Yankee ‘Doodle’ Dandy

“Sometimes when I’m in a big important international meeting and you see me writing stuff down it might be that I’m just drawing some folks.” — Barack Obama (Obama Doodles During “Important International Meetings”)

President “Doodles” continued his re-election campaign in Cincinnati on Monday — appropriately enough, the home of the Reds — where he met with none other than former mayor and current t.v. sleazemeister Jerry Springer, another ‘progressive’ Democrat who’s made a career of shameless exploitation.  Springer is still possessed, four years after he should have learned better, of the infamous Chris Matthews ‘tingle’:

[Obama’s] “so competent and so smart, I just don’t see why we wouldn’t want him for four more years as president.”

Whadda ya mean “we”, Kemosabe?  As Mychal Massie points out:

[Obama’s] record as president resulted in the greatest democrat losses on a state and federal level in 75 years in the 2010 off-year elections. His record is 14-plus percent factual unemployment, 23.2 million persons unemployed and $15.8 trillion deficit that has increased a trillion dollars every year during his presidency. His record as president has resulted in 63 percent of the nation standing adamant in their opinion that he is responsible for the country going in the wrong direction. (If Anyone Is A Criminal, It’s Obama | The Daily Rant: Black Conservative Mychal Massie’s Hard Hitting Commentary on Race, Obama and Politics)

James Lewis at The American Thinker lists a few more reasons:

Obama really is an ideological radical — there’s no honest doubt about it anymore, given his expressed anti-capitalist and anti-constitutionalist views, his solid phalanx of radical associates throughout life, and his repeated assault on everyday Americans.  And while Obama is the most convincing liar since Bill Clinton, he has essentially given up on hiding his radicalism … In his heart of hearts, President O is always enraged at the American people — those bitter clingers — but this time it’s personal.  Gone is the smiling messiah, and in his place we see a persecutory personality, a real witch-hunter who may lose the election but won’t pass up a chance to scourge this country with the whip of righteousness, to tell us what he really thinks.  Under the smiling mask, Obama is Rev. Jerry Wright. (Is Obama Ripping Off the Mask?)

 Then there’s this:

Obama told Democratic leaders he would refuse to entertain any talk about separating $550 billion in defense cuts from the overall $1.2 trillion in across-the-board spending reductions set by law to kick in next year — despite repeated demands from GOP leaders and the Pentagon to do so. (Democrats play hardball on defense cuts, taxes | Times 247)

$550 billion is not a cut, it’s an amputation. Barack Obama is using the national security of the United States as leverage in order to increase taxes. Unconscionable to be sure, but to the committed Marxist the end always justifies the means, and what Obama is after is the end of America as it currently exists, listing so far to the left and so ideologically ossified that he’s even beginning to frighten the Jackasses:

“Democrats in Washington have been horrified by this president’s handling of things for a year-and-a-half now…the top Democrats in the United States Senate have all told me individually, this guy has no idea what he’s doing …” — Joe Scarborough

Similarly, the electorate had no idea what it was doing in 2008 when it installed a Red-ink, progressive doodler as the 44th American president.  It’s time to remedy that grievous error.

See also:

Socialist? Communist? Three Questions for Obama (The American Thinker):

1. Was Obama really a communist when he entered Occidental College, as his former classmate, John Drew, claims and details quite conclusively?

2. Did Obama really join the socialist New Party in the 1990s, as Stanley Kurtz maintains?

3. If yes and yes, then when and why and how did Obama repudiate communism and socialism — assuming he did? Where was the break? Why? When did the conversion happen?

Bill O’Reilly Unleashed: Obama “Could Destroy the Entire Economic Infrastructure of the Country” (Gateway Pundit)

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Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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15 Responses to Yankee ‘Doodle’ Dandy

  1. It’s really getting harder and harder for him to hide the facts about himself, isn’t it?

  2. roxannadanna says:

    That last Joe Scarborough quote reminds me of one that’s attributed to Bush (but not verified) after the ’08 election. He met with Obama right after he won and when he left him and went back to the Oval he told his advisers – “this cat has no clue.”

    No shit! and Bush knew this from the get-go!

    • Bob Mack says:

      Obama and our government have hurt me, not helped me, every step of the way

      I was President Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. Almost every one of my classmates were openly socialist or Marxist, with many of these leftist radicals calling for an end to capitalism and “bringing down the system” by destroying the U.S. economy with entitlements, debt, and crisis.

      That’s why I have predicted in thousands of media interviews from the first days of Obama’s presidency that Obama is a radical, with a deep-seated hatred of business owners, a desire to demonize us and destroy America’s faith in capitalism, and a plan to bring down the system by overwhelming our economy with debt and crisis … Either he’s a Marxist hell bent on demonizing wealthy business owners and destroying capitalism, or perhaps he’s high on that drug he enjoyed so much in his youthful days …

      Obama has a point. Government is always there by my side — stealing my money, robbing me blind, redistributing what I earned into the hands of people not willing to work as hard or as smart as me, distracting me with thousands of pages of regulations, limiting my options, wiping out jobs and destroying shareholder value.

      Government isn’t a savior or saint. Government is the Mafia. They are organized crime with the weight of the law behind them. And under Obama, they are hell bent on turning public sentiment against all of us who own businesses, destroying America’s belief in capitalism, and redistributing our incomes until our businesses are crippled, or out of business. Then government is our only place to turn. That much is now clear after a 48-hour rampage by our president.

      If we are to save this economy, capitalism, our jobs, and this country…one thing is crystal clear — Obama must go.

    • AFVET says:

      That’s why we have to stay away from the bushes. 🙂

  3. Bob Mack says:

    Obama’s Kulak Speech

    […] As his campaign may grow increasingly desperate you wouldn’t be blamed for asking just how uncivil his speech may become. If it causes the sacking of Main Streets across the country will he back down? I don’t believe he will. I think it’s the goal. As I listened to his audience react when he called out the capitalist enemy it gave me a chill. These people are waiting for the “go” order.

    […] The Bolsheviks weren’t much evolved beyond smoke signals and still bloodily eliminated the Kulaks. Forward to the 1990s and examine the power of radio in Rwanda. When a leader took to the airwaves and granted permission to even scores and estimated 800-thousand people were hacked to pieces. Obama is preparing for something on a much grander scale. The pending conflict will combine the Bolsheviks forced famines and Rwanda with Kristallnacht and the Cultural Revolution. When even smoke signals are controlled by government how will people in Delaware have a clue about what’s going on in Arizona much less in neighboring Maryland and Virginia?

  4. He apparently began practicing his doodling skills as a young man. Starting with his birth certificate and a dozen or so Social Security cards.

  5. Bob Mack says:

    […] Barack Obama has never held a job in private business, or met a payroll, in his life. Worse of all, Obama and his Marxist cronies consider PROFIT to be evil, greedy and inhuman. Yet he gladly rakes in hundreds of millions from donors who get their money as a result of profit in private businesses.

    Question: How in the hell did America elect this left wing malcontent to the Presidency?

    Obama: America Is Great Because of Government Bureaucrats, Regulations, and Taxes!

  6. Bob Mack says:

    […] there is a broad segment of society that will swallow anything President Obama or his lackeys say without hesitation, like fish gulping flakes of food showered on their heads.

    This attitude manifests itself not only as a lack of curiosity, but also as outright disdain for anything beyond the bounds of what is already believed by these people. Just try challenging a liberal and time how long it is before they’re calling you Hitler.

    The odd thing is, I’m not certain this love of ignorance is confined to our own country. In fact, it seems to be manifesting itself on a global scale.

    Take the current example of Egypt. With the help of Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood has successfully elected one of their own to the presidency — another matter Obama’s followers won’t ask questions about.

    Barely in power, the Brotherhood is already entertaining suggestions that it should destroy the pyramids.

    Everyone knows the pyramids, symbols of the most ancient of times. Although they’ve been studied for centuries, they and other Egyptian monuments still have their secrets, and they have much to teach us.

    The ancient Egyptians at the very least knew techniques of construction that are lost to us modern “geniuses,” so full of ourselves. Their medical knowledge was advanced, and their culture was intricate, highly artistic and sophisticated. And though disputed by “mainstream” scholars, there is evidence that suggests the ancient Egyptians may have even known something of science such as about aerodynamics and electricity.

    Compared to the ancients, the modern Egyptians are little more than yammering barbarians, who thoughtlessly burned museums and plundered or smashed countless artifacts at the drop of a hat.

    To destroy the pyramids would be the crowning achievement of such ignorant savages. And it’s all been encouraged up to this point by the man currently residing in the White House

    those of us who respect learning and rational thought need to demand answers to the many questions surrounding the man seeking to be president for four more years lest we, like the pyramids, find ourselves targeted for obliteration.

    The Pyramids, the President and the De-Evolution of Intelligence

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