Season’s Beatings

Indian Agent

“Unlike earlier immigrants who came to our shores for religious freedom, freedom from political oppression, or for jobs, we now have poorly educated, low-skill immigrants who have chosen to snub their noses at the U.S. immigration laws and come in illegally to receive billions in U.S. entitlements…” Carole Hornsby Haynes

“The man who will oversee President Obama’s new temporary amnesty said Tuesday that part of the reason for the program was to get the illegal immigrants working on the books, making it economically impossible for them ever to be deported by a future president.”Stephen Dinan

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Tuesday morning that the Democrats’ key to success in 2016 is to “embrace” the very same government that a majority of Americans utterly loathe. Red Alert Politics

“Now, does that mean everybody is going to listen to me on the other side? Not necessarily. They’re pretty sure I’m an illegal immigrant.” Barack Obama


Lizzie Warren, that erstwhile Cherokee from Harvard U, may be an ersatz Indian, but her harebrained politics are only too real. And, since she’s a natural-born lefty, she won’t have to worry when Obama replaces his domestic opponents with undocumented Democrats from Mumbai and Mexico, a process that’s well underway, aided and abetted by the very Republicans the American people elected to stop it.

Right after Obama’s executive amnesty announcement, the White House confirmed to the Washington Post that illegal aliens who get amnesty from Obama—paid for by Boehner, and any Republican who votes for this omnibus bill—will have access to Social Security benefits. (Breitbart)

Actually, House Speaker Boehner and his Congressional co-conspirators won’t be paying one thin dime.  The amnesty tab, like the invoice for Obamacare, will be picked up by the bleeding taxpayer, assuming he has any flesh on his bones after his “representatives” get done flogging him. Happy Holidays!

TrollSpeaking of the winter celebration whose Name-May-No-Longer-Be-Uttered, it appears that our less-than-American President is — Fa la la la la, la la la la — trolling the ancient Yuletide Carol for partisan purposes.  And he’s mangling the story of the Nativity in order to justify by Scripture what he cannot justify by the Constitution:

Obama was on the road quoting the Bible again. This time he was equating Mary and Joseph to illegal aliens and strangers.

Liberals love to quote the Bible when it suits them. They denounce the Bible because of its very clear stand against same-sex sexuality, but claim that it teaches a form of economic socialism, and in that case, we should follow it. Every Christmas season, liberals make some socialistic appeal to Scripture in an attempt to support their arguments for bigger government. (Obama Says Christmas Story is About Illegal Aliens)

Next thing ya know, he’ll be donning his gay apparel and telling us that the three wise men were really Marx, Lenin, and Billy Ayers.  These days, there’s more Red in the White House than in Rudolph the Reindeer’s nose.

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One Response to Season’s Beatings

  1. Kid says:

    It will be interesting to see how worldwide socialism will survive once the last few healthy economy countries are sucked dry and productive people head for the hills.

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