Obama’s Mud March

In January of 1863, General Ambrose Burnside commanded the Army of the Potomac. Regrouping following a crushing defeat by Confederate forces at the Battle of Fredericksburg, the 38 year old Burnside devised a maneuver designed to cross the Rappahannock River and flank Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, thus bringing about a sudden end to the War Between The States, and redeeming a reputation severely eroded due to the thousands of boys in blue whose corpses he had left mounded on the slopes of Marye’s Hill the month before — they were beyond anyone’s restoration. No one was particularly enamored with the general’s plan but as no one had any better ideas, the army began its advance. Then it began to rain. The roads to the river turned into unnavigable bogs. Undeterred, the reliably incompetent Burnside brought up his heavy artillery to further pulp the sodden turnpikes, consequently gluing his guns and most of his columns of cursing infantry in an impassible muck.  The campaign, such as it was, was over, and a few days later, so was Burnside’s disastrous tenure as army commander.

“Such mud, you nor I never saw before.” — Surgeon Daniel M. Holt, 121st N.Y.

Had Barack Obama, our current ‘commander-in-chief’, endowed with a strategic vision as limited and fundamentally flawed as anything poor Burnside ever dreamed up, known anything about American history, he might have recalled the enervating effects of saturated dirt and called off the truculent modern Mud March that passes for his re-election campaign.  Instead his attack Jackasses are up to their greasy haunches in political ooze, frantically flinging the slop  at  Mitt Romney and company. Desperate, dumb, just plain mulishly mean, or some combination of the three?  Well, you use what you’ve got, and in Obama’s case, that’s not much. If ideas are ammunition, this administration has been out of it for years.  And now that it’s clear that even the troops he purports to command desire his defeat, he’s turned his dyspeptic donkeys loose on them:

Obama Attacks Special Operators For Fronting Him Out | via Blackfive

Obama has used the military for political purposes his entire regrettable tenure as Commander Campaigner in Chief … His pitiful end zone dancing over bin Laden’s death has made him even more of a mockery among the men who actually did kill bin Laden. And probably tied for most disgraceful with the faux surge has been the plethora of politically-motivated leaks from the O inner circle that have done tremendous damage to our national security, our ability to conduct the missions that keep us all safe, and the lives of those who conduct them and their families.

Now he is being called out for those shameful attempts to possum a ride on the backs of our special operators while waving a Obama 2012 flag. A group called the Special Operations OPSEC Team put out a 22 minute film pointing out just how much damage has been done with this. Is is surprising that the response is STFU Barry? The active duty military is forbidden from talking smack about the civilian “leader” who sits in the situation room with political tools in both ears telling him when and where the war dogs should be loosed for maximum advantage to his re-election.

Barry’s team never had any real respect for the knuckle-dragging troglodytes who he sent out to attempt to give him some tough guy cred and get him some campaign fodder by acting as cannon fodder. The reaction to this legitimate concern about our security shows the disdain they have.

Taking a direct shot at the leaders of OPSEC, an Obama campaign official lambasted the group’s accusations about national security leaks this morning. “No one in this group is in a position to speak with any authority on these issues and on what impact these leaks might have,” said the official, speaking on background, “and it’s clear they’ve resorted to making things up for purely political reasons.”

Making stuff up for purely political reasons, Really? Seriously that is your response, to call them liars? And to do so anonymously? Well that part makes sense, the odds of a gutless, spineless political tool standing up and calling those guys, us guys and other folks who are in a position to make those claims, liars is pretty slim. The Swift Boat reference is actually pretty legitimate, though. The ads that former comrades of John Kerry put out accurately portrayed Kerry as a glory hound punk who spent four months in Vietnam, picked up three extremely sketchy Purple Hearts, shot a bunch of reenactments of his exploits for home movies, and then headed out long before his tour was up to try to become the reincarnation of JFK. So Swift Drone away on the mighty Osama Slayer’s wafer-thin resume and phone book thick record of using it for his own aggrandizement.

Hanoi John himself has seen fit to suddenly report for damage control duty:

“Seeing the new outrageous attacks made against President Obama from a shadowy Republican-allied veterans group called OPSEC, which take issue with the mission to kill Osama bin Laden, remind me all too well of the notorious ‘Swift Boat’ attacks I faced in the 2004 campaign.”

Unfortunately for Kerry and the Obamunists, the group making the ‘attacks’ on the Big Red One is neither shadowy — it’s composed of former Navy SEALS, SPECOPS, and CIA personnel — or allied with the Pachyderms. And the only thing outrageous is Hanoi John’s devious and false inference that OPSEC opposed the bin Laden mission. What they’re fighting against is four more years of Barack Obama’s national insecurity administration.  And they’re not afraid of mud.

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Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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10 Responses to Obama’s Mud March

  1. They squeel like pigs they are, when confronted by the pain of truth. Kerry should learn to keep his mouth shut.

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  4. Somewhere I read the Vietnam Veterans Against The War was originally funded by the Soviet Union via Cuba to undermine our efforts in Vietnam. Kerry was spokesperson for the group.. If he was aware that the organization he represented was operating on funds provided by an enemy of the United States and intended to undermine our military, he’s lucky all he got was swift boated,

    Last I checked treason was still a capitol crime.

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  6. bydesign001 says:

    Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog and commented:
    I would love to say, “Give him [Obama] enough rope and let him hang himself but (i) Americans cannot afford to wait that long and (ii) I would find myself behind the 8 ball and labeled a racist.

    On the other hand, who cares. Obama’s acts are treasonous and those serving in the U. S. Military, their families, friends along with those who have served recognize that Obama is both undermining and underestimating the intelligence of those who make the ultimate sacrifice.

    Rather than acknowledge that he must be doing something wrong here, Obama shows his fangs. In so doing, Obama confirms what many have expected all along, i.e., Obama holds nothing but disdain for our military, the men and women who serve, those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, our veterans and the nation itself. This is but one of the many reasons as to why compromising our national security is such an easy call for the traitor.

  7. I’m hoping that the mud-slinging on the part of Obama and his minions will serve to make his supporters stay home. Many won’t switch to voting GOP, but fewer votes for Obama is a good thing — an excellent thing.

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