It’s (Retch)…Mueller Time!

Mueller Time

Robert Mueller is stacking his Special Counsel team with Democrat donors and Obama lawyers

Four top lawyers hired by Mueller have contributed tens of thousands of dollars over the years to the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates, including former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump’s 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton. One of the hires, Jeannie Rhee, also worked as a lawyer for the Clinton Foundation and helped persuade a federal judge to block a conservative activist’s attempts to force Bill and Hillary Clinton to answer questions under oath about operations of the family-run charity.

An objective observer might look at the Mueller Special Counsel team as it’s shaping up, and suspect it to be the Deep State equivalent of a kangaroo court.  That, however, would be distinctly unfair to the kangaroo.

A kangaroo court is a judicial tribunal or assembly that ignores recognized standards of law or justice … Prejudicial bias of the decision-maker or from political decree are among the most publicized causes of kangaroo courts. Such proceedings are often held to give the appearance of a fair and just trial, even though the verdict has in reality already been decided before the trial has begun.  (Wikipedia)

The kangaroo congregates in social groups called mobs.  This, of course, is similar to the office of Special Counsel, which, as Brian Anderson says, “reads like a who’s who of Hillary Clinton supporters and Democratic Party donors … Even from a liberal standpoint, this is a bad team.  If they do find some evidence it will be suspect and then there will have to be another special investigation into the special investigation.”

Meanwhile, the Donald’s approval rating among likely voters has reached 50%, according to the latest Rasmussen poll.  This should start liberal mouths frothing again (assuming they ever stopped), although as observed in the Independent Sentinel,

Actually, [the Democrats and Never-Trumpers] are not reacting at all yet. They’ve taken to ignoring the things they don’t want to hear and see. They are mostly retweeting the fake news about 200 Democrats suing him, investigations for obstruction of justice, and info about commie Resist marches. It can’t be true just as Hillary not being president can’t be true. Russians must have hacked the Rasmussen poll! It’s the only answer. We need an investigation. Let’s hire Comey to act as Special Counsel unless Hillary is available.

Who, if anybody, really hacked the 2016 election?  There’s sufficient evidence from the states of Georgia, Idaho, and Indiana to tentatively identify a suspect:


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6 Responses to It’s (Retch)…Mueller Time!

  1. bydesign001 says:

    These Communists slugs so full of themselves are too busy looking down their noses at the citizenry to realize that other than the most dimwitted Marxist, the rest of us have their number. It is because of them that Donald Trump won the election and his approval ratings is now at 50%. Most of us who follow the news are disgusted with this never-ending circus.

    Rosenstein needs to quit. Sessions needs to unrecuse himself, bring Rachel Brand onboard and proceed to kick ass.

  2. bydesign001 says:

    Of course, the first order of the day should be to fire Mueller and the Obama thugs.

  3. Bob Mack says:

    I kinda hope they keep it up…maybe then we’ll get a 68 seat majority next cycle and the Dems will face a well-deserved extinction.

  4. Autumn Cote says:

    Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee, I’m simp5ly trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.


  5. Kristi Ann says:

    Our President Donald Trump NEEDS to fire Robert Muller!! Robert Muller is a Extreme Left-wing Liberal and he took out everything of CAIR-HAMAS-ISIS and the muslim brotherhood members out of FBI training manuals!!

    I am a Devout Christian Conservative Republican Patriot in our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America!!

    Love 💜 Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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