What’s The Matter With Libs Today?

Lizzie Warren Took An AxeElizabeth Warren, the latest left-wing Yankee egghead turned Democratic politician, is so wowing the yeasty-headed crowds out in Prog-Land that they want her to run for President in 2016 — as if the last six years of Marxist mischief-making wasn’t enough. Alas, Lizzie’s is a constituency that won’t be happy until we’re all standing in government breadlines in the rain waiting for our meager rations of moldy socialist cheese:

In a speech today to the Nutroots Nation, held befittingly in dystopic liberal paradise of downtown Detroit, non-candidate  and American Indian princess Elizabeth Warren brought down the house. The theme of her speech were the economic issues that Democrats should run on in 2016. (Fauxcahontas and the eleven commandments of progressivism)

Lizzie, of course, is another product of Harvard, the Patrice Lumumba University of America, in particular of Harvard Law, that august department which trains our country’s supposed best and brightest to play fast and loose with the facts.  But, as Robert Tracinski points out,

There’s nobody as dumb as a smart person. That’s because, when they decide to adopt a dumb idea, they don’t just bumble their way into it. They build whole systems of other dumb ideas to support that one central dumb idea, and because they’re smart, they build complex and sophisticated systems of dumbness. They write dumb plays and dumb novels and dumb poems. They create dumb theories about psychology and economics. They originate entire dumb new philosophies. So yes, Elizabeth Warren is a good example of taking a dumb idea to extremes. But she ain’t got nothin’ on guys like Karl Marx and Immanuel Kant. The issue here isn’t native intelligence; it’s irrationality. The Warrens and Marxes and Kants follow stupid ideas to their absurd extremes because they are committed to maintaining a belief in a fixed idea regardless of evidence.(Elizabeth Warren’s Acquired Economic Stupidity)

This is a woman who poses as the champion of the working class, yet gladly pocketed a cool $350 grand per annum from the ol’ alma mater for teaching one lousy class. That windfall was made possible because blue-eyed, blonde-haired Lizzie claimed to be a Cherokee Indian (related, perhaps, to old Chief Standing Turkey?) in order to reap the unfair advantages conferred by academia’s discriminatory “politically correct” policies:

The whitest minority in the history of academia — liberal hero Elizabeth Warren — was described in glowing multicultural terms in a 1997 article in the Fordham Law Review. The article calls her Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color.”

With this, we have even more evidence that Elizabeth Warren, for years, presented herself as a Native American. It was a lie, plain and simple. In a professional environment where laying claim to minority status generates tremendous professional currency — influencing hiring and promotion decisions and the granting of tenure — she perpetuated this lie and almost certainly profited from it. Even her thin claim to being 1/32nd Cherokee has now been utterly discredited. The Boston Globe acknowledged on Tuesday that no evidence exists to back up even her meager claim of being 1/32nd Native American.

The main problem with Lizzie’s inventive history was that she got caught inventing it, proving again that there’s nobody as dumb as a “smart” person, except, maybe, the people that vote for them (via Twitchy):

One witness to Warren’s address found it particularly inspiring and gave her speech high Marx:

Warren TweeterWell how nice.


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7 Responses to What’s The Matter With Libs Today?

  1. genomega1 says:

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    What’s The Matter With Libs Today?

  2. Paul Lemmen says:

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  3. zingara/alphamom says:

    If, indeed, this charlatan did have 1/32 Indian blood, she would still be lacking the required amount for membership. Most tribes, including Cherokee, to which she claims affiliation, demand at least 1/4 blood to render membership. She would be at least 3.generations shy of complying. Silly woman. If she is chosen to run on the Dem ticket, they would truly be “scraping the bottom of the barrel”.

    • yonason says:

      “scraping the bottom of the barrel”
      They’ve long ago scraped through the bottom. In fact, they are so deep under it now, I doubt they have a clue which way is up any more.

  4. Jim Bowman says:

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    Good stuff here

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