Sinking Into The Red

“If I were a U.S. citizen, I’d vote for Obama for president…what we want [is] the power of emancipation through socialism.” — Mariela Castro


Citizen or not, if it’s up to Eric Holder and Obama’s Department of Injustice, the daughter of Fidel’s little Red brother will be able to vote, at least in Florida:

The U.S. Justice Department wants Florida authorities to stop their pursuit of voters who may be ineligible to cast a ballot.

In a move that comes just months before the state could play a pivotal role in the 2012 presidential election, the federal agency contends that the state is violating federal law in its effort to identify and remove ineligible voters.

Apparently, the only voters that Obama, Holder, and their misbegotten minions want to purge from the rolls are members and former members of the United States Armed Forces, a group that favors Mitt Romney by 24 points:

Members of the U.S. military and their families who were stationed overseas during the 2010 elections were disfranchised at an alarmingly high rate, according to a new report released today by the Military Voter Protection Project … The report also details other errors and egregious mistakes made by the Justice Department, which is charged with enforcing compliance with these federal requirements.

Mariela Castro is Cuban and communist. If she was American, she’d be a Democrat:

“It used to be that we had to run our own candidates for public office,” recounted Sam Webb, chairman of the Communist Party USA. “In recent years, though, we’ve found a huge overlap with many of the candidates running on the Democratic ticket. Of these, President Obama is the best of the lot … This doesn’t mean we are totally satisfied with everything he has done in his first term. The airwaves haven’t yet been cleared of fascist propaganda. Capitalists are still allowed to profiteer from meeting human needs. And property has not been fully collectivized. But we see signs of progress in all these areas and are confident that a second term will bring significant breakthroughs on all fronts.”

Translation: four more years of Obama, and the United States is toast.  Americans take heed.  As a real president once said:

“Don’t be afraid to see what you see.” —  Ronald Reagan

See: More than half of living Medal of Honor Recipients have endorsed Romney

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Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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14 Responses to Sinking Into The Red

  1. Heaven forbid we have voter IDs or remove the dead and the illegals from the list of registered voters. We would all be racists if we supported such actions. GO FLORIDA!!

  2. Grumpy says:

    COF– I dropped by a liberals website today, just to give a hard time. Found out the Florida Progressive Coalition website which at one time boasted 70 progressive bloggers packed it in a few days ago– The site owner said the only way he could content was if he was able to start paying for it– Less than 5 months before a presidential election. 67 listed contributors and nobody wants to write..

    • Bob Mack says:

      Too bad they don’t all close up shop, GRUMPY. Here’s one to curl yer toenails:

      Democrats force unionization on private daycare owners through egregious bill

      It is one of the most egregious bills that Massachusetts Democrats have brought under Governor Patrick’s reign, this one is unconscionable – a bill that forces private daycare owners to be unionized as state employees if they accept state vouchers. The bill passed the House today and will now move its way on to the Senate. It will most likely pass and private daycare owners will not only be no longer ‘private’ but they will be forced to be represented by a union; have union dues taken from them by the state; and have to abide by union rules …

      The SEIU seems to be the biggest culprit in this forced daycare unionization scheme. Democrats have also passed a similar bill in Connecticut. The SEIU has gone so far as to claim that people who take care of their own disabled children in their homes are state employees and therefore must be unionized and pay dues (which are taken out of the Medicaid checks for the disabled child). With union membership down below 12% in the total workforce, it seems unions like the SEIU are now so desperate they will forcibly take money from anyone they can have Democrats force to give it up.

    • That’s great news, Grumpy!

  3. Freedom, by the way says:

    How can anyone trust the validty or the voting process when our own DOJ tries to thwart efforts to eliminate voter fraud? This is another foray into the twilight zone.

    • AFVET says:

      It’s no longer the Twilight Zone.
      It’s right there in front of our eyes.
      Remedy ? Dump the administration.
      Holder will go away, unless he is imprisoned.
      I would like to see the whole lot go to prison in the FEMA camps that they propose.
      What a hoot that would be !

    • Bob Mack says:

      FREE, in Obama’s case, it’s a foray into the Red Zone.

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  5. If only the mainstream media would broadcast far and wide those words from Mariela Castro, more Americans would wake up!

    • Bob Mack says:

      I dunno, AOW. When I see polls that measure Obama’s approval at 48%, I’ve gotta wonder if our fellow citizens have any sense left at all.

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