Losing Control Over Gun Control


[…] Hysteria and frenzy are clearly the way the politicians and media elites think we should deal with tragedy. These media worthies might better spend their tears and lamentations over the reckless coverage of the tragedy, when speculation, supposition and make-believe were presented as fact. Errors included the wrong number of the dead, the false identification of the shooter, the wrong guns identified, and the way the shooter was dressed. Tragedy was compounded by media ghouls who descended on surviving children and parents, stuffing microphones the size of beer cans in their faces to ask, “how did it feel? (When tragedy strikes, the hysterics rule | Pruden & Politics)


Contemptible behavior as a reflexive response to calamity is not a characteristic endemic only to the reeking buzzards of the Fifth Estate and Democratic politicians, though those particular unworthies seem to have cornered most of the modern market on it.  But in the aftermath of the latest murderous rampage committed by a homicidal whacko using a firearm as his weapon of choice (and not the other way around), many members of academia and the arts have succumbed to blind panic, villifying gun owners who are guilty of nothing, and making it clear that the liberal way of protecting the innocent is, as always, by removing more of their Constitutional rights.  A sampling:

Ben Stiller: “Shocked and saddened by what happened today in Connecticut. We have to stop the access to guns in our country.”

Chrissy Teigen: “it’s too easy for a monster to get a gun. solution: NO ONE GETS GUNS. sorry if this is an inconvenience for your complete need to have one.”

Sarah Silverman: “Band-Aids-on-Band-Aids @NRA people want MORE access to guns to combat all the people w access to guns.”

Piers Morgan: “This is now President Obama’s biggest test – will he have the courage to stand up to the American gun lobby?”

Michael Moore: “The way to honor these dead children is to demand strict gun control, free mental health care, and an end to violence as public policy.

Rashida Jones: “Gun control is our only road to freedom. Freedom from the fear of senselessly losing children. … Thanks, gun lovers, for all your hateful tweets…

Flea: “No civilians should be allowed to have guns. none…and i dont think the cops should have guns either…change the constitution…and make quality mental health care free…god bless the children…in many countries the cops have no guns and they do perfectly fine…peace and love to all…heartbreaking…the depth of sadness.

Erik Loomis, PhD, assistant professor of history, University of Rhode Island: [I] want Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick …looks like the National Rifle Association has murdered some more children … Can [we] define NRA membership as dues contributing to a terrorist organization?

But opinions, as the old vulgarism goes, are like anuses — everybody’s got one, and most of ’em stink.  You can’t remove the darkness in the human heart by singing “Kumbaya” or by legislating a return to the days of the longbow and battle axe. While a rational national debate on stopping mass mayhem — one that includes America’s law abiding firearm owners and 2nd Amendment supporters — may or may not be appropriate, one thing is certain: the only surefire way to stop an armed individual is with another armed individual.



FLASHBACK: Asst. Principal Ends School Shooting With Personal Gun (All American Blogger)

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Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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9 Responses to Losing Control Over Gun Control

  1. Adam says:

    I want to share an amazing short film called “A Perfect Day” about a potential mass shooter on the morning of, and an unsuspecting stranger who opens the shooter’s eyes to the implications of what he’s about to do. Powerful stuff!

  2. AFVet says:

    Gun control and the media.
    Let me see,…..Fast and Furious,….Libya/Benghazi.
    Let’s start there.
    Ban automatic weapons, rocket launchers. OK, I get that, but to whom ?
    Our enemies ?
    Oh no well we can’t do that, and we can’t expect the press to pursue the fact that it was treasonous to supply weapons to our potential enemies that ended up killing Americans.
    But you get one nutcase attacking a soft target like an elementary school, and blamo,…the press has orgasms, falling all over themselves to try to get the story from grieving people, especially the ones that are crying over the loss of a loved one.
    Patriot missiles sent to Turkey along with the troops to support them.
    Who authorized this ?
    Congress, or Obama ?
    So many questions, so little press.

  3. I’m surprised they haven’t decided to just outlaw having kids. Then no one could kill them. Just as logical as gun control.

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  6. Cry and Howl says:

    Hey Bob! Check out this video one of my visitors sent me …

  7. TexasFred says:

    I am all for GUN CONTROL.. I have been a strong proponent of GUN CONTROL for many years…

    Oh, MY definition of GUN CONTROL? Use both hands to grips the gun and keep the sights on target … THAT is GUN CONTROL!

  8. bunkerville says:

    Mob mentality and mob rule, a toxic mix for our rights.

  9. roblorinov says:

    Connecticut has gun laws and not one of those laws stopped or prevented Adam Lanza from doing what he did last Friday morn. In fact he violated all kinds of state, local, and federal gun laws. The same can be said about James Holmes who thought he was the Joker and shot up the theater in Aurora, Colorado. We cannot legislate morality. Criminals always get a hold of guns on the black market and if they can’t then they’ll use other weapons. Anything can be a weapon. Do we outlaw butter knives and ropes next? All this gun law talk is avoiding the real issue and problem. This nation has a morality problem! We are in love with violence! We esteem the gangsta-thug image! We consider human life cheap! Why aren’t we addressing those issues and doing something about them? The shootings are a SYMPTOM of our collective societal disease called “addiction to violence.” LOL and oh yeah…the war on drugs has gone really well hasn’t it LOL………..NOT!

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