America: She Loves Him Not

She Loves Him Not

“With votes still being counted in more than a dozen congressional districts, Democrats were on track to shed 13 to 16 seats, an outcome that would leave the party with as few as 185 of the chamber’s 435 seats. The last time Democrats had such a small House delegation, Herbert Hoover was president, Charlie Chaplin was making movies, and Alka Seltzer was just hitting the shelves.” Politico

“Shellacked and thumped by an angry electorate, President Obama declared to every American who voted in Tuesday’s elections—and to those who’ve checked out of the political process—”I hear you.”  And then he ignored them.”Ron Fournier

“Anyone who says we don’t have to rethink things should be fired.” Steve Elmendorf, Democrat strategist

The wise in heart will receive commands, but a prating fool will fall. — Proverbs 10:8

4th and 804Anyone who expects Barack Obama to work with the Republicans who just sacked him has snorted one too many lines of fairy dust.  When has the head of a People’s Republic ever actually listened to the People?  America, of course, is not a full-blown Marxist dictatorship except in the minds of its president, the left-wing media, and much of the Democrat Party, but that never stopped them before.  And if past performance is indicative of future action, it won’t stop them now, despite the smoking wreckage that 6 years of Obamunist rule has produced for the Jackasses that followed him:

For Obama, there have been two convincing presidential victories; for the Democratic Party, electoral ruin at every other level. On Tuesday (assuming the most likely final outcome), the largest Democratic Senate losses since 1980. The ranks of moderate Democrats — including Mark Pryor, Mark Begich, Kay Hagan and (probably) Mary Landrieu — decimated. During Obama’s presidency, the loss of nearly 70 House seats, producing the largest Republican majority since 1931. The near-extinction of the Democratic Party in the South, including in Arkansas and Tennessee, which provided the party’s national ticket in 1992 and 1996. Full Republican control of 29 state legislatures, the highest total since the 1920s, and Republican governors in 32 states, including Massachusetts, Illinois and Maryland. Obama’s particular form of political magic has worked only for Obama himself. (Obama’s harmful ‘gifts’ to the nation and the Democrats)

On Friday, the Grand Poobah and his minions will leave the Fuehrer bunker to meet with GOP leaders and their apprehensive food tasters in the White House Old Family Dining Room.  Despite the fact that Obama Land is now in ruins, crow will likely not be on the menu.

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5 Responses to America: She Loves Him Not

  1. Ike Jakson says:


    I am not much in Blogging these days but take heart from a fair size block of South Africans who will be standing with you while you have to endure the presence of the pest for the 26 months he still has in the White House. I certainly hope the Dems have learned never to repeat the same mistake, unless they are stupid enough to do so and finally “die by their own” hands.

    On 11/7/14, Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

  2. “Voting is the best revenge.”
    — Barack Hussein Obama, 2012

    Isn’t it, sir. Isn’t it?



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