The Incredible Shrinking Democrats

Russian Dressing

“They are not investigating a crime. They are organizing a search party to find a crime.” — Legal Insurrection

“Look at Bob Mueller’s team; are there no Republicans in the legal profession?” Above The Law

The Office of the Special Counsel is shaping up to be no more than a vigilante gang of ex-Hillary donors hell-bent on vengeance for last November’s election.  One sure-fire piece of evidence is the glee displayed by the heirs of Carson and Leno, that gaggle of late night lefties responsible for stripping the comedy from midnight talk shows and sending Real America to bed with re-runs of My Mother The Car.

It is no surprise that audiences for these late-night comedy shows today is much smaller than it was just five years ago, and less than half the audience size that watched Johnny Carson a generation ago. In Carson’s last year, an average of 6.5 million viewers watched his program nightly, while an average of just 3 million people watch Colbert’s lame show today.  If the late-night hosts continue with this type of “comedy,” they will be preaching to an ever-smaller choir of liberals. Too bad liberals also operate all the other television networks. If one of these networks had any common sense, it would offer counter programming. (The Vast Wasteland Of Liberal Late Night Comedy)

Late Night Lefties

This combination of sentiments—the excoriating, profanity-strewn, ad hominem tirade against the president (and by extension against anyone who might agree, in any small measure, with his actions), and the saintly appeal for reaching out to the other side—dominates the political discussion inside the blue bubble these days. The excoriating outweighs the reaching-out at a ratio of about 20 to 1… (How Late-Night Comedy Fueled the Rise of Trump: Sneering hosts have alienated conservatives and made liberals smug)

Mirroring the decline in late night talk show viewership, the audience for Democrats in general has shrunk faster than a cheap shirt in an industrial strength clothes dryer.  Nationwide, the Jackasses are more enfeebled than they’ve been since the days of Warren G. Harding.  Their brand of identity politics, socialism, and thinly disguised anti-Americanism has nauseated more citizens than an outbreak of salmonella poisoning.

Look past the GOP takeover of Washington, however, and the outlook for Democrats is even more alarming. In November, the party lost control of state legislatures in Iowa, Minnesota, and Kentucky. The state senate in Connecticut, which had been firmly blue, is now evenly split. Republicans ousted Democratic governors in Missouri, New Hampshire, and Vermont. All told, Democrats surrendered about 30 seats in state legislatures. They now hold majorities in just 31 of the country’s 98 legislative bodies, and only 15 of the nation’s governors are Democrats. The losses in November are part of a sharp and unprecedented decline for the party at the state level.

Honey I Shrunk The PartySince Obama took office eight years ago, Democrats have lost over 800 seats in state legislatures. For the first time in history, they do not control a single legislative chamber in the South. Overall, the party is now at its weakest point at the state level since 1920. (The Democrats’ Biggest Disaster)

Ah, the high cost of braying Lefties. But they don’t see it. These delusional dimwits and their media enablers believe the way to salvation is to Dump Trump and double down on all the things that turned America against them in the first place. And their current tool of choice is Robert Mueller and his team of Clinton cronies.  Well, hee-haw, y’all.  Ya can’t fix stupid.

Last Rational Dem

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