Rudi And The Red

Rudi and the Red

“Ex-NYC mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s statement that Barack Obama was influenced by communists in his youth and doesn’t love his country isn’t nearly as fascinating as the reaction to it.” Selwyn Duke

“In Obama [the media] see themselves. What he wants to carry out is what they want and they are going to do what they can to make sure these last two years he gets to do just that, the consequences be damned.  So whether it is going after Rudy Giuliani or going after a Congressional staffer for a slight against the Obama daughters, the media is going to be out to defend Obama at all costs. That’s what the palace guard does … ‘They fight for his successes. He cannot fail.'” Jay Caruso

“Was it that what Giuliani said was demonstrably false? Was it that Barack Obama is supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty? Anyone who simply looks at the factual evidence as to whether Obama loves America, or does not, will find remarkably little to suggest love and a large amount of evidence, over a long period of years, showing his constant close association with people fiercely hostile to this country.” Thomas Sowell

Does Barack Obama love his country?  I suppose the answer to that depends on which country is actually his.  One thing’s for sure: our national media will never bother to find out.  These ersatz scriveners of ours are as malodorous as an outdoor privy in July.  Instead of determining the veracity of Giuliani’s charges, our domestic dung beetles rush to attack his character, his motives, his very sanity.  This is what passes for mainstream journalism in 21st century America. If you’re looking for investigative reporting (unless you’re investigating a conservative), you’d better look online — and you’d better do it fast.  Because Obama and the Democrats are about to shut down their critics.

Critics of President Obama’s “net neutrality” plan call it ObamaCare for the Internet. That’s unfair to ObamaCare. Both ObamaCare and “Obamanet” submit huge industries to complex regulations. Their supporters say the new rules had to be passed before anyone could read them. But at least ObamaCare claimed it would solve long-standing problems. Obamanet promises to fix an Internet that isn’t broken.(From Internet to Obamanet)

The real problem isn’t with what Giuliani said; it’s that he didn’t say enough.

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6 Responses to Rudi And The Red

  1. Ike Jakson says:


    I am not much at Blogging these days with the eye and what but couldn’t let this opportunity slip by.

    If it does not offend, place post this comment with the link. It was an old comment placed just when the Bama started running for the White House in 2008 and tells a story directly linked to your Post. Yes, I will be honored if you place it but I don’t want to intrude:

    Go well.


  2. bobmontgomery says:

    As I recall, Arne Duncan’s Department of Education purchased shotguns, and someone said the reason was because they had to arrest people who had defaulted on student loans. I wonder if the FCC also purchased weapons? Or will the IIRS be tasked with enforcing Net Neutrality, or will that fall to DOJ or DHS? Obama said at one time everybody needed to have a “trusted” IP address, so I guess to be trusted, you will have to submit biometrics, or at a minimum transmit a GPS location. It’s all going to be pretty easy for them once they get rolling, isn’t it?

  3. Instead of getting all prickly and huffy about it, why don’t Øbama’s apologists give us an instance of something he has said or done in the past that might lead a disinterested observer to say, “Wow, he really loves his country!”

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