Taking Our Lumps

Well, Christmas is over, and here are a few lumps of ‘progressive’ coal left in everyone’s stockings:

From the ‘Is a pig’s ass pork’ Department …


Is President Obama Really A Socialist? Let’s Analyze Obamanomics (Forbes)

[…] why does President Obama keep saying that the rich do not pay their fair share? Is he ignorant? Wouldn’t somebody in his Administration whisper to him that he is peddling nonsense?

The answer is that to President Obama this is still not fair because he is a Marxist. To a Marxist, the fact that the top 1% earn more income than the bottom 99% is not fair, no matter how they earn it, fairly or not. So it is not fair unless more is taken from the top 1% until they are left only with what they “need,” as in any true communist system. Paying anything less is not their “fair” share. That is the only logical explanation of President Obama’s rhetoric, and it is 100% consistent with his own published background.

Poll: Obama Moving U.S. ‘Toward Socialism’ (Fox Nation)

Fox News year-end poll finds a good portion of American voters are worried about President Obama moving the country towards socialism


Grab ’em by the balls; their hearts and minds will follow …

Surrender_Dignity_Forward_MaksimConservatives Rationalize as America Circles the Drain

[…] The left is the establishment; it controls the above branches of the pen-not-sword military [academia, the media, and popular culture]. Conservatives have been reduced to guerrilla warfare … The reality is that there is no culture war. What is occurring now is a pacification effort.


In the Obama Nation, there is no substitute for appeasement …

McCoy Fist BumpAnother Low Bow To Radical Islam (Pruden & Politics)

The U.S. Army is soon to issue a handbook instructing soldiers to copy Mr. Obama’s example of when and how to defer to an alien ideology that stands against everything Americans are taught, whether by faith, ethics, morals or another code of good conduct.

The new manual, which runs to 75 pages, orders American military personnel to refrain from saying anything to offend the Taliban in Afghanistan, to be careful not to criticize the practice of sexual relations with children, the abuse of women, beheadings, massacres of girls and the killing of “unbelievers” and Muslims who Taliban enforcers regard as insufficiently devout in the faith. Holding to what they have been taught, whether at Sunday school or a mother’s knee, is presumably OK for American soldiers, at least for now. But they must keep such ideas to themselves.

The manual, issued in the name of the U.S. Government, obviously at the command of the commander in chief, suggests that Western ignorance and arrogance and not the Taliban are responsible for the surge in deadly attacks by Afghan soldiers against the soldiers of the allied coalition.


About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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7 Responses to Taking Our Lumps

  1. America is destroying herself by turning into the Cult of Obama.

    Depressing. Damn depressing.

  2. Our young people need to stop volunteering to serve their country. The country, in the form of the US Government, no longer deserves their service.

  3. AFVet says:

    You are correct in stating that America is taking Her lumps.
    This is what happens when ignorant people are allowed to vote.
    Now, we need a congress that has the balls to rectify the situation and impeach Obama for treason.

  4. bunkerville says:

    I believe it was jefferson who first proposed that only those who owned property should vote. Of course this would be very racist.

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