Obama’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Politics has always been as dirty a business as, say, emptying overflowing latrine buckets, which probably says as much about the people that tend to be drawn to it as it does about the profession itself.  The difference is that conscientious sanitation specialists are usually careful about what they let splash on them.  Politics, on the other hand, provides us with such as the lifelong dung beetle Harry Reid, the current Senate Majority Leader, a man who has steeped himself so thoroughly in manure that you can hardly tell where the ordure ends and Dirty Harry begins.  As Michael Goodwin puts it:

Let’s stipulate that Harry Reid is pond scum and a political fabulist not fit to be Senate majority leader. But let’s not forget what else he is: a hit man for the Obama campaign.

Of course, the Obama campaign itself is not so much a campaign as it is a slanderous fly-by of incontinent Marxist buzzards hoping that at least some of their fetid droppings will stick somewhere.  So it goes in the modern Democratic Party, spawned as it was under a radical rock in 1972, and nurtured in Red marl ever since. The Jackasses obviously consider feculent mud-slinging as their best chance for survival, especially in presidential politics, given their sorry history of policy failures from Panama to Persia and the unwavering commitment of the Red Hot currently in the White House to replacing the steak on America’s table with Chinese chuck:

An explosive book released today documents how progressive organizations behind White House policy have crafted specific, second-term plans for the federal government to determine the “value” of individual jobs in the private sector instead of allowing employers to pay what they want.

… The current progressive concept of equal pay … would give the government sweeping powers to require employers to compensate workers according to an artificial calculation of a job’s “value” rather than what the private market is willing to pay. Other powers would allow federal bureaucrats to decide which jobs are underpaid and would require employers to raise wages. (Obama’s 2nd-term plans for your paycheck exposed)

This concept, of course, was lifted directly from Karl Marx’s tome of grim fairy tales, Das Kapital, the book of bedtime stories by which red-diapered Bolsheviks like Barack Obama were rocked to sleep in their communal cradles.  But it’s not an idea likely to re-seat the lyin’ Hawaiian in the Oval Office for another four years, especially with the results of his miasmic first term covering the country like the smell of a school of decomposing mackerel. Easier and more appealing it is to have your surrogates launch salvos of scurrilous scuds hoping that the barrage will put your startled opponent on the defensive and delay his firing back at the unscrupulous scoundrel that ordered it:

So they say now in the Huffing and Puffington Post that Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital — way, way back when it was originally founded — was seeded with money from Latin American death squads … Let me ask you a question: What’s the difference in that and the Democrats being underwritten by Planned Parenthood and NARAL? If they’re not death squads, I don’t know what is. (Obama’s Dirty Campaigning Works?)

Hmm … wonder if HuffPo’s story was provided by their newest employee, Alyona Minkovski, the anti-American host on the Kremlin’s English language ‘news’ network?  After all, she’s probably campaigning for Obama too.

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Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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16 Responses to Obama’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

  1. “…which probably says as much about the people that tend to be drawn to it as it does about the profession itself. ”

    Isn’t that a sad commentary. Serving ones country should be a noble act. But, dung beetles are not the most noble of God’s creatures.

  2. The fanatic Democrats ,the far left will use every dirty tricks these day ,but it will do them NO good.l hope you will read my post (the leap yea’s game) outstanding post.

  3. Bob Mack ( really, it is !) says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself……….dirty rotten scoundrels is putting it mildly. All politicians are cut from the same cloth but let’s hope (and pray) that the lesser of two evils takes control of our country for the next four years. Oh, and I can’t help observe prophecy unfolding before our bloodshot eyes.

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  6. Ema Nymton says:


    “Politics has always been as dirty a business …”

    So …

    governor of Massachusetts, +$100 million private IRA, overseas international bank accounts, and no federal income tax access …

    What do you think your lying very close associates at Murdoch Media/Fox Networks would have you make of that, had it been Mr Obama’s name on the signing line???

    Yes the voters of USA can trust OMitt. He is after all a real CONservative.


    Electoral College:

    Obama = 323 Needed to win = 270 Romney = 191


    Pick Paul Ryan for VP.

    Ema Nymton

  7. TexasFred says:

    Now I can’t get the image of Harry Reid as a dung beetle out of my mind… 😦

  8. bunkerville says:

    I cannot even think about four more years of this, cannot imagine.

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