Democrats: Can’t Live With ‘Em, Let’s Live Without ‘Em


Not Your Daddys Dems

To prosecute this battle with decorum and a sense of fairness to the Democrats is a surefire loss. They won’t play that game; they will go after friends and family and anyone ever known or loved simply to kill that person politically in an apoplectic frenzy, froth, and spittle dripping from their blood-soaked jaws as they stand above the prone carcass and explain how his death was his own fault …  The left is against anyone or anything that does not say to them, “Yes sir; anything you want sir.” There is no compromise with these people … They will destroy opponents to their worldview without any remorse or conscience.William L. Gensert

“The American People need to understand when reading papers or watching the networks: The US Media is the Democrat Party speaking to them directly.Andrew G. Benjamin

The Jackasses of 2017 are, of course, not really Democrats at all.  Not, at least, as they existed prior to the insurrection of 1972, the year the Party was captured by an unholy amalgamation of socialists, student radicals, pacifists, and perverts.  The Year, you might say, Of The Rats…

[…] Previously excluded political activists gained influence at the expense of elected officials and traditional core Democratic constituencies such as organized labor … subjects that were previously deemed not fit for political debate, such as abortion and gay rights, now occupied the forefront of political discussion. (Wikipedia)

Over the last half-century, the Jackasses have devolved from a party of “In God We Trust” to  one of “It’s God We Cuss”.  There’s no behavior too deviant, no debauchery too extreme for the modern Democrat. They’ll tolerate anything, anything at all — except Donald Trump’s twitter feeds. They’ve got a history, these Dems, and since ’72 it features a list of offenses longer than Charlie Manson’s rap sheet.  These are the people our parents warned us against, the smiling strangers in the windowless van who’ll promise you anything if you’ll just get in …

Hand It OverThe now almost-defunct Democrat Party of the United States and the US Media—one and the same, as both are becoming as extinct as that prehistoric bird—has been democratically explaining every day since Donald Trump descended an escalator in 2015, how incompetent, foolish, criminal, careless, and traitorous the current President of the Republican Party has become. They’ll add just in case we didn’t “get it” the first time: “He’s Not My President!” Hillary Clinton walking the woods in Chappaqua is. After all, she’s competent and not foolish and there’s no criminality in sight. From the get-go the position of the Reality Denying Party, formerly the Democrats, and their media is, “he should be impeached by next week at the latest.” The Democrats, have been calling for the impeachment of Republicans ever since the latter freed their slaves. (IT’S WAR–THEY HAVE WAGED IT, THEY STARTED IT; WE WILL FINISH IT!)

The results of last November’s ballot blew them right off their hinges, these denizens of the Swamp and their supporters in the Hollyweird-Media-Academia axis, addled them into near daily public displays of homicidal fantasies directed at Donald Trump, Republicans in general, and by extension, the citizens that elected them — fantasies that the more demented of them are determined to turn into bloody reality. Hell, they’ve already done so.

Progressive-socialist Democrats today, who are aware of their party’s very nasty history, engage in continuous gaslighting, a technique that is encouraged by a very nasty man by the name of Saul Alinski, who is practically worshiped by Barack Obama and other socialist progressives like Hillary Clinton. The bottom line with socialism is that it has literally killed more humans than all other political systems combined in the world today, and socialist-progressives are continuing that ugly and horrific trend today with a new zeal. As of late, we find that many of the more enlightened JFK-style Democrats are either distancing themselves or bailing out of the rapidly morphing Democratic political party and joining other political parties that are not promoting a twisted socialist-progressive agenda guided by Saul Alinski and his radical preaching … The rotten core behind the shiny façade of the progressive-socialist Democratic Party is composed of a very dangerous and unsavory cross-section of people these days: Antifa, anarchy, Black Lives Matter, New Black Panther Party, Muslim Brotherhood, anti-law enforcement, anti-military, Occupy, pro-illegal-immigrant, pro-government-handout-recipients, anti-God groups, pro-baby-butchers, pro-criminal-rights groups, Code Pink, anti-Israel groups, pro-Shariah law groups, pro-Palestinian groups, pro-transgender-bathroom groups and, of course, anti-Semitic groups and people like Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., who compared Jewish settlers to “termites,” an interesting metaphor coming from any black American who might also claim that white Americans are all racists. (‘White Male Privilege,’ Black Crime and Democrat Elitists)

There’s no getting around it. The Democrats have become America’s domestic enemies.

 Democratic Party policy, at present, is almost by definition the mantra of totalitarian behavior. The Democratic policies advocate centralizing almost everything and almost everything in the society is fair game for government supervision — such policies form the underpinnings of a totalitarian society … Americans should beware of these totalitarians who will say anything, desire control, mislead the mobs in the street, and don’t want to give-up the keys to the White House. (Democrats Display Increasingly Totalitarian Behavior)

Compromise to today’s Democrats means allowing you to help choose the weapon they will murder you with. There’s no living with these people, not politically, not unless you want to spend the rest of your nights sleeping with one eye open and a pistol under your pillow. It’s time to start living without them. 

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EDITOR’S NOTE: “Living without them” means politically, figuratively.  We do NOT advocate nor condone violence against ANYONE, except in self-defense. That’s what they do.  Just wanted to make that clear.

UPDATE: New York Times Editorial Blasts Democratic Party Over Radical Leftism

With the most prominent Democrats looking more like the inmates of an insane asylum instead of representatives of a legitimate political party, the wasted remains of the rudderless ship steered into the rocks by Captain Jack Sparrow Obama disintegrates on a daily basis. The modern Democratic party is led by Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, Fauxahontas, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Moore, Rob Reiner, Rosie O’Donnell, Keith Olbermann, Kathy Griffin and Rachel Maddow with each and every one only differing from each other in terms of potential for embarrassment. But some adults in the menagerie are beginning to see the writing on the wall. Perhaps it was the four crushing special election losses and the collapsing Russian election meddling narrative. Two of them – Mark Penn and Andrew Stein – have written an editorial in the New York Times calling for the party to reign in the whackos and look toward at least attempting to appeal to normal people again … It’s hard to argue with the authors based on this map. Who are you going to believe? Bernie Sanders or your own lying eyes?


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