The Trojan Democrat

“Muslims have one clear objective in mind, and that objective is world domination. The Middle East is now closer to being dominated by radical Muslim extremists than it ever has been before, and there is only one man that has supported the Muslim Brotherhood movement and allowed them to assume power in so many Muslim countries, and that man is none other than President Barack Hussein Obama.”  (The Enemy From Within! | Canada Free Press)

“Despite all promises and protests to the contrary, Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood have established Sharia Law as the law of the land in the ‘new Egypt’.” (DARK AGES! Egypt Passes New Constitution Based On Sharia Law)

“As for the socialist authoritarians themselves, we must not fall into the trap of judging radical leftists as if they think like decent or reasonable people. (The “well-creased-pant-leg-means-he’ll-make-a-good-president” fallacy.) What you and I judge as societal failure is, to them, of little consequence in and of itself. For general prosperity is not their goal. In short, the intellectual leaders of the left know as well as you do that their regulatory state with its confiscatory taxation, propagandistic education, and morally subversive cultural elite will not produce prosperity and individual happiness, i.e., that their regime will “fail” the true test of good government. In the authoritarian’s eyes, however, the only failure that matters is the loss of his power.” (Facing Up to the Enormity of Our Problem)

He was for democracy in Egypt before he was against it …

“You look at the decisions [the Obama administration] made especially in the last two years in going through the revolutions in Northern Africa and across the Middle East and to the Far East, and the only way you can explain the horrendous decisions that were so completely wrongheaded would be if this administration had a bunch of Muslim Brotherhood members giving them advice.” (GOP Rep. Gohmert via Mediaite)

Barack Hussein Obama, erstwhile defender of all things “democratic” (as long as they benefit either Marxists or radical Muslims); Barack Hussein Obama, a man who professes publicly to the expansion of freedom at home but whose every official action curtails it; Barack Hussein Obama, the Trojan jackass who spreads an alien ideology that has infiltrated the Republic disguised as the Democratic Party:

“Until conservatives and Republicans realize that they are opposing a Marxist dominated party, they are destined to a series of defeats on the way to political oblivion. This is no longer the party of Truman or Kennedy, but the party of Marx, Lenin, Alinsky and Gramsci. The old rules of fair play no longer apply. The modern Dems will lie, cheat, steal elections and viciously demonize their opposition at every opportunity. Republicans are no longer fighting old line Democrats. They are effectively battling D.S.A, the Communist Party and the labor unions. The Democrats are simply a front for the Marxists. These people play dirty, and they play for keeps.”  (via Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog)

 This is the radical a woefully ignorant electorate has rewarded with another term in office.  May they all drive over the cliff with him.

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Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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14 Responses to The Trojan Democrat

  1. billover70 says:

    Although these things are true, the masses appear to be in a trance like state of denial when the evidence is laid before them.

    billover 70 introduced a similar possibility with “Obama: Who does he THINK he is?”, but few people seemed to be concerned or even interested.

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  3. According to one of the books that Obama supposedly wrote, he stated, “If the political winds should shift, I will stand with the Muslims.”

    And that’s exactly what he is doing — bit by bit.

    Along with advancing (“Forward!”) socialism via legislation and regulation.

    Do Americans recognize Obama for what he is? Some do,and care about what’s being done to our republic. Others know the truth about Obama, too, but don’t care.

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  5. bydesign001 says:

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    Indeed, with these slugs in power for another four years, we must all pray that they all head over the cliff together. They are a disaster for the future of our nation along with the useful idiots who celebrate another four years of this insanity.

  6. boudicabpi says:

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    These are scary times.

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    I agree

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