, Rosie O’Donnell
10:30 PM  Ceremonial Waving of White Flag for Iraq & Afghanistan
11:00 PM  Obama Energy Plan Symposium/Tire Gauge Demonstration
11:15 PM  Free Gov. Blagojevich rally
11:30 PM   Obama Accepts Tony and Latin Grammy Awards
11:45 PM   Feeding of the Delegates with 5 Loaves and 2 Fish , Obama Presiding
12:00 AM   Official Nomination of Obama by Bill Maher
12:01 AM   Obama Accepts Nomination as Lord and Savior
12:05 AM   Celestial Choirs Sing
3:00 AM   Biden Delivers Acceptance Speech

Note: There is one omission in the list above: Memorial recognition of
Obama’s surrogate son, Trayvon, will be in conjunction with the 12:05
AM event.

OPTION: Closing with a “Declaration of War” on the rich; to be decided
just before the Convention. Mitt Romney will be declared “Public Enemy
Number One.”

See: Crank Up The Left-Wing Propaganda Machine, Here Comes Obama

About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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13 Responses to Unconventional

  1. boudicabpi says:

    Reblogged this on Boudica BPI Weblog and commented:
    This is great!

    • Bob Mack says:

      Thanks, BOB. I hear Letterman is gonna warm up the crowd for the Big Red One & then Oprah is gonna give away copies of her new recipe book “Soak The Rich Before Cooking” to the delegates. Should be lots of fun.

  2. AFVET says:

    Bob,…you may want to clean your head out with this.
    Many family members contributed stories of the fallen on Memorial Day.
    Worth a read,
    A lot of history is there, you may enjoy reading it.
    Many Patriots exist among us.

  3. Now, if the Republicans could only show that much organization and unity of purpose we might be able to throw those bums out. 🙂

    • Bob Mack says:

      With that cast of unsavories that the Dems always run out there, I’m eternally baffled as to how they get anybody to ever vote for ’em.

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  6. bunkerville says:

    I think that should about cover it! 🙂

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