Planning For ObamaWorld

Obama Library

“In recent months, Obama has been hobnobbing with wealthy CEOs and Wall Street bankers at the White House, drinking “extra-dry Grey Goose martinis” as he waxes eloquently about his presidential library. Tech moguls have pitched him ways to make his library a digital state-of-the-art facility to expand his policies around the world.(Obama Wants $1 Billion For Post Presidency Legacy)

“Eight years is just the beginning.” — The Obama Foundation

Unfortunately, Obama’s planned progressive theme park will be located within the borders of the continental United States instead of a more compatible locale, like say Iran or Cuba.  In fact, he’s not even calling it a “library.”  It’s to be the Obama Presidential Center, one man’s billion-buck tribute to himself.

Obama is lobbying celebrity friends, bankers and the super rich — the same people he routinely attacks — for what may amount to more than $1 billion to fund his presidential library and other post-presidency plans. While the president and his party were busy complaining about income inequality Obama’s aides were creating strategies to raise a minimum of $800 million for the president’s life after the White House, according to the New York Times. (BizPac Review)


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7 Responses to Planning For ObamaWorld

  1. Kid says:

    Yes, a lot of money for someone with no positive accomplishments,not only in DC but in his entire life.

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  3. Kid says:

    PS, I was happy to see his library will be in S. Chicago. That’s the perfect place for it.

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