Obama Demilitarizes The Military

UPDATE: A Bad Day For America – Obamacare Ruled Constitutional

“This decision goes against the very principle that America has a federal government of limited powers; a principle that the Founding Fathers clearly wrote into the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. The Constitution was meant to restrict the power of government precisely for the purpose of protecting your liberty and mine from the overreaching hand of the federal government.

This unprecedented decision says that Congress has the authority to force citizens to buy private goods or face fines — a power it has never had in American history, and a power King George III and Parliament didn’t have over us when we were mere subjects of Great Britain. Since the federal government itself could never articulate to the court a constitutional limit to this power, Congress has gained an unlimited power to force citizens to buy anything.” — Ken Cuccinelli, Attorney General, Virginia

The individual mandate provision of Obamacare was a Bait and Switch from the gitgo —  advertised as a penalty, sold as a tax.  Which, except in scale, makes Barack Obama and the Democrats no different from any other sleazy merchants that make a living by defrauding their customers.

At least the High Court is consistent. Since it ruled that lying about the healthcare mandate was okay, it also determined that an individual’s right to lie about his military service was  constitutional as well.  The Stolen Valor Act was invalidated, meaning that every fraudulent Rambo-wannabe in America is now free to cover his chest with unearned medals.  After all, it’s his First Amendment right.


Well, grab your sergeant and dosey-do. Barack Obama has ordered the armed forces  to not only tolerate but to celebrate perversity:

For the first time in the history of the U.S. military, the Pentagon auditorium on Tuesday was the setting for a celebration of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transexuality that included short addresses by the commander and chief and the defense secretary via video.

In the message, Obama praises lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans as “unsung heroes.”

Only in the dysfunctional mind of this most curious of presidents could sodomy be considered a “heroic” act, especially if it’s not even being performed under enemy fire — and scraping your lips on the bristly cheeks of your freshly liberated top sergeant in the Orderly Room doesn’t count. Of course, the Commander-In-Chief is not all about diversity. When he’s not busy canonizing homosexuals, he’s industriously whittling away at the hardware the nation needs to defend itself:

  • Two senior leaders of the House Armed Services Committee this week criticized President Obama’s forthcoming plan to seek deeper cuts in strategic nuclear warheads, calling a Pentagon study on the matter “unilateral disarmament.”

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon and Rep. Michael Turner, chairman of the strategic forces subcommittee, made the comments in response to a report in the Free Beacon disclosing that the president has decided to seek a deployed strategic warhead goal of as few as 1,000 warheads under the Nuclear Posture Review implementation study.

“While Iran, North Korea, India, Pakistan, Russia and China remain committed to nuclear weapons, and in some cases are expanding and modernizing them, this president has thus far succeeded in only reducing the nuclear arms of one country: the United States.”

The Spirit of the Bayonet is long gone, at least when it comes to radical Islam:

  • The U.S. military is guilty of political correctness toward domestic Islamic terror, according to a congressional report made public Wednesday that concludes al Qaeda is using U.S.-based Muslim radicals to plan mass casualty attacks.

The Obama administration “chose political correctness over accurately labeling and identifying certain terrorist attacks appropriately … Based on the hearings on the domestic Islamist terror threat, the committee concluded that radicalization of American Muslims remains “a real and serious homeland security threat.” The report also found that Muslims in the United States are not cooperating enough with law enforcement in countering the threat. Significantly, the report stated that the U.S. government needs to “confront the Islamist ideology driving radicalization.” (Military hit for correctness)

While Obama downsizes our Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines, and forces formerly rough and ready non-coms to train in pregnancy simulators, the increasingly belligerent Mullahs of Iran are preparing to send a naval flotilla into the Atlantic:

On July 19 [Navy Commander Habibollah] Sayyari announced … the Iranian Navy plans to move vessels into the Atlantic Ocean to start a naval buildup “near maritime borders of the United States”.

“Like the arrogant powers that are present near our marine borders, we will also have a powerful presence close to the American marine borders,” Sayyari said.

And construction of an Iranian long-range missile base in Venezuela apparently continues apace:

An article from the May 2011 Jerusalem Post reports Tehran is building intermediate-range missile launch pads at a base on the Paraguaná Peninsula in Venezuela (via Die Welt).

The J-Post says the Revolutionary Guard-controlled engineering group Khatam al-Anbia is helping build the site said, that will include missile defenses, special forces units, and control stations.

Iran’s oil revenue is reportedly going to the construction of bunkers, watch towers, barracks, and 65 foot deep rocket silos.

The article points out that the base will allow Tehran to conduct missile strikes at “Iran’s enemies” if Iran is attacked.

From Caracas to Miami is about 1,300 miles, maybe a couple hundred more than from the Peninsula — possibly within the range of Iran’s Ashoura medium-range ballistic missile that can cover a distance of over 1,200 miles.

Well, okay, but how’s Obama’s vaunted “reset” with Russia working out?

Russian strategic nuclear bombers threatened U.S. airspace near Alaska earlier this month and F-15 jets responded by intercepting the aircraft taking part in large-scale arctic war games, according to defense officials … U.S. officials said the arctic exercises over the Russian Far East and Pacific appeared to be a further sign of Russia’s hardening posture toward the United States.

The Obama administration made no protest of the bomber intrusions, according to the officials, in line with its conciliatory “reset” policy of seeking warmer ties with Moscow.(The Bear at the Door | Washington Free Beacon)

No one’s afraid of a toothless tiger … and our own president is the one who’s pulling our teeth.

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About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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13 Responses to Obama Demilitarizes The Military

  1. The official dessert of the US military is now an Oreo with rainbow colored filling. Where the hell is the Pentagon? Where the hell are the Tea Party Republicans?

    The Iranians are in fact building missile silos here on the north coast. One of my step sons informed me yesterday that Irani ships are unloading containers on the shore of Paraquana´and they are not going through normal customs inspections. The rumor is that they are full of missile parts. But Hugo and Barry are buddies, so no worries.

  2. muse1876 says:

    Obastard is making America the laughing stock of the world. He is so obvious to some but not all. We need to waken them up before we are all bowing down.

  3. Bob Mack says:

    From an e-mail by Eric Erickson at RedState:

    As you have no doubt heard by now, the Supreme Court largely upheld Obamacare with Chief Justice John Roberts writing the majority 5 to 4 decision. Even Justice Kennedy called for the whole law to be thrown out, but John Roberts saved it.

    Having gone through the opinion, I am not going to beat up on John Roberts. I am disappointed, but I want to make a few points. John Roberts is playing at a different game than the rest of us. We’re on poker. He’s on chess.

    First, I get the strong sense from a few anecdotal stories about Roberts over the past few months and the way he has written this opinion that he very, very much was concerned about keeping the Supreme Court above the partisan fray and damaging the reputation of the Court long term. It seems to me the left was smart to make a full frontal assault on the Court as it persuaded Roberts.

    Second, in writing his opinion, Roberts forces everyone to deal with the issue as a political, not a legal issue. In the past twenty years, Republicans have punted a number of issues to the Supreme Court asking the Court to save us from ourselves. They can’t do that with Roberts. They tried with McCain-Feingold, which was originally upheld. This case is a timely reminder to the GOP that five votes are not a sure thing.

    Third, while Roberts has expanded the taxation power, which I don’t really think is a massive expansion from what it was, Roberts has curtailed the commerce clause as an avenue for Congressional overreach. In so doing, he has affirmed the Democrats are massive taxers. In fact, I would argue that this may prevent future mandates in that no one is going to go around campaigning on new massive tax increases. On the upside, I guess we can tax the hell out of abortion now. Likewise, in a 7 to 2 decision, the Court shows a strong majority still recognize the concept of federalism and the restrains of Congress in forcing states to adhere to the whims of the federal government.

    Fourth, in forcing us to deal with this politically, the Democrats are going to have a hard time running to November claiming the American people need to vote for them to preserve Obamacare. It remains deeply, deeply unpopular with the American people. If they want to make a vote for them a vote for keeping a massive tax increase, let them try.

    Fifth, the decision totally removes a growing left-wing talking point that suddenly they must vote for Obama because of judges. The Supreme Court as a November issue for the left is gone. For the right? That sound you hear is the marching of libertarians into Camp Romney, with noses held, knowing that the libertarian and conservative coalitions must unite to defeat Obama and Obamacare.

    Finally, while I am not down on John Roberts like many of you are today, i will be very down on Congressional Republicans if they do not now try to shut down the individual mandate. Force the Democrats on the record about the mandate. Defund Obamacare. This now, by necessity, is a political fight and the GOP sure as hell should fight.

    60% of Americans agree with them on the issue. And guess what? The Democrats have been saying for a while that individual pieces of Obamacare are quite popular. With John Roberts’ opinion, the repeal fight takes place on GOP turf, not Democrat turf. The all or nothing repeal has always been better ground for the GOP and now John Roberts has forced everyone onto that ground.

    It seems very, very clear to me in reviewing John Roberts’ decision that he is playing a much longer game than us and can afford to with a life tenure. And he probably just handed Mitt Romney the White House.

    *A friend points out one other thing — go back to 2009. Olympia Snowe was the deciding vote to get Obamacare out of the Senate Committee. Had she voted no, we’d not be here now.

    • Freedom, by the way says:

      We can’t forget Snowe, can we? We shouldn’t. Funny how the ruinization of a nation often comes down to just a handful of people.

    • AFVET says:

      I tend to agree with Erickson.
      This could have been a major chess play.
      Romney said it today very simply, to remove Obamacare, you have to remove Obama.
      Robert’s decision on the surface may have seemed sleazy, but in the long run it may have been an intuitive move.
      We have to keep the house, take the senate, and elect Romney.
      The fact that Obama repeatedly declared that elements of Obamacare was not a tax has just been dashed by Roberts.
      Again Obama is a liar, on tape, repeatedly.

  4. Bob Mack says:

    Rush Limbaugh:

    “So Obamacare is nothing more than the largest tax increase in the history of the world. And the people who were characterizing it as such were right and were telling the truth. We have the biggest tax increase in the history of the world right in the middle of one of this country’s worst recessions. In fact, as the vice president said yesterday, a depression for millions of Americans. The chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, John Roberts, said, ‘It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.’ Not our job.”

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  6. Freedom, by the way says:

    The Supreme Court handed congress a great big gift–the abililty to tax you for not doing something they want you to do.
    And regarding Obama’s praise to the LGBT military calling them unsung heroes–why are they anymore unsung that any of the rest of them? I cannot for the life of me figure out why the LGBT community insists they want equal treatment when they DON’T want equal treatment, they want special treatment. I don’t get special treatment because I’m white, a woman, a mom, a Christian or a heterosexual. What’s so special about them?

    • AFVET says:

      Whether the SCOTUS did it on purpose or by blind ignorance, they just handed Romney the presidency. IMO

    • Bob Mack says:

      The only thing special about the LGBT gang, FREE, is their predilection for indulging in unnatural behavior — and that’s nothing to celebrate. They do, however, have one of the finest PR departments in all of human history.

  7. Bob Mack says:

    Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh in the CFP:

    I am so sad because I now have to live again in a communist state similar to that which I had fled from decades ago. I will be subjected to the horrors of socialized medicine again. I have experienced it firsthand and I know what it does to people, but I was outvoted by millions of ignorant Americans and useful idiots.

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