The Decline And Fall Of The Arkansas Battleaxe

Madam President

“It is said that power corrupts, but actually it’s more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power.” — David Brin

“She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” — Jerry Zeifman, Retired General Counsel & Chief of Staff of the House Judiciary Committee

“When in public, Hillary smiles and acts graciously. As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident.” Ronald Kessler

“Hillary, like her husband, has a mouth that would embarrass a sailor.” — Capitol Hill Blue

“F**k off! It’s enough I have to see you shit-kickers every day, I’m not going to talk to you too!! Just do your G*damn job and keep your mouth shut.” Hillary to her State Trooper body guards after one of them greeted her with “Good Morning”

“The Clinton mode of production, then, is running for office or serving in office. That is the material basis for the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton lifestyle and the whole Clinton institutional structure. In order to keep this mode of production from breaking down, the Clintons–one of them, at any rate–must be at least potentially in the running for a powerful office at all times.” A Marxist Analysis of Hillary

“The idea of a man-hating, pants-suit-wearing, oyster-gobbling woman sitting in the Ovary Office should make any right-thinking American male’s testicles retreat slightly up into his body.” —  Jim Goad


Hillary Clinton, former Arkansas cattle futures baroness, self-proclaimed co-president during the randy reign of her philandering spouse, carpet-bagging U.S. senator, faux New York Yankees fan, and the Secretary of State who engineered both the infamous Russian “reset” and the deadly blunders of Benghazi, is the likely choice to replace the current Jackass in the White House when said Jackass’s term of office blessedly expires.  But the misguided socialists who believe this overrated battleaxe possesses the makings of a chief executive must have their skulls full of top-shelf ganja. Hillary’s major attributes have always been a vindictive nature, a foul mouth, a ruthless disregard for the U.S. Constitution, and a dearth of testicles. The latter qualifies her only as the standard bearer for America’s disgruntled legions of lesbians and feminists, while the former identifies her as a modern Democrat.  Come to think of it, so does the latter.  As for the persistent rumors regarding Hillary’s own amorous preferences,

would it really matter if she were, to put it in the vulgar argot of sailors and longshoremen, a clam-licker? Not as much as one might think … In the sake of fairness and accuracy and discretion, it is first prudent that I review whatever evidence may exist that Clinton has indulged in rank carnality with members of her own gender … compelling is Clinton’s lifelong predilection for wearing pants suits. No heterosexual woman in her right mind would be caught dead wearing those things in public.

The rumor-mongers suggest that Clinton first developed a taste for vagina during her radical younger days at Wellesley College, where she roomed for four solid years with confirmed lesbian Eldie Acheson, a woman whose face is butch enough to saw lumber. And this photo of a young, pre-Clinton-era Hillary Rodham standing alongside college president Ruth Adams is more lesbian than a pile of Ellen Degeneres’s unwashed laundry. (Does it Matter if Hillary Clinton Is a Carpet-Muncher?)

Hillary reset button cartoonSince being given the bum’s rush by Premier Obama, the Arkansas Traveler has occupied her leisure time by fabricating a memoir (most copies of which were remaindered the same week they went on sale), and in obsessively padding an already pudgy bank account by speaking at a number of public universities for around $300 grand a pop.  All in the name of charity, of course — hers:

Clinton has attempted to tamp down the uproar over her greedy cash grab from a number of public universities with the claim that she donated all of her speaking fees to charity — the charity of course being the Clinton Foundation. That likely means she is able to keep the money close and still write it off as a charitable tax deduction. (Hillary Clinton’s $275K Speaking Fee Comes with Diva Demands)

The old termagant has a helluva racket going.

[…] Clinton received $225,000 to speak at the [October 13 UNLV] fundraiser, a discount from her initial $300,000 asking price. But the fee was only the first of Clinton’s many stipulationsThe former Secretary of State insists on staying in the ‘presidential suite’ of a luxury hotel of her staff’s choice, with up to five other rooms reserved for her travel aides and advance staff. Clinton also reportedly requires that the Foundation provide a private plane. However, the jet can not be any private plane; only a $39 million, 16-passenger Gulfstream G450 “or larger” will do the job. (Hillary Clinton requires ‘presidential suite,’ stenographer for speaking engagements, report says)

Despite Hillary’s relentless quest for power (or perhaps because of it), her nomination as the next president is not quite as certain as it was before she began sticking her foot in her foul mouth on college campuses across the country.

Is the market in Hillary Clinton futures collapsing? Quite possibly so. A year ago Clinton seemed likely to become the next president … Things look different now … over the course of 2014, Clinton’s favorability ratings have declined. Her memoir of her Cabinet service had a curiously defensive title — “Hard Choices” — and her book tour was something like the opposite of a ringing success. Sales were slim, and readership probably even slimmer. The prospect of a Clinton presidency may thrill a few aging feminists, but few others seem to find her very interesting. (Latest polls paint Hillary as yesterday’s story)

The derailment of Hillary’s ambition is bound to have consequences, especially for those unfortunate enough to be in her immediate proximity. “It is better to live in a corner of the roof than in a house shared with a contentious woman.” (Proverbs 25:24):

[Hillary] is notorious for her explosive temper. As a child, she punched a classmate when he accidentally bumped his bike into hers. She also punched her friend in the nose for giving away a baby rabbit (from a warren that she told him to guard) … Her explosive temper would continue through her political days. When Bill Clinton was starting on his political career, a staff member told her that she was rumored to be a lesbian, and to deny rumors. She replied “it’s nobody’s God d**n business.” When the staff member persisted that she deny the rumors, she then replied “f**k this s**t!”

After Bill was elected President, Hillary’s temper tantrums continued. Bill and Hillary were said to have referred to each other as “f***ing jerk” and “f***ing b***h” prior to the inauguration. Hillary was said to have thrown objects at Bill and/or Secret Service agents, ranging from lamps to the Bible. At one point she called Bill a “stupid mother f***er”. On another occasion, she burst into a room in the White House and asked a Secret Service agent “where’s the miserable c***sucker?” As a result, she became the most feared woman in the Clinton Administration. And she could turn her wrath on and off in a heartbeat. (Hillary Clinton’s State of Mind)

This is not the person whose finger you want on the nation’s nuclear trigger.  Or, for that matter, on anything else.

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2 Responses to The Decline And Fall Of The Arkansas Battleaxe

  1. Ike Jakson says:

    The Arkansas flower comes over well in here, not half as negative as I feel about 68 year old women with the minds of ten year old kids.

    On 12/8/14, Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

  2. Most people I talk to in Arkansas are not aware of that woman’s foul mouth, intense hatred and anger. Thanks to the Soros funded media in America. And I am shocked when I hear somebody say they think Hillary should run for president. Needless to say, I always mention what I have learned about her true colors which she displays behind the scenes.

    People need to know about it. Thanks for spreading the word.

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