Serf City, Here We Come

Serf City“I want next year to be a year of strong economic growth. Call me a hopeless optimist … ” — Barack Obama, 12/21/12

So saying, Butch Incapassidy packed the old battleaxe and the chillun in the woodie and took off for the warmer clime of the former Sandwich Islands  (“…the fact of the matter is, I think if you look at my track record, I’m raising a family here.”)  The rest of the Hole-In-The-Head gang, also known as the U.S. Congress, likewise prepared to scatter to their respective hideouts, while the rest of us are stuck on their out-of-control toboggan as it slaloms toward the largest tax hikes in American history.


[John Kerry] is well qualified to be the Secretary of Defense . . . of Cuba or Venezuela” — John O’Neill

VN Vets Against Hanoi JohnI don’t know exactly when we went through the Looking Glass into the land of Down Is Up and Wrong Is Right, but the nomination of this saturnine leftist to head the State Department confirms that we’ve arrived at our destination. Considering that Che Guevara continues to be unavailable, Kerry, the ‘Nam vet whose tour was shorter than Gilligan and the Skipper’s, is just the man to assist Barack Obama as he dismantles America. As Allan Erickson writes:

The dear leader is consistent: he routinely recruits and appoints radicals, losers, failures, tax cheats and traitors … What’s next: Jane Fonda to head Health and Human Services, Bill Ayers for Secretary of Education, or Jon Corzine, Treasury Secretary? The downside of appointing unqualified, incompetent anti-American radicals should be glaringly obvious in the wake of Benghazi, the Arab Winter, defense cuts, unilateral disarmament, serial capitulation, and economic devastation.

But it’s only a “downside” if you assume that the listed outcomes were, in fact, undesired …

For reference, and an eye-opener, not that many Americans appear to care any longer, here is a list of the anti-American radicals brought to the fore by President Poser, people paid with your money to destroy the republic, making way for the socialist transition to communism. (Nancy Matthis is meticulous. Some on this list have gone, but you get the idea.)

Perhaps we should think about it this December as we sit in front of dead trees eating candy out of our socks.  Merry Christmas.

About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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5 Responses to Serf City, Here We Come

  1. Ray's Mom says:

    The inmates are running the asylum and we are all in the line of fire.

  2. The fact that we are going to have to put up with four more years of our first Socialist president’s antics takes a lot of the joy out of this normally joyful season.

    Regardless, I do wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas Bob.

  3. Quick, who has the keys to the White House?

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