Sweating Your Fair Share

The guilt-tripping airheads who write for the New York Times ask:

Is it a good goal for everyone in the world to have access to air-conditioning — like clean water or the Internet? Or is it an unsustainable luxury, which air-conditioned societies should be giving up or rationing?

 The only thing unsustainable in modern times is the insufferable arrogance of the Left, whose card-carrying members actually believe they should set ‘goals’ for everyone on the planet.  Internet access for humankind?  Universal air-conditioning?  This is the kind of ‘chicken-in-every-pot’ blather which bombastic stump speakers employed to try and bamboozle back-country rubes a hundred years ago. But it’s the progressive way — invent an injustice, then offer a solution which only government can implement.  It’s also a non-refundable ticket to totalitarianism, but that’s never bothered any Leftist worth his fair-minded salt.

Altruism did not invent the  air conditioner — nor the automobile, airplane, personal computer, or any of our other modern conveniences. These things were invented by free men, manufactured for profit by businessmen and their investors, and offered finally for sale in the marketplace where they were obtained by others using the income they’d earned from the sale of their labor or the return on their own investments. That’s the system under which we Americans live and under which most of us thrive, at least we did up until the advent of Obama. The system is called capitalism, and not a one of the world’s sweltering poor is entitled to its bounty merely because they happen to inhabit the same planet as its practitioners. But the socialist would always have you believe that one plus one equals three. Access to clean water is morally equivalent to surfing the Web or air-conditioning a Third World hovel. The socialist insists that wealth be redistributed and everyone receive his share, earned or not, until all humans are equally happy, or, as the case may be, equally miserable. All right then. The sweaty souls of the world are waiting. I suggest that the good people at the Times begin by giving away their own air conditioners this July.  After all, it’s only fair.

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About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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16 Responses to Sweating Your Fair Share

  1. AFVET says:

    Right, let the NYT shut down the AC this summer.
    Let them turn the heat off this winter.
    It’s only fair.
    Just look at the cost to heat and cool their offices.
    A bit of sacrifice wouldn’t hurt them in the least.

    • Bob Mack says:

      As usual, the pinheads babble away about the plight of the great unwashed. It makes them feel good. But give up their own creature comforts? Not in this lifetime.

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  3. Sounds like someone has been listening to the turds at Rio +20. I went without air conditioning until I got job after college. Nobody owed it to me.

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  5. There was no air conditioning when I was a kid! We left the windows open to let the night air in. The NYT writers must be still wet benign the ears if they think its a right because Americans now have air conditioners. It is a brilliant invention that makes our lives more comfortable if we want to PAY for it. And the word is PAY not entitled. You don’t want to pay you can just sweat! Many people still don’t have air conditioners because it’s expensive to run and they don’t want to pay for it. It’s not that they can’t they choose not to. It’s called freedom!

    • Bob Mack says:

      It’s just another leftist scam, JOANNE. They don’t really want to cool the hovels in Africa or Latin America. What they want is to control the lives of American citizens. Any time a lefty starts to whine about “the children”, “fairness”, “the environment”, “global warming”, ad nauseum, what they’re really talking about is instituting socialism. Other than a few misguided idealists, no Lefty will ever give up his air conditioner, laptop, cell phone, etc., etc. — he wants to be comfortable, you see, while he plots Revolution.

  6. righthook38 says:

    We didn’t have air conditioning for years when I was growing up. My parents had the coolest room in the house, with a great evening breeze, so we’d sleep on the floor in their room on the hot nights. In our late teen years, we were thrilled to finally get a/c, but certainly never felt entitled. Now, my husband and I have a 100+ year old Victorian, and we only have a/c upstairs. It cools the downstairs just enough to keep the humidity fairly low, and that’s fine. We live with it, because we don’t want a huge bill every month. Same thing in the winter….we choose to keep the heat low because it’s a poorly insulated 3800 sq house, and we don’t want a $400 heat bill every month. So we choose to wear sweatshirts and use extra covers at night….imagine that! We’re such poor depraved souls….ugh.

    I’m so sick of this fair share, woe is me, mentality…this country is going to h*** in a hand basket.

    • Bob Mack says:

      RH, they want to control your food, your energy, your environment, the education of your children … you name it, and they want it. And, of course, they want to take away everybody’s guns just in case we decide we don’t want them controlling all that stuff. Hmm … could it be that’s what Fast & Furious was really about?

      • righthook38 says:

        So I guess that’s going to be the EPA’s next agenda item, right? Restricting the a/c in our homes?

        • Bob Mack says:

          They’ve already started doing it via the “Smart Grid” … a few other things I forgot: they regulate your shower heads, the amount of water you can use to flush, and of course, the kinds of light bulbs you must use. They can take your property via Eminent Domain, and the Death Tax, and your income through taxation. And this is the Land of the Free?

        • righthook38 says:

          Yes, that’s very true. But a lot of people don’t see it as the government trying to have more control over you….they take it at face value as the government “trying to protect the environment”.

        • Bob Mack says:

          Don’t know if you saw this when I linked the other day, but it’s worth a read: Going Deep: “It’s Entirely Possible That Nowhere in North America is a Safe Redoubt”

          … the character of the American people – by and large – is one that reflexively defers to authority – willingly, worshipfully. That happily submits to the most despicable degradation if it will “keep them safe.” And which never fails to speak in terms of we.

          So, where do the rest of us – the remnant that still believes in I – go to get away from we?

          That, friends, is the question of our time.

        • righthook38 says:

          Interesting article. Thanks for sharing. Scary thought..government’s hands are in everything. Our church just bought a new electronic sign, and our pastor said the city has an ordinance that any electronic message has to remain up for 5 minutes before it changes. We also cannot use any rolling or flashing words or numbers. Seriously? The city has nothing better to do with its time than to regulate electronic signs on someone’s private property?

        • No. The next agenda of the EPA is to get use of those drones they are trying to so call use for policing each state. Then they can see if your using your water sprinkler or peeing in the pond! I wrote my governor and told him its against the 4th amendment and our constitution. Obama can then put missels on them and blow us up like there doing in Yemmen. You can be on his hit list. Obama makes up his own laws and the hell with that old constitution. He refuses to uphold our immergration laws and basically told Arizona today screw you we are not getting rid of any illegals that come into your state. He needs to be impeached but the congress doesn’t have enough balls to do it and he knows it.

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