“The System Works” — DHS Head Calls It Quits

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced today that she is resigning to become the next president of the University of California. (via White House Dossier)

Janet From Another Planet

And so Janet The Homeland Security Guy, beloved former governor of the undocumented residents of Arizona, exits Stage Left — finally — off to join her comrades at U.C.  Boss Obama, always loathe to miss an opportunity to either (a) talk about himself and/or (b) to shill the latest of his leftist schemes to ruin “transform” the country, said,

“…Janet has led my administration’s effort to secure our borders, deploying a historic number of resources, while also taking steps to make our immigration system fairer and more consistent with our values.” Bye Bye Nappy

They should rename that blue rock in Ireland “The Obama Stone.”  If his teleprompter’s working, this is a guy who surely possesses the gift of gab but who has as much regard for the truth as a cannibal for a cabbage: like his departing DHS secretary (“To the extent that terrorists have come into our country across a border, it’s been across the Canadian border.”), Obama has never been as interested in securing the border as in claiming he’s securing it, he’s cut the number of resources available, and his values, as defined by his actions rather than his words, have rarely been the ones guaranteed to all Americans by our Bill of Rights.

The Napolitano DHS considers Republicans, veterans, and people who still believe that the Constitution is the law of the land to be a threat to the nation — at least, to that part of it which twice voted for her boss. Unheedful of the 10th Amendment, DHS defined as extremist “those that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely.”

No matter. In these days of balkanized opinion, Janet The DHS Guy has been way too liberal for some and not liberal enough for others:

While many across the political spectrum are happy to see Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano leave, some who live on the West Coast say they’d just as soon not see her out there …

 Ms. Napolitano angered both immigrant-rights groups and those who want to see a crackdown on illegal immigration, and irked privacy advocates from the right and left during her four years as head of Homeland Security.(Napolitano’s move to California draws protests/Washington Times)

Well, if everybody’s mad at you, you’re either doing a great job or an exceptionally lousy one.  But when it’s New York Senator Chuckie Schumer giving you an “A+,” you’re more than likely being graded on a 60-point curve.

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  2. boudicabpi says:

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    “The System Works” — DHS Head Calls It Quits

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  4. AFVet says:

    I just can hardly wait to see what snake crawls out of the pile to replace her.

  5. Jaleel says:

    Great post, very good info

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