Barack And Roll: A Tiresome Campaigner

“It is understandable President Obama would not want to run on his record. Who would? ‘Give me four more years so I can make up for the first four’ is not the stuff of campaign slogan greatness.” — Derek Hunter (Our Disgraceful President)

“I hope the real revolutionaries understand well. I think that Barack Obama is a good guy.” — Hugo Chavez

The Oldies Tour. It’s the fate of the less-than-great once they pass their primes — performing the same tired old numbers to dwindling audiences in progressively smaller and shabbier venues, the crowds restive, wondering why they’d ever listened in the first place, the swooning groupies now a tiny band of aging loyalists, triceps jiggling flaccidly to gravity’s pull as they applaud yet another tiresome and derivative riff by the man who cavorts on the stage.

It’s Barack Obama 2012, Mr. Hope and Change on the road again, lip-synching his thinly-veiled Marxist rhetoric six days a week in high school auditoriums, bar rooms, and farmer’s markets, any place that will have him. And on the seventh day he golfs.

Well, why not? After all, come Monday, he doesn’t need to hit the bricks like millions of his countrymen in search of gigs that aren’t there — he won’t have to do that until January.  And maybe not then if he can convince enough people in the meantime that the critics who say he can’t sing a lick just don’t like his kind of music. But that’s not gonna be easy as long as he’s screaming inane lyrics like this:

“If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

 All the socialists are singing the same dissonant tune. Makes you wonder who’s writing their words.

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Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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16 Responses to Barack And Roll: A Tiresome Campaigner

  1. Bunkerville says:

    Apparently the problem is Obama has not told a good enough story, or rather we are too dumb to appreciate him, so he says.

  2. Bob Mack says:

    And Obama knows dumb like he knows … well … the back of his hand:

    In the ever-growing roster of Barack Obama’s ignorant statements about how business works, about how America works, about the reality of our nation today, Obama’s pronouncements Saturday in Virginia probably will put the notion that Cambridge cops “acted stupidly” and that the “private sector is doing fine” into the second tier of rhetorical lunacy.

    In chiding and insulting the rich, telling them that they “didn’t get there on (their) own,” the President has moved the economic debate as framed by his campaign and his Presidency to a new kindergarten intellectual low. It really takes talent to shoehorn this much ignorance and hate and misplaced anger into such few words

    ‘Somebody else made that happen’

    • AFVET says:

      Keep in mind that Obama was elected by the ignorant blind fools that believed him in 2007.
      He’s doing the same thing again this time, preaching to the ignorant.
      I hope and pray that it will not work this time.
      Romney had better take the gloves off and go after this guy.
      Hell, he’s already on the ropes.
      Mitt has said that Obama is “a nice guy” .
      Hey Mittens,…he is a thug, and he will destroy you.
      Romney had better grow some balls, or this Country is lost.

      • muse1876 says:

        AFVET, Yes Romney needs to grow some balls. He is preaching to his own people. Why should anyone start a business in this country? They won’t they will go over seas. He is about spreading the wealth, but not his own. If the left is so far and want everyone has the same stuff, why don’t they get off their arses and give it away? Could be they know the more they give the them the easier they are to control. The wealthy people already leaving this country. Soon all that will be left is the freebie getters then what? Hope they like crumbs the liberals left to them.

        • Bob Mack says:

          Only in the atrophied world of the socialist could Romney’s stint at Bain be considered a negative; meanwhile, Obama’s Alinskyite community organizing stint with ACORN has seemingly been erased from the public record.

    • Bunkerville says:

      I heard he was off the prompter. The truth comes out. Bet it is the last time.

      • Bob Mack says:

        From Ulsterman: Barack Obama Suffers From “Presidential Shrinkage”

        The most telling moment of the campaign this week was not Mitt Romney or Joe Biden’s speech to the NAACP convention, but President Obama’s Tuesday appearance in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Nor was it the content of Obama’s message that made his utterances noteworthy. It was the small venue: yet another community college. Now, Kirkwood Community College is no doubt a fine place, but Sports Authority Field at Mile High it is not. And one is unlikely to come across a better indicator of presidential shrinkage.

        The White House took desperate pains to note that the president talked to an “overflow crowd.” What it did not mention was that an overflow crowd in a community college gym could not fill the seats in, say, the OSU stadium. There was a time when Obama regaled audiences of 30,000, 75,000, 80,000 people. Now he speaks to true believers at high schools. By the end of the campaign he may well find himself, like Spinal Tap, playing to a threadbare crowd at Themeland Amusement Park in Stockton, California (a city which, fittingly enough, is bankrupt). The sign outside: “PUPPET SHOW AND PRESIDENT OBAMA.” …

  3. Sherry says:

    And this is the day the marxists, pinkos, progressives and red whomsoevers have groomed American schoolchildren, now adults, for. So they don’t realize that they are idolizing and/or believing in those who are stuck on stupid.

  4. muse1876 says:

    What does he know about “birthing” a company? All he knows are lies, deception and more lies. If his grades were made public, I think we would not be surprised that he is a real idiot, and someone bought his grades and law license. Which he gave up. Afraid to face the music just like his moose did.

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  6. Obama never had to work for anything in his life so he thinks that is how all successful people made it. He is going down in November. I can feel it. November will be our first victory. But, the war will require that we win several more.

    • Bob Mack says:

      I think a tsunami’s about to wash Obama & his henchmen away. Then again, I could not have imagined in 2008 that voters would possibly elect a radical with the middle name “Hussein” to the office of president.

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