A Banquet Of Consequences

Gibbs 3

“If feels like you’re being played, you probably are.” — LeRoy Jethro Gibbs

“Sooner or later, we all sit down to a banquet of consequences.” — Robert Louis Stevenson

“Back in 2008, Obama supporters would foam at the mouth if you suggested Obama was a socialist. Today, progressive activists are positively giddy about Bernie Sanders who openly identifies as a Democratic Socialist. Now that the mask has come off, should the Democratic Party change its name?” (Democratic Socialist Party U.S.A.)

Red BernieYou’ve really got to hand it to the Jackasses.  After having their hats handed to them in two consecutive general elections, after watching their President’s rolling two-year approval rating sink faster than a cement-shod Mafia informer in a Jersey marsh, they’ve decided that what America wants most is more socialism.   Well, I once knew a gent who had to dunk his tea bag exactly 71 times before he could take a drink.  He couldn’t not do it.  If he lost count, his anxiety would kick in, and he’d toss the contents of his cup down the drain and start boiling more water. He’d have understood Democrats perfectly.  Their candidates have to be pinker than undercooked roosters otherwise the ants in their skulls begin to crawl.   If they weren’t such a pack of hypocritical gasbags you’d almost have to feel sorry for ’em.  They’re afflicted, after all.

But it’s hard to feel sorry for progressives like Bernie the Bolshevik or the cackling Mrs. Clinton.  As I wrote last year in a bit titledThe Decline and Fall of the Arkansas Battleaxe

Camp CackleHillary’s major attributes have always been a vindictive nature, a foul mouth, a ruthless disregard for the U.S. Constitution, and a dearth of testicles. The latter qualifies her only as the standard bearer for America’s disgruntled legions of lesbians and feminists, while the former identifies her as a modern Democrat. Come to think of it, so does the latter.

Bernie Sanders Drinking GameAnd Bernie?  Well, he’s not quite in the red, pardon the pun:

We estimate Bernie Sanders’ net worth at $528,014, which is 7.8 times larger than the net worth of the median American family. However, since all senator net worths are estimates, it’s possible Bernie Sanders’ net worth is much lower. In fact, Bernie Sanders’ net worth could be as low as $222,026 which is 3.3 times larger than the net worth of the median American family.

Half a mil or so’s not bad for any commie not named Fidel, although it’s chicken feed compared to the boodle in Hillary’s closet:

What Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill, pay in local property taxes on two luxury homes ($104,303) is twice the income of an average family. She earns more for a 20-minute speech to an industry trade group than a dozen fast-food workers make in a year. Her book royalties last year brought in $5 million, part of the couple’s $30.5 million in income … Her net worth is $32,015,000.  Last summer, Hillary Clinton decried the “cancer of inequality” while promoting her book Hard Choices–for which she snagged a $14 million advance.

When it comes to sharing the wealth, political progs like Bernie and Hillary should start with their own.


About Bob Mack

Retired since 2003. Military Service: U.S. Army, 36th Artillery Group, Babenhausen, Germany 1966-67; 1st Signal Brigade, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-68 Attended University of Miami, 1969-73
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4 Responses to A Banquet Of Consequences

  1. bunkerville says:

    McCarthy must be turning over in his grave. All of this in 7 or 8 short years. Unless your mommie is a commie you got to turn her in. We have come a long way.

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