Idiots, Useful And Otherwise

Useful Idiot: a pejorative term used in political jargon to describe people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they do not understand, who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause

“All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.” — Adolf Hitler

“Evil always wins through the strength of its splendid dupes…” — G.K. Chesterton

They’ll never change, these useful idiots of the Left; they never have. When at long last they’re herded to their knees with the rest of us, facing a muddy ditch while the impassive agents of change smoothly ratchet rounds into the chambers of their automatics, the final thoughts of the no-longer-useful will be that this must be some kind of horrible mistake instead of the inevitable result of a lifetime of lethal naivete. After all, they are the Good People, the bright ones, the trusting ones, the caring ones. This must all somehow be Bush’s fault.

When the Revolution eats its children, as it always does, the useful idiots are swallowed too. It’s safer that way. Because if you’ve sold your country out once, no one can ever be certain that you won’t do it again. And history teaches us that, when it comes to revolutionary justice, everyone must pay their fair share.

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Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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21 Responses to Idiots, Useful And Otherwise

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  2. AFVET says:

    We all know that the polls are skewed, and cannot be trusted.
    I ran across this site this morning and thought you might be interested in another piece of the puzzle.
    There are a lot of polls out there that we never hear of.
    See what you think.

    • Bob Mack says:

      Saw that this morning & put it out on Twitter … according every one of the unskewed polls, it’s a landslide for Romney. No wonder the useful idiots oversample Dems.

      • AFVET says:

        Just another attempt to blindside the ignorant.
        I have eliminated FOX as a source of accurate information.
        If conservative talk radio and the conservative internet is shut down, we are in deep Sh*t.
        If Obama is re-elected they will be.
        The regime will do it if he survives this election.
        He isn’t finished yet, not by a long shot.
        Just look at the baggage this Country will jettison if Obama is defeated.

  3. They are so damn smart and yet they don’t know a thing about history or current events. It is as if they have lost all ability to reason. And, of course, we all suffer for their idiocy.

    • Bob Mack says:

      If they’re the result of higher education, then thank God I’m an autodidact.

    • AFVET says:

      You cannot sell snake oil to an intelligent person.
      Too many stupid people bought the snake oil in 2008, and now, here we are.
      And too many are still buying it,…….amazing !!!
      The ignorant voter is the worst enemy this Country has ever faced, and I fear that too many of them will expose themselves again in this election cycle.

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  5. cosmoscon says:

    Powerful words Crockett and I’ll be sharing this!

    I said in 2009 that I wasn’t upset with Obama because anyone who listened to him knew what he was going to do. I was more upset with the majority of American voters who were too ignorant to see beneath the surface. I have faith that kool-aid drinkers will be in the minority in 2012 and many will come to their senses.

    The useful idiots like Fluke and those on MSNBC will be left to wonder where the tingles went from their legs.

  6. Cry and Howl says:

    Hey Bob! I hope you’ve been well. Talk about useful idiots. Check out what one had to say just the other day about Mr. Obama and how the Republicans has obstructed his policies and how he over came them …

    “It has not been easy for our President to deal with some of the Congressional Republicans over the past four years. (Under statement here, folks!)”

    “Imagine how it must have felt to get up every morning knowing that one was going to have to face a group in The Congress who absolutely seemed to detest the very ground you walked on and who had but one publicly-avowed purpose in their glaringly angry agendas – – – to do everything in their power to impede, halt, delay, stop or destroy every single thing that you thought needed to be accomplished – – – and for no other reason than that they didn’t like you.”

    “Imagine how that must have felt.”

    “But did it stop President Obama? Did it dampen his good-natured enthusiasm or his trust in the People of the United States?”

    “Not for a single minute!”

    “He forged ahead, faced his challenges, stared down his opposition, ran end runs around their obstructionism and managed to do a lot of great things to set things in this country on a positive course once again – – – in spite of what the corn balls and cob knockers have to say to the contrary.”

    “Good job, Mr. President – – – good job!”

    “The whole world has watched, the whole world has approved of the job that you have done.”
    Is that a joke or what? But that is just a small example of just how ridiculous these people are.

    • AFVET says:

      If common sense and intelligence come to play in this upcoming election, little Barry will be stopped in his tracks.
      Ignorant voters are our worst enemy.
      Gary Johnson is running on a Libertarian ticket in 47 states.
      Wants to get rid of the IRS and the Fed. Yeah, Ron Paul voters unite.
      Not good.
      Ross Perot gave us Bill Clinton.

      • Cry and Howl says:

        I hope that the Johnson and Paul voters aren’t dumb enough to NOT vote for Romney. They know their candidate cannot possibly win … and the U.S. will get it broke off in the ol’ poop chute again.

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  8. The Left, ever “the champion” of free expression, is now leading the pack to squelch free speech.

    The Left doesn’t have the brain cells to know that they will be next.

    The wisdom of “First They Came For” springs to mind.

  9. TexasFred says:

    An idiot is an idiot none the less… Obama brings new definition to the word..

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  13. Great Post Bob, keep it going my friend, keep banging away, hopefully we can make a difference.

    What is left to say about polls, I have really never put much stock in polls in the first place. I really believe most voters already have known for quite sometime who they are going to support. Unless their candidate makes a major gaff, they will still support there candidate.

    In this case, Romney v Obama, the main stream media will declare Obama as the winner, So the left will say and do anything that they can get away with. In years past we could trust the media, now days, if the Main Stream Media lips are moving, they are lying..
    Bob, as you know, I live in deep South Texas, 15 miles from the Mexican Border; which translates to “DEMOCRAT COUNTRY”. To the best of my memory, we have had only had 2 Republicans elected to county government seats, both where elected to the County Judge’s position.

    So it would be a miracle from heaven if Romney carried the Rio Grande Valley area. So that said, I conducted my own poll over a period of 30 days. Mind you my poll was not taken a scientific poll, just people who where willing to talk with me for a few minutes.

    I polled 150 people’ my question was simple, “Who are you going to vote for”?
    Results – quite surprising to me..
    65 – Romney
    85 – Obama – Now consider that the demographics here is 84.34% of the population were Cameron County, Hispanic or Latino.
    Brownsville, Texas – 93.19% of the population
    Harlingen, Texas – 72.76% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race
    La feria, Texas – 77.45% of the population wre Hispanic or Latino

    Anyway you get the idea of the racial makeup heavy Hispanic population. I was surprised however of my dinky little poll. I would have thought that he would be in the area of 125 for Obama and 25 for Romney. many of the Hispanics I talked with are distrusting of Obama, again I was surprised.

    Hopefully the tide will continue and Obama is gone..

  14. John Liming says:

    The most perfect case of projection that I have seen this week!

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