The Protocols Of Barack H. Obama

Never Vote Republican

[…] In one sense, it’s ironic: American Jews vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, and this is the thanks they get. But in another sense, it’s typical of the enforced groupthink of the American left: “overwhelmingly” is not enough. Everyone needs to get in line, lest any unapproved thought escape someone’s lips and influence others … (Obama Administration to Israel: Call Off the Jews, Please)


“Stop listening to the Israelis.” — John Kerry


“We have to put a stop to the idea that it is a part of everybody’s civil rights to say whatever he pleases.” — Adolf Hitler


Only the Shadow and the Good Lord know what evil lurks in the minds of men — or for that matter, in the minds of ex-wives.  The rest of us are only guessing.  But when it comes to the 44th President of the United States, you can make a pretty fair country reckoning if you do as Charles Krauthammer advises: “Obama is very crafty and not be underestimated. Do not pay attention to Obama’s words. Watch his actions.”

Actions speak louder, of course, but some of the words to which Obama used to pay attention were those spewed by former Nation of Islam member, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, of whom Big Red once said, “He has been like family to me.”

Jeremiah WrightReverend Jeremiah Wright is an on-the-record Jew-hater who gained his insight under the tutelage of vile anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, Obama sat in Wright’s revisionist temple of doom for twenty years and bold-faced stated he never heard the odious oratory spewed by Wright. Farrakhan and Wright endorsed Obama for president. Obama refused to reject that support or disavow his association with either. Obama called them both, “great men of vision.” (CFP)

Obama’s track record in the Middle East is worse than the history on a junkie’s arm.  Only 33% of Israelis have a favorable opinion of him, and a lackluster 20% have any faith in his ability to prevent the Persians from going nuclear.  And, with the lifting of sanctions, the mullahs have 4 billions of fresh dollars with which to play, no strings attached —  quite a windfall profit for the world’s number one state sponsor of Islamic terror.

Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted that he does not know how Iran will spend its newfound cash.

“My prayer is that no soldier will be killed as a consequence of anything Iran chooses to do,” Kerry told the House Foreign Affairs Committee last year when asked if he could guarantee the money would not go to fund terror.

He was lying, of course. Secularists like Hanoi Johnny don’t pray.  And Islamists like the mullahs of Iran always lie.

Ask any Iranian about the nature of the Shia Mullahs, they will tell you that there is no one as cunning, deceptive, unreliable, and capable of lying as they are…The history of the Iranian mullahs has proven that no matter what they say, they will never carry out their promises and do not respect their signature or any contract they sign. That is why Iranians have never trusted nor respected the mullahs. Hafiz e Shirazi, a well-known 14th-century Iranian philosopher-poet, said about the mullahs: Do not trust the mullahs, who will tell you one thing on the pulpit but do another in private. (Obama is Weak and the Mullahs Know It)

Seems like the Shias and Barack Hussein Obama have a lot in common.


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Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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7 Responses to The Protocols Of Barack H. Obama

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  2. schmuck says:

    WELL……. I have never in my life heard so much one sided propaganda.
    As a devout Christian, (as the Jews did kill Jesus) those that say they are Jews in Isreal now are not, but are the synogogue of Satan. You should be ashamed of yourself promoting lies.
    Don’t you understand that the Jews funded both sides of WWII.
    Don’t you understand that they also had a heavy hand in the American civil war?
    I do not stand for Islamic extremism or any extremism for that matter.
    But did you know that the first Islamic caliphe was also a jewish rabbi?
    You have little source and reference for your article and no depth of thought.
    As I said in the beginning you should be ashamed of yourself.
    From a constitutional Christian
    Good Day

  3. bunkerville says:

    Your comment to schumck was worth the visit.

  4. Mustang says:

    Bob, remember how the coalition forces used decks of cards to identify the high profile enemy in Iraq? Given what a disaster Obama is at every point of his administration, shouldn’t Congress issue a deck of cards identifying who our own high-profile enemy is, as well?

    Okay wait … never mind. There are only 52 cards in a deck.

    Semper Fi

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