“Let’s Save America”

If Paul Revere were alive today, he wouldn’t be warning us that the redcoats are coming — he’d be telling us they’re already here.  And these days, it’s not the crimson coats that identify the enemy — it’s their black totalitarian hearts.

One of this era’s night watchmen is Ulsterman’s White House Insider. WHI, apocryphal or not, has been accurately tolling the alarm bell for some time. Some excerpts from Ulsterman’s latest report:

“We Got One Last Chance Here To Make It Right”

[…] WHI: … I’ll say it to you again and again – Obama ain’t no Democrat. Never was. Never has been. He controls the party…people who think like him…people who placed him in power…they control the party…but they represent something far different than what the party was 20 odd years ago …these Obama people…they are different.  A whole other level.  Never seen anything like it …

… You got no f-cking idea how far these people will go to keep pushin’ this agenda of theirs.  Everything I told you was coming – now it’s here.   The dismantling of the American system.  The drones, the race riots, the promises to other countries…the open borders, the destruction of our domestic energy productions, the Obama government at war with the Catholic Church…the massive inflation that is just perched above us waiting to fall down on all our heads…so much sh-t they got ready to fire at us.  That second term…that’s their moment.  Obamacare, the deficit…cities going under…military cutbacks…I can’t keep track of it all it’s going on so damn fast now.  This election coming up – people better know…they ain’t messing around now.  This is the real f-cking deal right here.  Right now.


UM:  Why haven’t more in the military – why haven’t they come out against this administration?  You’ve told me, the Old Man has told me…the Military Insider hinted at it – that they know this administration is doing wrong.  Why not come out against them?

WHI:  (Long Pause)  If they came out against the president…something like that – an openly public and deliberate move against the president…that would be a crisis.  A domestic crisis of epic f-cking proportions.  That’s now how these kinda things go down kid.   That’s Hollywood bullsh-t stuff – that’s not reality.

The Joint Chiefs…those guys are politicians as much as Obama.  And the ones right under them – they want that next step up, right?  And the administration, they play that card to the hilt.  Same thing with Congress.  I know for a fact there are Senators – Democrats…who are appalled at what the administration is doing.  Appalled at what they are hearing about the character and motivations of this so-called president.  But to come right out against him…Reid won’t have it.  I don’t know what kinda deal was struck between those two devils – Reid and Obama…but Reid has the Senate on lockdown.  And he’s got most of those Democrats in the Senate too damn afraid to say anything – while the rest of them are happy to support the administration because they are cut from that same idiotic socialist progressive cloth as he is – and they think they will get a seat at the big table when all of this shakes out.


You’re askin’ what it will take to defeat Obama?  Defeat the ones around him?  Jarrett?  Holder?  All of them?  It’s gonna take the American people to wake the f-ck up NOW.  It’s getting to be go time here.  August is when the real race is run…all the way to end … This IS the time to pay attention…tell everyone you know…everyone you care about…vote out Obama.  Vote the son-of-a-bitch out.  We got one last chance here to make it right.

we gotta do this together.  All of us.  Every last one of us.  I need your readers help.  I need them to speak out to everyone they know.  Every last person they know.  For the love of God get people motivated to do what’s right this election.  None of us can afford to sit this one out.  None of us.


I’ll promise you this…if Obama is defeated this election… If the American people send him on his way…there is gonna be a whole sh-t pile of information coming out on what was really going on inside that White House of his and Jarrett’s.  People will have the guts to speak out – openly.  And they won’t be alone.  They will be able to do it without the fear that hangs over them now – all of us…how scary sh-t is right now.

And when all that truth starts to come out…people…the ones willing to listen and understand…they are gonna realize just how close the country…how close we were to the darkness.  The future that was gonna be ripped away from their kids and grandkids.  And how their votes against Obama saved America.  How they saved that future.  In the end…like I told you…in the end when the country is in real crisis – it always comes down to the American people to save it … let’s get to it.  Let’s save America.

Anybody who’s ever served time in a combat zone in any era has a first hand familiarity with deadly incompetence and lethal stupidity — most of which emanates from the politicians who sent them there in the first place. Yes-men in uniform are even more common than their civilian counterparts, given their training in blind obedience to orders even if issued by criminals and buffoons.  Historically, American officers have not been particularly susceptible to felonious obsequiousness of this sort, but after nearly four years of rule by Barack Obama, an ominous sea change seems to have taken place in American military thought:

Army Colonel Ignites Firestorm With Article On Crushing A ‘Tea Party Insurgency’

[…] The report describes how the Army will respond to threats “at home and abroad” in the coming two decades and in doing so has made clear that a monumental cultural shift has occurred in the thinking of those at the top levels of military command. This shift has some government watchdogs worried, particularly given that Benson is using the platform provided at Fort Leavenworth to indoctrinate soldiers in his vision of the nature of modern warfare in America. According to the vision articulated by Benson, future warfare will be conducted on our own soil. The military will use its full force against our own citizens. The enemy will be average citizens whose values resonate with those articulated by the tea party.

… Several items of interest are to be noted in the scenario the Army uses to describe the tea party activists — “right wing,” “extremists,” “insurrectionists,” all of whom are lumped together with militias and organizations that are considered “racist” and “anti-immigration.” By contrast, those who oppose the tea party are referred to as “mainstream.”

… repeatedly since the election of Barack Obama in 2009, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has referred to the tea party as “potential homegrown terrorists.”

Why? Not a shred of evidence remotely suggests that the tea party has any connection whatsoever with terrorists. Yet some of President Obama’s closest longtime friends have not only been associated with terrorism but actively participated in it, such as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who as members of the Weathermen from the 1960s and 70s bombed federal buildings that resulted in the deaths of police officers … if one listens to the rhetoric emanating from the White House, DHS, and now the U.S. military, one gets the impression that none of the president’s friends ever posed a threat to the country but hundreds of thousands of tea party activists are ticking time bombs lying in wait to unleash a nuke on an American city at the drop of a hat.

The brainwashing against conservatives by this administration has had a definite impact on the military. One analyst who works for retired U.S. Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely told this reporter that now over half of Pentagon personnel are solidly in Obama’s corner and share his values and world view.

Someone should remind the uniformed Obamunists of the fate of another group that blindly obeyed the diktats of their Leader: the war criminals who mounted the gallows in Nuremberg in 1945.

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About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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25 Responses to “Let’s Save America”

  1. We have to be concerned about Team Obama try to steal the election. Go to real Clear Politics http://www.realclearpolitics.com/ and scroll down and click on their Electoral Map. It shows Obama with a virtual look on 247 electol votes and Romney 191. There are twelve toss-up states. There are various combination that would get Obma to the magic number 270. For example if Obama wins Ohio and New Hampshire, he wins a second term. If any of these swing states are close, Team Obama will do anything necessary to win. If you live in one of these states or know people who do, the Tea Party will need all the support they can get with poll watchers to protect the vote. Team Obma will stop at nothing!

    • Bob Mack says:

      Assuming that their electoral map is accurate … I’m not so sure. I feel an anti-Obama landslide a-coming, but I wonder if that’s just false optimism caused by too much sippin’ whiskey.

      • I’m partial to 18 year old scotch except I can’t afford it anymore

        • Bob Mack says:

          A noble libation …

          An aside — just read this from Dick Morris:

          The Real Poll Numbers

          The media is trying to create a sense of momentum and of inevitability about the Obama candidacy. One benighted Newsweek reporter even speculated about a possible Democratic landslide.

          On Friday, I saw the real numbers. These state-by-state polls, taken by an organization I trust (after forty years of polling) show the real story. The tally is based on more than 600 likely voter interviews in each swing state within the past eight days.

          The trend line is distinctly pro-Romney. Of the thirteen states studied, he improved or Obama slipped in nine states while the reverse happened in only four. To read the media, one would think that Romney had a terrible month. In fact, the exact reverse is true.

          Romney is currently leading in every state McCain carried plus: Indiana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Nevada, North Carolina, and Colorado. If he carries these states, he’ll have 228 electoral votes of the 270 he needs to win.

          To win the election, Romney would then have to carry Florida where he trails by two points, and either Virginia (behind by two) or Ohio where he’s down by only one.

          If he carries all three of these states and also wins all the others where Obama is now at 50% or less – Iowa, New Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey — he will get 351 electoral votes, a landslide about equal to Obama’s 363 vote tally in 2008.

  2. bunkerville says:

    This is going to be a nail biter no doubt, and the losers either way will not accept it IMO.

    • Bob Mack says:

      I don’t know about the nail biter, BUNKER (see Dick Morris excerpt above). But you’re right — if the Big Red One loses, the Leftists will no doubt cause problems, unless he loses so big that there’d be no point.

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  4. Cry and Howl says:

    My thoughts are, if Romney doesn’t win by a landslide he will lose. If Romney doesn’t get serious real soon he’ll lose. If he doesn’t play by the same rules as the Obama team, he will lose. The time for being “nice” has come and gone. When we’re up against people like Reid, Pelosi and Holder to name just a few, does anyone think for a second people like John Boehner has a chance? Pelosi will ‘bitch slap’ Boehner, and Obama is going to ‘bitch slap’ Romney if he doesn’t use the truth forcefully against Obama, and call him out on all the b.s. Obama has been accusing him of. Romney has so much sh#t on Obama this shouldn’t even be as close as it supposedly is right now. He just isn’t serious. Romney has more than enough to send Obama’s ass back to Chicago quickly, the question is, will he use it?

    • AFVET says:

      I agree.
      After Reid antagonized Romney over his tax records, Romney should just call Obama’s bluff.
      You show me your records, and I’ll show you mine.
      Now….Obama didn’t ask Romney for his tax records, Reid did, on the senate floor.
      Obama didn’t accuse Romney of not paying taxes, his henchman did.
      Romney responded to Harry to “put up or shut up”.
      Romney wants to know who called Reid.
      Romney needs to challenge Obama and tell Reid to pound sand.
      Romney has to be careful here, because if he accuses Obama of asking him to release his tax returns, Obama will say that he didn’t say that and Romney is a liar.
      The Chicago machine is ramped up.

  5. TexasFred says:

    “We Got One Last Chance Here To Make It Right” Best line of the entire post!

  6. Bob Mack says:

    A few excerpts from Canada Free Press.

    Obama Reelection Insurrection Imminent

    […] it seems that people have an over-simplistic view of how things are being planned by the people who are most influential to Obama, or by those who are in the position to help Obama stay in office. Their playbook is full of asymmetrical tactics, but suitably transparent if one understands what’s at stake.

    According to my source, it is the very existence of our country and way of life is at stake. Many people who are currently in positions of power, whether elected or appointed, have the same ideological goals of Barack Hussein Obama. Like Obama, they want to transform the country, and will use every tactic possible to do so. They believe that under Obama, they finally have the perfect opportunity to implement the socialism-to-communism agenda in America. They hate, and I mean hate the democratic system of government and loathe capitalism. They are the “red diaper babies” of the 1960’s who have gained power through the very process they seek to destroy.

    They feel that they have lived their entire lives for this time in history, when they can change America on every level. They feel that they need more time, however, to fully achieve their objectives. My source told me that something(s) went “sideways” for Obama, which created the need for more time, or a second term.

    … The militarization of municipal law enforcement agencies within the U.S. has been expedited under the reign of Barack Hussein Obama, implemented by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, and facilitated through bipartisan support of members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives. But, who is the enemy? If you are reading this, chances are good that you are.

    It is important for every American to understand that we are witnessing the end game scenario of a takeover from within.

    Disarming America

    […] It is likely that the shooting at the Sikh temple in suburban Milwaukee yesterday, two weeks after the shooting in Aurora, Colorado will trigger an onslaught of calls by elected officials for “reasonable” gun controls. It is also likely that it will facilitate the implementation of other prohibitions as well, including but not limited to criminalizing any form of critical speech of certain religions perceived to be victimized by discrimination. Indeed, both issues have been on the agenda of Barack Hussein Obama and his globalist cohorts since the 1990s.

    …The elements absent in the Colorado shooting are conveniently present in this shooting, and will likely act as catalysts to redefine and limit our present rights under the facade of reason and tolerance. Despite calls by the very people to avoid exploiting this tragedy for political gain, that process is already in full swing.

    Anyone who cannot see how things are lining up to implement broad, sweeping changes to the freedom and liberty of every American citizen is either blissfully ignorant or a party to the agenda. One has to look no further than the numerous freedom limiting executive orders issued by Obama, the new lexicons of the Department of Homeland Security, and the militarization of municipal police agencies to understand that the enemy of the state is being redefined according to a political agenda dedicated to the destruction of our nation and her people.

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  8. grumpyelder says:

    I think we are going to regret not finishing what we started at the Bay of Pigs– If they aren’t on our side they seem to have a special relationship with uncle Fidel– You’ll find Castro’s fingers in stuff from Chicago to Palestine, Iran. Moscow, Beijing , California, FARC in Columbia, Venezuela and I fairly sure at one point John Kerry’s wallet. Theresa Heinz loves the Kellogg Foundation, those folks and the Castro Brothers are on a first name basis.

  9. cmblake6 says:

    Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    And I’ll take another quote from deeper in this post:
    Anybody who’s ever served time in a combat zone in any era has a first hand familiarity with deadly incompetence and lethal stupidity — most of which emanates from the politicians who sent them there in the first place. Yes-men in uniform are even more common than their civilian counterparts, given their training in blind obedience to orders even if issued by criminals and buffoons. Historically, American officers have not been particularly susceptible to felonious obsequiousness of this sort, but after nearly four years of rule by Barack Obama, an ominous sea change seems to have taken place in American military thought:

    I have a lot of people reading me these days, and this is a good thing. Make this viral!

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  11. Cheryl Pass says:

    Bob…awesome post! I just wish I would hear something encouraging from and about Romney that is as compelling as the necessity of ridding this country of Obama and his fellow communist compatriots. But I don’t. No enthusiasm for Romney around here….just great desire to eradicate the O crowd. It is going to be another vote for the least of the worst, I’m afraid. Will that drive a huge landslide for Romney? I don’t know, but having my doubts. Up above Cry and Howl said, “If Romney doesn’t get serious real soon he’ll lose.” I agree. I don’t know what the hold-up is…or why Romney is just playing milquetoast. He isn’t inspiring people to go for him. His various VP floats are not inspiring to most Tea Party conservatives either. The entire thing is turning into a farce. Of all the times in this nation we needed someone to bring it on and speak truth to corruption it is now. But that is not what we are getting.

    By the way….the part you posted on the military is even more disturbing. Panetta at the Pentagon and Patraeus at CIA being floated for VP…..something smells very very bad with that. So….as much as I want Obama out of there, I am not holding my breath at this point that we will see any great restoration of the Constitution or our nation because of Romney. The communists have already taken over…..it is all one degree of separation.

    Sorry to be pessimistic….but there you have my take.

    • Bob Mack says:

      No enthusiasm for Romney around here….just great desire to eradicate the O crowd.

      Funny, that’s almost exactly what I told TamiJ on Twitter when she asked me which way I thought the vets/troops vote was going to go. Well, like the Chinese say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step — but if the Big Red One & his cohorts are somehow reelected, I think my first step’s gonna be in the direction of Costa Rica (always assuming that I can stay one step ahead of the Progressive Gestapo).

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