Democrats Debate, But No One’s Ready For Primetime


[Hillary] claimed to be an outsider because she’s a woman. She claimed that being a woman is what makes her different than Obama. If you hated a man stealing all your money and taking away all your civil rights, get ready for some real political change now that a woman is going to do it.” Daniel Greenfield

“There is no clearer attack on Capitalism than what we saw in the Democratic debate and the subsequent accolades from the media.” Sara Noble

“Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” Friedrich Nietzsche

They should’ve held the first Democratic squawkfest of 2015 in Havana or Hanoi rather than Las Vegas. The Cubans and the Vietnamese would at least have been familiar with the rhetoric. Our national press corps, the majority of whom demonstrated their Americanism by sitting on their hands during the singing of the National Anthem, reacted as if the rehashing of the Communist manifesto by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton was the greatest innovation since the self-basting turkey: 

Progressive policies and ideals won the night according to the Progressives and their media friends at NBC … They touted the “authenticity” of the aged communist who euphemistically calls himself a Democratic Socialist … MSNBC, like most of the Democratic media outlets, which is almost all the media outlets, declared Hillary the winner and lauded her “big bear hug” to Progressivism. Outside of not falling on her face or cackling too loudly, what did she do that was so remarkable during this debate where none of her “opponents” challenged her seriously and where Bernie Sanders helped her by discrediting the FBI investigation of her emails and blaming it on Republicans? … The Democratic party is almost unrecognizable from what it was seven years ago. They do not stand for any American values... (We Could Be Living Through the LAST DAYS of CAPITALISM)

Demonstrating their normal civic concern, more Americans watched the fourth episode of NCIS than CNN’s offering of Progressives On Parade.  Well, if it wasn’t for determined inattention, no Democrat would ever win an election.  Don’t forget, this is the party that once booed God.  And these are candidates who shouldn’t be allowed out of the attic without adult supervision, let alone run for President of the United States:

Two freaks would be two too few for a Democratic debate. Standing next to Hillary was the animated wax figure of Martin O’Malley putting on a very convincing imitation of a human being … Every time his unnaturally white teeth shone, moths flew into his mouth … The horror continued with Lincoln Chafee, a man whose only purpose in coming to the debate was to take home the prize of the worst political candidate on this stage and on every stage in history … Amid this nonsense, Jim Webb broke in with occasional outbursts of common sense … Webb modestly declared that he was the “most qualified person standing here to be commander in chief”. Sadly, he was right. Not because he’s a great candidate, but because he’s a throwback to an earlier Democratic Party whose candidates could discuss serious issues like adults. That’s not the Democratic Party of today, which isn’t just radical, but also unserious … Democrats learned that they could vote for Hillary because she’s a woman, vote for Bernie Sanders to stop the government from putting potheads in jail, vote for O’Malley because he used a dozen Crest whitening strips on his teeth or vote for Lincoln Chafee because he’s a block of granite. They could vote for Jim Webb, but he’s disqualified because he can find Syria on a map. (Thieves, Liars and Idiots: The Two Hour Democratic Debate: A night the Democratic Party should be ashamed of)

Are any of these clowns really electable? Who knows?  After all, any country that installed the likes of Barack Obama twice should probably measure at least half its citizens for space in the nearest nuthouse. 

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5 Responses to Democrats Debate, But No One’s Ready For Primetime

  1. haliehunter says:

    Please realize Bernie did NOT agree completely with capitalism. He is a democratic socialist he; he doesn’t agree that the top 1% GET BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WHEN WE HAVE THE HIGHEST POVERTY RATE OUT OF ALL DEVELOPED COUNTRIES. Hillary is an idiot, and so are the rest of the people running so don’t tell me I’m an idiot because I support them. Really darling, you’re just a conservative bigot if you think about it.

    • Bob Mack says:

      If you realize they’re idiots and you support them, what does that make you?

      • haliehunter says:

        The are idiots, except Bernie. Hillary is just an excuse for white feminism, The other two are just complete dumb asses, and Bernie has good points and will do what this country needs. Oh, and I wonder who you support? Trump? Ben Carson, oh he’s to black for you. Jeb? ALL of the republican candidates are fucking homophobic, conservative, ignorant, stuck up, dumb asses.

      • haliehunter says:

        You didn’t respond to any of my other points so I’m guessing that means you know I’m right and don’t want to admit you are wrong.

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