Obama’s Dream, America’s Nightmare

Obama's Dream

“How can we help President Obama?” — Fidel Castro

Obama’s dream should be everyone’s nightmare … well, except for his comrades in the Socialist (formerly Democratic) Party, the strait-jacketed lunatics who bounce regularly off the rubber walls at MSNBC, and the liberal leg-humpers that inhabit the soiled newsrooms of the mainstream media.

Obama’s dream is the triumph of the collective over the individual; the fundamental transformation of a free society into one regimented and regulated by an all-powerful central government, where justice is determined by ideology and the desire for liberty a crime to be punished.  And he will use all the tools at his disposal to ensure that his dream comes true.

A Department of Defense teaching guide meant to fight extremism advises students that rather than “dressing in sheets” modern-day radicals “will talk of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place,” and describes 18th-century American patriots seeking freedom from the British as belonging to “extremist ideologies.” …Besides a brief reference to 9/11 and another to the Sudanese civil war, the guide makes no mention of Islamic extremism. (Daily Caller)

A new study by the DHS states that “those who are reverent of individual liberty” may promote terrorism. It defines “right-wing” as one who “believes that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack and is either already lost or that the threat is imminent.” It states that right-wing terrorists include those who revere liberty and are suspicious of a centralized government. (DHS Labels Liberty-Lovers As Potential Terrorists)

51% of the voting public considered the man whose minions authored the above guidelines worthy of a second term in office.  It’s been estimated that, in 1776, 55% of the colonists either supported the Crown or were neutral.  Common sense has always been a 50-50 proposition in America.



About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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23 Responses to Obama’s Dream, America’s Nightmare

  1. Matt says:

    Yippie, I’m a radical!

  2. LD Jackson says:

    I guess that settles it then. A rather large percentage of the people I know, including the fellow I see in the mirror, are a bunch of right wing nut jobs.

    Obviously, we are seeing the deck stacked against us by this study and its findings. I guess I can accept that, given the current environment in America, but what I can’t understand is the unwillingness to call radical Islam what it really is. Why is our government so willing to bend over backwards to not offend the religion of peace?

  3. Marine4Ever says:

    OUTSTANDING! I’m glad to hear that DHS has finally defined and come to the conclusion of what the term ‘right-wing’ means. If they’d have just asked me, I could have saved them a lot head scratching time and us a lot of tax dollars.

  4. bunkerville says:

    So I guess we are now in the same boat as the Muslim Brotherhood. Terrifying the population, burning and looting. Yep, sounds a whole lot like us.

  5. Bob Mack says:

    An Extremist Group Of One (Gates Of Vienna)

    In order to justify investigating and prosecuting Muslim terrorists — who really would kill people and blow up infrastructure if they were not obstructed — the feds are obliged to pursue at least as many infidels, in order to demonstrate that no “profiling” is taking place. With the hard Left currently holding the levers of power, this imperative guarantees an open season against “right-wing extremists” — which means virtually anyone who fails to support the full Socialist agenda.

    After five years of diligent effort on the part of the nomenklatura who run the federal bureaucracy, we have reached the point that a patriotic American waving the flag on the Fourth of July is demonstrably an “extremist” — and maybe even a potential “terrorist”.

    Confirmation of the current drift of official policy — in which no left-winger is ever an “extremist”, while every right-winger is at least suspected of being one — was reported on Thursday by Judicial Watch.

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  7. Groucho Marx says:

    You’re F****** crazy!!!!

  8. Bob Mack says:

    Obama’s race-driven immunity is wearing off, and respected and knowledgeable writers are being frank about what a historic disaster Obama has been as president. The low information voters remain blissfully ignorant, of course, lulled into believing Obama is competent and his critics racist. (Speaking truth to power about Obama)

    • Marine4Ever says:

      Outstanding article! But, dammit, Bathhouse Barry IS NOT “…the first black president… .” BillyBob Clinton was the first black president; EVERYBODY knows THAT! Obimbo may be the first Arab, Iz-salami, Moslem president (it says so on several of his birth certificates!) but he IS NOT “…the first black president… .” Dammit.

  9. Bob Mack says:

    Crimes and Misdemeanors,from The Patriot Post:

    If more and more people come to hold the legal system in contempt, it might be that they’re simply following the example of our elected leaders. Here in California, the voters passed Proposition 8, defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. But Governor Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris not only refused to enforce the law, but refused to defend it before the Supreme Court.

    On a federal level, Barack Obama went to war with Arizona because Governor Brewer did what he refused to do, what the Constitution obliged him to do: namely, defend our border.

    And now, a month or so after the Supreme Court ruled that the portion of the Civil Rights Act that compelled certain states to get federal approval before changing their election laws had become moot because most of the states affected had more black voters registered than white ones, Attorney General Eric Holder gave the Court the proverbial finger. Taking his marching orders from Obama, he boasted to his buddies down at the Mystic Knights of the Sea Lodge Hall — I mean the Urban League — that he has no intention of standing by while Texas makes photo IDs mandatory at election time.

    Having nutballs at the top of the Justice Department is nothing new. One of Holder’s predecessors, courtesy of LBJ, was the demonically radical Ramsey Clark. But as bad as Clark was as Attorney General, he really came into his own once he went into business for himself. Among those he has dedicated his life to defending have been loony cult leader David Koresh, Saddam Hussein, Nazi war criminal Jakob Reimer, convicted killer Leonard Peltier, Nazi concentration camp commander Karl Linnas and Serbian war criminal Slobodan Milosevic. Some lawyers chase ambulances, Ramsey Clark chose to chase hearses.

    To truly grasp the idiocy of the man and to fully appreciate why he remains at 85 a mythic figure to the moral pygmies on the Left, you should know that during the L.A. riots, Mr. Clark was asked by a reporter if he would view with suspicion a black person inserting wicks into multiple bottles filled with gasoline, and replied he would not.

    Neither, I’m willing to wager, would Eric Holder.

  10. Alan E Ross says:

    The whole corrupted System has gone bonkers, It seems that all these lame brain idiots think they have better ideas about running one another , this Country and others, Bottom line is ,,it’s all about Greed , money , Power, and Control and destruction of one another , running peoples lives, Killing , stealing and creating wars , terrorizing, taking away peoples rights ? degrading and manipulating and brain washing peoples minds as to poison the minds of the young as so they don’t know any better .Aren’t you demented people sick of this Crap , Can’t you all do something right in your lives ? wouldn’t it be easier to try to get along and make things better then worse in this country ?? YOU SICK BASTARDS…. …. OH well ,,Guess not ..,’ HOW CAN ONE FIX MENTALLY ILL AND INSANE & GREEDY PEOPLE … SO ANY WAY FOLKS ,,I GOT SOME GOOD NEWS FOR ALL THE REST OF YA’LL …THE WORST IS ALMOST OVER …. FOLKS .., BECAUSE ALL THESE CORRUPTED People are going to meet there maker real soon …. life is short ..and the KING is Coming .. no ,No ..Wait …HE”S Already here ,, and all you Power Control Freaks are going to take a big step DOWN..In Fact you just may be thrown down …BY the king Him self …. He’s tired of all this Insanity and corruption and destruction in this world . and soon ..YOU …..OBAMA ..Anti Christ …YOU … will be first on the list to go ., YOU are the Chosen one for the Chains of a Thousand Years .. I hope you enjoy it …lol .. And JESUS will be the one who sends you there … YES JESUS IN HERE, HE IS THE KING …NOT YOU …O VOMIT … and he is HERE …there is nothing you can do all you so called UN Officials FICIALS ? …. your time is also to be taken down ..no money ,or any kind of army will stop FROM what is ABOUT TO HAPPEN to YOU ALL… … Time now is of essence for all CORRUPTED PEOPLE …JUST LIKE WHEN THE WORLD WAS FLOODED AND NO ONE LISTENED … AND THEN THEY WERE DESTROYED ..And only those who Believed in God ..were saved …( at the time Jesus wasn’t here to save souls … Now Ya’ll have a chance as to do the will of God ..and mend your wicked ways … Yes ,, even the worst of the worst could be saved …only if they realy believed in Jesus ..and turned there lives to Jesus , and di good things for the good of Man and God …. and only Jesus and God can tell if they are pure thought and spirit …..I will end this by saying ..I REBUKE YOU OBAMA and all your corrupted people who are your followers …in the name of Jesus …Amen Amen Amen……. . .. …

  11. Alan E Ross says:

    Correction …Ending my Comment by saying, I REBUKE YOU OBAMA IN THE NAME OF JESUS name sake ….., and all the rest of your followers , I pray they all see the light of truth soon as to turn things around for the better of life and man kind and this Country & fellow Country’s, I pray for Peace on Earth …in Jesus Name …Amen Amen Amen ,,,,,

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