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Hands Up, Don’t Prosecute!

It turns out that at least two of the emails which traversed Hillary Clinton’s personal email account and server were “top secret,” according to the inspector general for the Intelligence Community as reported by McClatchy. To describe that as reckless … Continue reading

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Planning For ObamaWorld

“In recent months, Obama has been hobnobbing with wealthy CEOs and Wall Street bankers at the White House, drinking “extra-dry Grey Goose martinis” as he waxes eloquently about his presidential library. Tech moguls have pitched him ways to make his … Continue reading

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The Third Term

“You get the government you deserve.” — Thomas Jefferson “If there is a part of America that’s important or works, liberals are systematically trying to destroy it.” — John Hawkins 21st Century America: A land afflicted with fifth columnists, illegal … Continue reading

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